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RESERVOIR: A Horror Movie Based On Actual Events
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RESERVOIR: A Horror Movie Based On Actual Events

RESERVOIR: A Horror Movie Based On Actual Events

RESERVOIR is a feature horror film about seven college aged kids who camp on the shore of a haunted reservoir.

Starring Felissa Rose and Jonathan Tiersten of 1983's cult horror classic SLEEPAWAY CAMP, and Frank Sorrentino, from TVGN's new reality show, The Sorrentino's.

RESERVOIR is an independent horror film that is based on actual events. It is scheduled to film at the end of August of this year.

The story is loosely based on history of The Quabbin Reservoir in Western Massachusetts. In the 1930's, four valley towns were submerged in a flood to create a reservoir for drinking water. Thousands of people had to uproot their lives and give up everything they owned. The towns which had been settled in the 1700s, were chosen for the sacrifice. Residents felt powerless to protest against the state. Starting in the 1920s, people were relocated, the bulldozers arrived, and graves exhumed. And this is where our creative take on the story picks up, with one town we call, Endersville.

In our movie, the Endersville mayor stands to make $100,000s in kick-back money from the state if he can quell the angry townspeople. However, there was one woman who just wouldn't give up, and the mayor had her murdered. The legend is, her ghost still fights to protect the town she once loved.

In the present day, a group of college-aged friends set out on a camping trip to the infamous grounds now known as the Caldersville Reservoir. The scary legend of Tabetha doesn't deter them from having a good time. After they set up camp, one by one, they start disappearing. They dismiss the idea that Tabetha's spirit is to blame, but maybe it's a serial killer, or even worse, one of their own. The campers must figure out who the killer is, and get to them first, so they're not on the chopping block next. Will the campers survive, or will their sloppy detective work get them killed?

RESERVOIR is a horror throwback film combined with the classic, who-done-it film genre.

We have funded the first part of our project with personal assets and a private investor. Now, we need to raise an additional $20,000 so we can bring you the viewers the best movie possible. Meaning better sound, spookier music, and top of the line special/practical effects.

By purchasing these limited roles, you're GUARANTEED 5-10 seconds of facetime which will make the Final Cut of the movie.

1) State Trooper (present day) SOLD!

2) State Trooper (present day)

3) Gas Station Attendant (present day)

4) Neighbor walking dog (present day)

5) Neighbor watering lawn (present day)

6) Fisherman (present day)

7) Fisherman (present day)

8) Little Boy on Tricycle (1920's)

9) Little Girl with Doll (1920's)

10) Harley Davidson Biker (present day)

Swot Analysis:

STRENGTHS: We have an experienced cast and crew who are seasoned in the Horror genre. We also have a great story loosely based off an Historic landmark/flood which displaced four towns in Western Massachusetts. We are also in preliminary talks with both Theatrical and DVD Distributors to get our project into the International market upon its completion.

WEAKNESSES: We dot not have a studio backed budget, however we learned that Low Budget + Classic Horror = SUCCESS. Examples are Oren Peli who made PARANORMAL ACTIVITY for $15,000 and Ed Sanchez who made The BLAIR WITCH PROJECT for $25,000. Therefore this characteristic can be used and viewed as a strength.

OPPORTUNITIES: We have a local celebrity in Chris Kellogg of 94.7 WMAS promoting and producing the project. Therefore we have the ability to create an immediate buzz in the Springfield, MA/Hartford, CT corridor where the Movie is filming on location. This territory currently has a population of over 900,000 people residing in the Metropolitan area.

THREATS: The ghost and paranormal movie market is very competitive in the modern day. However, due to competition the quality of the product increases, so it is therefore viewed as a strength.


For the rest of the gory details, including the juicy comps, go to their Indiegogo page at:

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