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She's Out of My League
4 reviews

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Directed By
Jim Field Smith

Written By:
Sean Anders, John Morris

Jay Baruchel, Alice Eve, Krysten Ritter, Mike Vogel, Lindsay Sloane, Geoff Stults, Debra Jo Rupp, T.J. Miller, Brenna Roth, Kim Shaw, Hayes MacArthur, Andrew Daly, Trevor Eve, Jessica St. Clair, Adam Tomei, Adam LeFevre, Nate Torrence, Sharon Maughan, Jessica Joslin, Brandi Engel, Jeffrey Jones, Krista Schwandt, Joe Forgione, Patrick Jordan, David Morse, Jillian O'Neil, Tom Stoviak, Aaron Bernard, Yan Xi, Blase Ward, Nicole Leigh Belle, Jason Frederick, Kyle Quinn, Emily Martin, Casey Brown, Marlee Fritz, William Kania, David Kneeream, Jeremy Moon, David Moreno, Gaynelle W. Sloman, Rick Applegate, Stephanie Macdougall, Giovanna Yannotti, Natalie Vindivich, Jonathan Eldell, Kyle Bornheimer, Lucia M. Aguirre, James Werley, Jasika Nicole, Evan Alex Cole, Robin Shorr, Minda Fisher, Lorelei Mahoney, Melissa Ferrato, Sean McGee, Andy Fenlock, Vincent Thomas Ciaramella, Jason McCune, David Santiago, Luke Kislak, Jason C. Lewis, Aron Elvis Honick, Jonathan R. Henke, David R. King, Heather Leigh, Stephen Victor

She's Out of My League (2010)
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Movie Review by Zara
March 12th, 2010

Man, there is some really good, really funny stuff in this movie. Great, laugh-out-loud moments where you really chuckle back at the characters on the screen and laugh like you mean it because it's silly or it's the kind of funny that you can relate to because you have the same doofus friends who happen to be the most loyal people that you've ever met.

But then there's a lot of filler in the movie which kills the mood. It's as if the people making the film were sitting around thinking of all these funny scenes and they kept going and were having a blast devising them up, and then said, "sh*t... how can we build a movie around this?" Something doesn't quite mesh, even if the overall end product is more worthwhile than a lot of comedies I've seen of late.

I liked the concept of the movie from the beginning, considering that my friend Brandon had to explain the dating numbers to me a few years back. The idea that if you're a 5 you can get other 5s and below or maybe luck out with a 6. But a 5 should never try to hit up a 8, 9 or a 10. NOW... if one of those higher numbers wanted to slum it for a pinch and go with a 5, then that was their choice, but you had to wait for them to make it. Of course, then the 5 spends the entire length of the relationship (if there is one) wondering how long they'll be able to keep that higher number person happy and when they're going to see through their flaws and want to ditch them.

I can get behind this. I can get behind the final message that the movie spreads out too. However, with the ending being as rushed as it was and the movie feeling severely like there was a lot missing (we sat through all of the credits because I really thought, "sh*t, there HAS to be more"), I guess I have to deduct some points from the overall effect.

The movie scores in having great character actors as the friends of the lead character (including the always great Debra Jo Rupp as the mom) and Alice Eve, as close as she can get to being a "hard 10" is a nice enough girl (a British lass who is better in CROSSING LINES playing an Aussie lass - plus she gets naked in that one - and even funnier in BIG NOTHING) that you like but nothing special. They introduce the great Krysten Ritter as her b*tchy best friend, bringing her to light in the sharpest of ways and then doing absolutely nothing of value with her for the rest of the movie. Complete wasted opportunity. Ritter is fantastic and needs more screen time in everything she's in.

Overall, I still give this movie pretty damn high marks because when it IS funny, it's f*cking hysterical. But the fluffer stuff in between is a downer.

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