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Rambo: First Blood
2 reviews

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Directed By
Ted Kotcheff

Written By:
Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone, Richard Crenna, Brian Dennehy, Jack Starrett, David Caruso, Bill McKinney, Michael Talbott, Chris Mulkey, John McLiam, Alf Humphreys, David Petersen, Charles A. Tamburro, Don MacKay, David L. Crowley, Don MacKay, Craig Huston

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Rambo: First Blood (1982)
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Movie Review by Tim
December 30th, 2007

He was just another drifter who broke the law!

How the hell does this film not have a review already? Rambo First Blood is one of the greatest films of the 1980's. It is a drama / action masterpiece that set the precedent for action films of today's time.

Rambo is one of the most influential characters of the last 30 years, even being referenced by former President Ronald Reagan in several of his speeches spanning across his term. Rambo is more then just an action hero, he symbolizes the reality of how Vietnam veterans were treated when they returned back to the United States and the hardships that followed.

Vietnam is probably the most controversial war that the United States has ever taken place in and our troops were severely mistreated and shunned upon by some American citizens as being vagrants or drifters when they returned home because many of the troops had a hard time picking their life up where it had stopped once they left for Nam.

Rambo in Japanese means violence but the name was actually chosen from a brand of apples. This film was considered to be extremely violent for the period but in actuality this film only shows the death of 4 people. Even the main nemesis in the film Hope Sheriff Will Teasle (played by Brian Dennehy) lives even though as an audience member you want him to die for what he has done. The character of Rambo first appeared in a 1972 book written by author David Morrell. Morrell was a professor of American literature at the University of Iowa and had worked on the book while he was still teaching.

First Blood offers a totally different Rambo then what we see in the sequels. Although not as successful as Rambo First Blood Part 2, First Blood brought in $125 million throughout the world box offices and only cost $17 million to make.

Rambo is lost in this film. He has come home from the military where he was important, in charge of multimillion dollar machines and a somebody. At home he finds that people are against him, almost angry with him for trying to protect his country. He cant find a decent job and is homeless. The friends he had are dead and he really has no where to go. He happens to wonder into the wrong town and the wrong time and the Sheriff decides that he is going to make an example of Rambo so that other drifters do not come into his town. He places Rambo under arrest for having a concealed weapon, the famous Rambo knife which in each film is different and his greatest trademark. Rambo is then abused by the other deputies and at the same time is experiencing emotional and mental problems from torture that he endured while being a prisoner of war. It doesn't take long before Rambo goes on a rampage.

The only person that means anything to him anymore is Col. Samuel Trautman (played by Richard Crenna) who Rambo served under while still in the armed forces. Col. Trautman is brought in to try and talk Rambo down and even try to get him captured or killed but Trautman's relationship with Rambo is strong, almost like a father and son and he wants the best for Rambo and knows that Rambo needs help.

This film is timeless, it is just as important now as it was 25 years ago. With our boys in Afghanistan and Iraq now the American people need to support them no matter what. Soldiers do not start wars they finish them.

I am truly excited that a new Rambo film titled simply " Rambo " will be finding its way to theatres on 1-25-2008. This film comes out 20 years after the previous Rambo 3 film. It started off with several different working titles being

John Rambo (USA) (working title)
Rambo 4 (Singapore: English title)
Rambo IV (USA) (working title)
Rambo IV: End of Peace (USA) (working title)
Rambo IV: Holy War (USA) (working title)
Rambo IV: In the Serpent's Eye (USA) (working title)
Rambo IV: Pearl of the Cobra (USA) (working title)
Rambo: To Hell and Back (USA) (working title.)

Rambo is the only Rambo film to be directed by Sylvester Stallone. The film stars Sylvester Stallone, Julie Benz, Matthew Marsden and Graham McTavish. The previews on TV are EXTREMELY edited....you must find the uncut preview of this film to see how it looks that this Rambo will be the Rambo from First Blood.

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