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Chicago Overcoat
1 review

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Directed By
Brian Caunter

Written By:
Brian Caunter, John Bosher, Andrew Dowd, Josh Staman

Frank Vincent, Kathrine Narducci, Mike Starr, Stacy Keach, Armand Assante, Danny Goldring, Tim Gamble, Jack Bronis, Ulises Acosta, Keith Uchima, Chuck Wagner, Dominic Capone, Marc Grapey, Brendan McCarthy, Joyce Porter, Craig J. Harris, Suzy Brack, John R. Haley, Gene Fojtik, Jeff Albertson, Carlo Aparo, Nelson Carvajal, Shannon Edwards, Jim Hager, Steven H. Hansen, Bryanna Hartung, Dori King, Don Kress, Michael P. LaRaviere, Malik Middleton, John Rainone jr., Jan Rose, Mimi Sagadin, Martin Shannon, Barret Walz, Gina D'Ercoli, Robert Gerdisch, Rick Plastina, Mark Vallarta, Michael Guido, Ray Toler, Louis Di Giulio, Roy Anderson, Jennifer Anglin, Freeman Coffey, Charin Alvarez, Kevin Michael Doyle, Audrey Francis, Ellee Pai Hong, Dick Johnson, Kimberly Gordon, Fred Saldone, Sal Amato, Damian Vanore, Gary Brichetto, Mackenzie Kyle, Jill Sandmire, Michael Cipiti, Usman Ally, Rick Vargas, Aaron Crippen, Hector Badillo, Ryan Hall, David Marcotte, Katie Enright, Georgina McKee, Karissa Vacker, Craig Degel, Kyle Asche, Dennis Anderson, Lewis Bosher, Keith Caunter, Emerson Connelly, Mark Davino, Carmine Di Pasquale, Victoria Floro, Ron Garrett, Roxann Giovannini, Colin Hurley, Diane Kuhn, Cheryl Kujawinski, Kevin Lingle, Dudley Moss, Renonda Bray, Laura Chernicky, Rishi Ganju, Clarissa Gregg, Tom Lally, Chuck Rahill, Joel Rogers, Christian Rose, Walt Sloan, Billy Smith, Rich Tanis, Reaves Avery Washburn, Len Bajenski, Adeoye Mabogunje, Demos Petropoulos, Tonee Dang, Melek Kot, Jen Diciccio

Chicago Overcoat (2011)
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Movie Review by Mike Thomas
April 3rd, 2011

Old Lions' Last Stand

Favorite Movie Quote: "So, which are you?"

The Construction Industry is a good metaphor for this movie. When you first sit down to this movie, you see the foundation, but can't see the finished product. Then, as the story unfolds, you see it become something you can marvel at.

CHICAGO OVERCOAT, a gangster term used in the 20's for coffin, is basically a tale of the good times, of age, and of the last hurrah. Lou Marazano (Frank Vincent) was one of the top hit men in Chicago - in his time. Today, he is an old man, trampled over by this generation of Goodfellas (sorry, the temptation was too great), who have no sense of history, or of respect for where they came from. After being passed over from "job" to "job," he gets one last opportunity. Stefano D'Agnostino (Armand Assante), a major player in the Chicago Underworld, is in jail facing charges of racketeering and other Federal Charges, gives the order to clean house, that is, eliminate all of the witnesses that will testify against him. He takes the job, not just to get back in the game, but to wipe the slate clean, settle with his family, and disappear.

But things do not go swimmingly. In his bloody swath, Frank has much baggage to deal with. He has his daughter, Angela (Gina D'Ercoli), who is raising his only grandson, Michael (Robert Gerdisch) alone, because her sleazeball wannabe husband Joey (Mark Vallarta) dumped her for the good life with another "family" on the other side of town. His "alibi" of over twenty years, Lorraine (Kathrine Narducci) wants some resolution to their long-standing relationship. And a cop (Danny Goldring) assigned to the original string of murders by Marazano has picked up the scent once more. Add that to the fact that after a minor slip-up and an altercation outside his "jurisdiction," Frank has his own "family" bearing down on him. He's got all sides closing in on him. The ending is predictable in a way, but the journey leading up to it is one you would not expect.

Roll Credits.

CHICAGO OVERCOAT is a measured, well-written crime drama, that looks not at the glamor of the Underworld, but the life after you put away the gun, and have to worry about doing the dishes and ironing your own shirts. The whole movie hinges on the performance of Vincent, who makes Marazano a sympathetic character, despite his heinous occupation. Director Brian Caunter paints a soulless portrait of a man who literally knows nothing else but his former life, and sees his future as a huge void. His own wife left him, and all he has is his daughter and his grandson, who he can see slipping away from him. His only hope for "redemption" is this last job. Ironically, Det. Ralph Maloney (Goldring) sees this as closing out his career before the department hands him his gold watch. Stacy Keach serves as Maloney's father, who gives him a few more pieces of this puzzle of the Flowerman Murders (Marazano would always leave flowers to the widow of his victims, which is how Maloney puts the pieces together). CHICAGO OVERCOAT constructs a complicated tale of two gladiators pitched in their final battle.

On my new rating scale of with 5 being drop everything and see the movie now; if you're female, bear the producers' children and 0 being burn down the theater, murder the movie staff, and violate their dog, this movie rates a "4." CHICAGO OVERCOAT is an anti-hero film, where you're rooting for the "bad guy," a cold-blooded murderous hit man, all the way through the movie.

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