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H2: Halloween 2
8 reviews

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Directed By
Rob Zombie

Written By:
John Carpenter, Debra Hill, Rob Zombie

Malcolm McDowell, Tyler Mane, Brad Dourif, Angela Trimbur, Caroline Williams, Danielle Harris, Matt Bush, Scout Taylor-Compton, Margot Kidder, Howard Hesseman, Bill Fagerbakke, Mark Christopher Lawrence, Chris Hardwick, Daniel Roebuck, Richard Brake, Brandi Coleman, Ezra Buzzington, Dayton Callie, Eileen Dietz, Greg Travis, Jeffrey Daniel Phillips, Patterson Lundquist, Nicole Randall, Sheri Moon Zombie, Weird Al Yankovic, Katie Eischen, Travis Grant, Brea Grant, Micheal Leath, Catherine Dyer, Chase Wright Vanek, Chase Wright Vanek, Sylvia Jefferies, Michael Scialabba, Eric Goins, Lane Hughes, Susan Murphy Kiskis, Bailey Knowles

H2: Halloween 2 (2009)
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Movie Review by Cenobite
February 11th, 2010

Day Of The Devil

In my honest opinion, I'd much rather be stabbed to death by Michael Myers himself than to sit through another one of those inane sequels to the original Carpenter flick. In fact, I'm kinda disappointed that no one acknowledges let alone admit that Zombie is actually breathing life into the lackluster horror genre. All hail Zombie!

During the very first montage, we see a young Myers visited by his mother (played by Zombie's beloved wife) where he explains that his dreams of one day reuniting with the family. His mother then gives him a white horse toy as a gift & tells him to think of her whenever he plays with the horse. Michael hates nearly everyone in the world but he loves mommy & misses her more than life itself. Viewers can't help but feel a tad bit sorry for the tike in Zombie's reboot of the original & the sequel.

The film cuts to a dark yet colorful street where bloodied Laurie Strode is walking home. After being located by a police car, she is taken to a nearby hospital where she's treated & learns that her best friend Annie is still alive but in critical condition. After being told to vacate the ICU room & to return to her own room, Laurie realizes she is not strong enough to make it back down the hallway & calls for help. Quickly, our heroine realizes she's not alone & that Michael is in the hospital terrorizing the nurses. It's time to escape once again & the nightmare doesn't seem to be over. Not yet, at least.

Laurie wakes up screaming in her bed & realizes the hospital massacre was just a nasty dream, it's almost a year later after the events that took place in Haddonfield & Laurie is now living with Annie & her dad (played by the very underrated Brad Dourif) in the countryside. She's taking baby steps to rid herself of the traumatic experiences by visiting a shrink (Margot Kidder) who encourages her to face the demon & try to realize why these nightmares actually exist. Although Laurie would rather put all this out of her mind, she knows Halloween is just around the corner & dreaded memories are fairly easy to recall. What she doesn't realize is that family will be dropping in real soon.

H2 picks up right after Zombie's remake of the original took place & things are about to take a turn for the bloody worst if one can fathom such. Michael Myers' dead body was never found on that night of the Halloween massacre even though Laurie Strode tries to tell herself repeatedly that she killed the man in the mask. Sadly, Laurie can't seem to completely get on with her life & the recurring nightmares of that night. In fact, she even fears that homicidal tendencies may very well run in her blood although she still has no idea who her real family is. She's about to find out rather quickly who brother dearest is & that family is forever whether she likes it or not.

Dr. Loomis (played by magnificent Malcolm McDowell) on the other hand seems to be doing exceptionally well profiteering off the innocent lives of families who lost their loved ones by writing a novel which gives specifics to the origins of Michael Myers. Loomis even goes so far as to give details of Laurie's Strode's origins including her birth name & whereabouts as well. To further exploit the entire brutal massacre, his publishers insists on releasing the book on none other than Halloween. Fame & fortune seem to have smiled on our greedy Dr. Loomis & he's now a national celebrity to be seen everywhere including on a talk show with special guest Weird Al Yankovic.

Zombie obviously has a knack for creating some of the violent if not sickening images ever put on the mainstream circuit & we really should praise the man for actually getting away with it. There is a rather intense scene near the beginning of the film where two coroners discuss necrophilia before crashing head-on into a vehicle on the country road in what may very well be the most ugly car crash I've ever witnessed in a horror flick. One of the latter montages finds Myers crushing a man's face with his foot which could very be a homage to Gaspar Noe's scene in the notorious film Irreversible where a man's face is smashed with a fire extinguisher. In another graphic scene, Michael stabs a nurse repeatedly to a bloody pulp which could've very well earned the film a solid NC-17 rating. Even more sickening, our villain kills a dog on a prairie & proceeds to gutting the poor animal before eating it in gruesome detail. Thus, Zombie is one of the few directors who can envision some of the most mortifying imagery ever & still manage to find a home in your local multiplexes.

Above all else, Zombie has created some of the most unique if not artistic dream sequences I've seen in a long time which are unlike anything you will find in a typical slasher film. I can already hear the comparisons to Tim Burton (or even veterans like David Lynch come to mind) but I'd almost be willing to purchase this film on DVD for these sequences alone & I'd even be willing to bet many viewers would re-think their own judgment of Zombie if they were to check out these fantastic images. If Michael Myers has dreams like this, I'm truly envious. Kudos to Zombie!

In addition to making a film which should be cherished by slasher film aficionados everywhere worldwide, Zombie proves once again he can write some very intelligent dialog when he's not dropping the infamous f-bomb. (As with any film he makes, the language is extremely coarse & the dude clearly has no intention of mincing his words.) As with any sequel or reboot, try to watch this film for what it is instead of bashing it for not being an exact replica of the Carpenter classic. Personally, I believe H2 could have very well been his opus had he just spent a bit more time with it although this is still one of the best horror offerings you are going to find & I would gladly take this any day over the unnecessary remakes we've seen all year long like Friday The 13Th for example. If Zombie isn't your thing, there's still plenty of crap-tastic PG-13 entertainment at your local cinema to make up for H2.

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Feb 12, 2010 12:10 AM
You know, I can't understand someone posting 8 reviews in a row like you have. I mean, what's the point?

The way I see it - 8 reviews all in a row, all written by the same person, all in the same genre of horror, all spells 'BORING!' to the 8th power to me.
Feb 12, 2010 5:19 PM
Yes thats what we want at matchflick...grown ass men writing 4 sentences on a Disney movie and calling that a review. What the hell does it matter if he post 100 reviews in a row? He is one of the best writers on the site and his reviews are way more interesting then yours.
Feb 12, 2010 11:29 PM
Uh... Did you say grown ass men? Well, then how about big-breasted women?

You know, I think it's pretty screwy the way you rushed (like a hurt lover) to little Brian's defense over my comments. And yet being his FlickFriend you don't even make any friendly comments on any of his reviews, yourself.

In your profile you say that you are a full-time sex machine. I'll bet you figger saying stuff like that really drives the women wild. But then how could a guy named zeke (who's obviously got nothing more than a baby-dick) ever live up to such a ridiculous claim as that?
Feb 14, 2010 12:11 PM
I didnt know which one to comment on because Francine and Alex are the same person with just two different profiles.

First off who the f*ck are you to attack anyone on this site or any other? Is this YOUR site? NO! Your angry because someone posted more then one review at a time and thats stupid!

Calling me "brian's alter ego" is even dumber. Im an action guy and obviously he is a horror guy. Read his long ass reviews and my short ass reviews and then read how grammatically correct he is and how im not. Great investigative work there Sherlock. Hop on the short bus and go somewhere else.
Feb 16, 2010 12:42 PM
If it was so boring, why'd you read eight reviews? Oh, that's right. You're obsessive compulsive & you forgot to take your medication. Forgive me. Obviously, my reviews aren't for you. Why don't you go watch some more sappy Disney crap? Lord knows you've revieed enough of those here, haven't you? Dumb b*tch.
Feb 21, 2010 12:01 AM
Hey, you snot-nosed, little kunt - Just remember this website if a public forum. If you don't like the comments that someone sends you, then don't post any reviews, or, better yet, just get off this website, altogether.
Feb 22, 2010 11:04 AM
Yeah, well I'm not the snot nose who can't spell "c*nt" & goes around leaving stupid feedback on people's reviews. If you don't like the reviews, then why read them? Go read up somewhere on Lindsay Lohan & maybe even go back to school for your GED as you can't spell for sh*t. And before you tell someone to get off the website or to not post any reviews, make sure you own the rights to the website. Get a life, dumb sh*t.
Feb 22, 2010 11:11 AM
I don't really see why you care one way or other why I posted eight reviews in a row. Furhtermore, I'm just curious why you felt compelled to read them all?? Wow, you must have an empty spot in your schedule & feel the only way you can get any attention online is to leave some dumb feedback on another reviewer's musings. Were you an only child? You're mother didn't give you the time of day when you were little? Are you trying to re-live a forgotten childhood by watching Disney films? I also take it you have something against the institutionalized church by your Exorcist reviews. Were you ex-communicated by your church as well? Geez, sounds like you need Deepak Chopra Winfrey instead of Matchflick. Oh, you can layoff the dumb gay stereotypes by the way. Not all us f*gs like Disney or Judy Garland as much as you do.

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