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Man's Favorite Sport  Man's Favorite Sport
by MarkSchitts

From where I was sitting this "one-note-joke" definitely had a lot more going against it than it did have going for it. Yes. I do fully realize that this "boy-meets-girl"...

Ant-Man and the Wasp  Ant-Man and the Wasp
by Mike Thomas

After his excursion overseas to battle rogue Avengers, the police determined Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) broke his parole and was confined to House Arrest. What follows is a...

Rose Tattoo  Rose Tattoo
by MarkSchitts

To date - I believe that I have now seen every single film ever adapted to the screen from a Tennessee Williams' screenplay. And - IMO - "A Streetcar Named Desire" is the...

The Thomas Crown Affair  The Thomas Crown Affair
by MarkSchitts

Just imagine for a minute that you are Thomas Crown. And being Thomas Crown you are not only super-rich - But, you are also super-bored, too. And in your state of...

Beauty and the Beast  Beauty and the Beast
by MarkSchitts

Yes. I certainly do recall seeing 1946's "Beauty and the Beast" on television as a child. And, I do remember that it did leave an impression on me. But, seeing it now, after...

Top Gun  Top Gun
by MarkSchitts

Yep. IMO - There's no doubt about it - Tom Cruise (birth-name - Thomas Mapother IV) is, without question, the absolute, most vacant, shallow, one-dimensional, and...

Pete's Dragon  Pete's Dragon
by MarkSchitts

When it comes to being considered "agreeable" entertainment for children - 1977's "Pete's Dragon" made its first big mistake (and definitely not its last) by having an almost...

Rififi  Rififi
by MarkSchitts

The word "rififi" is a French, military term meaning "combat zone". Following its frequent use during WW2 it soon became used as slang, referring to a "rumble or conflict...

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen  The Adventures of Baron Mun...
by MarkSchitts

Back in 1989 "The Adventures Of Baron Munchausen" was a $46 million production that totally bombed at the box office, making back only $8 million of its initial costs. Well...

Night and the City  Night and the City
by MarkSchitts

1950's "Night and the City" is certainly a bleak and equally grim tale about a very little man with some very big ideas. And, with actor, Richard Widmark playing this very...

The Clock  The Clock
by MarkSchitts

Can you believe a Hollywood Rom/Com starring Judy Garland and she doesn't sing a single note in it!?... Well - Believe it - 'Cause she doesn't. Personally, I think that if...

One of Our Aircraft is Missing  One of Our Aircraft is Missing
by MarkSchitts

If you are interested in seeing a fairly well-made WW2 picture that has no American involvement in it at all (either in its production, or its cast, or its story-line) - Then...

The Men  The Men
by MarkSchitts

1950's "The Men" may not have been a tour-de-force production like "A Streetcar Named Desire" and there was certainly no Oscar nomination here for actor, Marlon Brando's...

Labyrinth  Labyrinth
by MarkSchitts

Having never gotten around to seeing "Labyrinth" when I was but a wee tyke - Viewing it now, as an adult - I must say that I was tres' disappointed to find out that the late,...

Gorillas in the Mist  Gorillas in the Mist
by MarkSchitts

I had always suspected that Sigourney Weaver was a lousy actress - And - Yep - I was right about her. She didn't prove me wrong with this one. Here in "Gorillas In The Mist"...

Cat Ballou  Cat Ballou
by MarkSchitts

And, as the "behind-the-scenes" story goes - In order to meet the rigid deadline of a tight budget - "Cat Ballou" was shot in just 28 days (which is why the story has such a...

Tales of Manhattan  Tales of Manhattan
by MarkSchitts

Are you ready for a 1942 Hollywood fairytale about (get this!) an expensively made, formal tailcoat that's been cursed (by its disgruntled cutter) to bring despair and...

Blood and Sand  Blood and Sand
by MarkSchitts

"Ole!" Personally speaking here - I found 1941's "Blood and Sand" (that's "B.S." for short) to be nothing but a laughable cinematic curiosity piece. It was all pure Catholic...

Fahrenheit 451  Fahrenheit 451
by MarkSchitts

First off - What I'd like to know is this - Why-oh-why are so many SyFy stories that forecast man's future always so annoyingly bleak and the outlook so lousy? Eh? Why? Like...

Lust for Life  Lust for Life
by MarkSchitts

(*Favourite movie quote*) - "The pictures come to me as in a dream." The agony of one man's life.... Vincent Van Gogh painted the way other men breathe. After Rembrandt,...

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