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Vertigo  Vertigo
by James

Alfred Hitchcock was considered the master of suspense, with almost every movie he made. And for good reason. His films always kept the audience guessing, and wondering what...

Flushed Away  Flushed Away
by James

Aardman Animation is a studio best known for their works dealing with stop motion animation. More specifically, the Wallace & Gromit shorts that made the company famous....

Jerry Maguire  Jerry Maguire
by James

Sometimes, we let ourselves get the better of us. And this can lead to a number of bad things that can occur in our lives. This always comes up with the goal/notion that we...

Doctor Strange  Doctor Strange
by Mike Thomas

A brilliant, but arrogant surgeon (Benedict c*mberbatch, STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS) is in an auto accident while texting (Marvel's anti-texting PSA), and takes away his ability...

Meathook Massacre II  Meathook Massacre II
by Mike Thomas

Ten years ago, reports of missing persons, grisly murders plagued Eastern Nebraska. Although there was no evidence of the killers, or the farmhouse where the murders took...

Speed Racer  Speed Racer
by CinemaSlut

You know - I find writing movie reviews on this seemingly abandoned website to be something like arriving in a ghost town where there seems to be no one around and so one...

Scanners  Scanners
by CinemaSlut

I can't believe it - On IMDb Scanners' overall rating is actually lower than that of Halloween's. With Scanners' story being so much more intelligent and its approach to its...

Halloween  Halloween
by CinemaSlut

What I'd like to know is this - If Michael Myers spent 15 years in an insane asylum (from the age of 6, onwards) - When and where, exactly, did he learn how to drive a...

The Star  The Star
by CinemaSlut

Anybody who wants to believe that this nasty, bulldog-faced woman is one of Hollywood's greats just has to watch her in "The Star" to realize that (at this late stage in her...

The Song of Bernadette  The Song of Bernadette
by James

Having a religious belief in something, is nothing to be ashamed about. Everyone can believe in a faith, and accept it for what it is worth. But what happens when someone...

Zombieland  Zombieland
by James

Sometimes, comedy and horror don't mix, and the end result can be not that entertaining to watch. Trying to put in some humor in an otherwise dark film, kind of distracts the...

Krampus 2: The Devil Returns  Krampus 2: The Devil Returns
by Mike Thomas

Disclaimer: KRAMPUS 2: the DEVIL RETURNS is not affiliated with the 2015 horror-comedy KRAMPUS. When we last left the City of Edinboro, Pennsylvania, the infamous Krampus,...

Orange County  Orange County
by James

Living in in California can be described as a great place to be. With its large cities, wide variety of tourist spots, and historical culture, it's no wonder why California...

Star Trek Beyond  Star Trek Beyond
by Mike Thomas

Review: Quote: Answering a distress call, the Enterprise is ambushed and captured for the purpose of revenge. And it's up to the Beastie Boys to save the day...

The Incredibles  The Incredibles
by James

We've seen a family of superheroes before; a group of people with extraordinary abilities teaming up to take on a common threat. But what if the family of superheroes were an...

Being Julia  Being Julia
by James

The world of the theatre can be a magnificent one, as the stage is filled with both comedy and drama. However, life off the stage is a whole different entity. Actors and...

The Miracle Worker  The Miracle Worker
by James

Being blind shuts off of the world in which it brings. Being deaf loses the ability to hear and communicate with others. So, what happens when a person is both deaf and blind...

X-Men: Apocalypse  X-Men: Apocalypse
by Mike Thomas

The time: ancient Egypt. The place: a giant pyramid. The being known as Apocalypse (En Sabah Nur) and a helpless victim are lain on separate slabs. This is a ritual,...

Bullets, Fangs and Dinner at 8  Bullets, Fangs and Dinner at 8
by Mike Thomas

The film opens at a Catholic Church - the scene of a vicious massacre. Now, anyone who follows the news, the easy assumption is some wacko is blowing away a pro-choice...

Pan's Labyrinth  Pan's Labyrinth
by James

As adults, we have the notion that fairy tales are a representation of a childlike wonder that fascinates a youthful mind. Even when adults become parents themselves, and...

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