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Deadly Revisions
1 review

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Directed By
Gregory Blair

Written By:
Gregory Blair

Bill Oberst Jr., Gregory Blair, Shaun Gerardo, Dawna Lee Heising

Deadly Revisions (2014)
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Movie Review by Mike Thomas
April 4th, 2014

Runnin' Away, Runnin' Away With You

Favorite Movie Quote: "The mind is a tricky thing."

Meet Grafton Torn (Bill Oberst Jr.), successful horror writer. Presently, he's semi-conscious at the foot of the stairway, not knowing how he got there. The next scene finds Grafton in a hospital bed with a bad leg, six months later, with no memory of the events that took him from foot of stairs to hospital bed. His best friend, Deter McMannus (Mikhail Blokh), wanting to help him reconstruct his life and get back to work, lends Grafton his deserted cabin in the woods (any horror aficionado KNOWS that scenario never ends well). So with the help of a hypnotherapist (Cindy Merrill), Grafton tries to piece together his personal mystery.

Roll Credits

DEADLY REVISIONS, from the mind and pen of Gregory Blair puts together a tale that marries psychological horrors, as manifested by Anatole Litvak's The SNAKE PIT and William Castle's The TINGLER. Oberst's Grafton Torn is a man who, because of psychotherapy drugs, and his own "delicate condition," cannot tell what is real and what his mind has manifested. Atypical of an Oberst performance, Grafton is the victim, a victim of his own perceived self-awareness, and is never sure who is helping him, and what his mind has concocted.

Content wise, the film is all story, and in that is the entertainment value. You never know what the next progression will take us. Will it be one of his horror characters coming to get him, or the "real people" who are there to help him. And who is "Snuff," whom Grafton calls out throughout the film? Along for the tsunami are Lise Hart as Kat Torn, Grafton's wife, Ronny Coleman as Doctor Myers, Grafton's physician, Shaun Gerardo as Ash, a hospital, P.A., Dawna Lee Heising as Nurse Voorhees, Josh Patterson as Grafton's horror characters brought to life, and there's even an appearance, by Blair himself. A prize for the person who catches all the winks to other 80s horror characters. The story, winks aside, is very clever, and keeps you off-guard, even to the very, very end.

On my personal rating scale of with "5" being drop everything and see the video now; if you're female, bear the producers' children and "0" being burn down the theater, murder the staff, and violate their dog, this movie earns a "4.25," using my Patented Bell Curve for Independent Horror films. DEADLY REVISIONS is a study in misdirection, with Oberst dragging everyone in his wake.

DEADLY REVISIONS is unrated, but has has some coarse language, some violence, some gore; it is the story, not any sensationalism, that will be the hook for this film.

The film stars Bill Oberst Jr., Mikhail Blokh, Cindy Merrill, Lise Hart, Gregory Blair, Ronny Coleman, Shaun Gerardo, Dawna Lee Heising, Josh Patterson. Written and directed by Gregory Clair, it is currently beginning its festival run. DEADLY REVISIONS is brain horror food, so KEEP UP!

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Dash Riprock
Apr 4, 2014 9:31 PM
Deadly Revisions, a horror movie for thinking people? Well, these days, that's a novelty.

Interesting review. What's the name of the festival that this film's running in?
Mike Thomas
Apr 4, 2014 9:40 PM

My wife and myself are organizing the first FANtastic Horror Film Festival, the first one in the city of San Diego. Thirty (or more) films in three days. They submitted it, we're critiquing it, and it's pretty much been selected.

As for the movie, the spoiler on the plot was when I compared the film to The SNAKE PIT and The TINGLER. It is really a mind screw the entire movie!

Thanks For reading my review.
Dash Riprock
Apr 4, 2014 10:13 PM
All the best with your FANtastic Film Festival, Mike. 30 movies in 3 days!? Wow! That's certainly going to keep you and your wife hopping busy. But I'm sure you'll have yourselves a real blast, all the same.

Thanks for letting the cat out of the bag with your *spoiler*! If I ever do get around to seeing this one, I sure hope that the Tingler effects are first-rate.

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