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Star Trek
10 reviews

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Directed By
J.J. Abrams

Written By:
Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman, Gene Roddenberry

Chris Pine, Eric Bana, Simon Pegg, Winona Ryder, Karl Urban, John Cho, Zoe Saldana, Bruce Greenwood, Ben Cross, Anton Yelchin, Leonard Nimoy, Greg Ellis, Chris Hemsworth, Tyler Perry, Jennifer Morrison, Rachel Nichols, Diora Baird, Majel Barrett, Clifton Collins Jr., Brad William Henke, Spencer Daniels, Jimmy Bennett, Paul McGillion, Tania Gunadi, Lucia Rijker, Faran Tahir, William Morgan Sheppard, Jacob Kogan, T.J. Storm, Kelvin Yu, Bob Clendenin, Arlo Hemphill, Jeff Chase, Tiffany Collie, Marlene Forte, Darlena Tejeiro, Sonita Henry, Jeffrey Byron, Pavel Lychnikoff, David Jean Thomas, Marta Martin, Elizabeth Ingalls, Douglas Tait, Cody Klop, Massi Furlan, Susse Budde, Jason Matthew Smith, Sufe Bradshaw, Justin Rodgers Hall, Michelle Parylak, Brandon Stacy, Cole Fritch, Jim Nieb, Calvin Dean, Tony Guma, Kasia Kowalczyk, Marcus Young, Richard Arnold, Troy Brenna, Fallon Brooks, Jason Brooks, Zachary Culbertson, Ian Fisher, Wyatt Gray, Aaron Haedt, Anna Katarina, Sarah Klaren, Jill Lover, Justin Malachi, Jonathan Newkerk, Renie Rivas, Bertrand Roberson Jr., Kyle Scudiere, Katie Soo, Brian Vowell, Brianna Womick, Nancy Guerriero, Anthony Bonaventura, Christopher Jude, Taylor McCluskey, Westley Nguyen, Mark Casimir Dyniewicz, Daniel D. Lee, Devin Williamson, Scottie Thompson, Nav Mann, Zachary Quinto, Lorenzo James Henrie, Christopher Doohan, Margot Farley, Kimberly Arland, Tansy Alexander, James Cawley, Colby Paul, Randy Pausch, Sabrina Morris, Jolene Kay, Makiko Konishi, Jeffery Quinn, Jonathan Dixon, Paul Townsend, Paul Sass, Rico E. Anderson, Antonio Elias, Ronald F. Hoiseck, Alex Nevil, James Jolly, Jason Vaughn, Joseph Steven, Jeffery Hauser, Leslie Augustine, Jonathan Baca, Leonard Baligaya, John Bartlebaugh, Corey Becker, Stefon Benson, Joshua Greene, Melanie Harrison, Monte Hunter, Paul Kumar, Michael Lovern, Aaron Lynch, Nav Mann, Owen Martin, Matthew McGregor, Andrew Mew, Jessica Mika, Patrizia Milano, Jack Millard, Kevin Moser, Duane Ram, Shanequa Reed, Eamon Sheehan, Rahvaunia

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Star Trek (2009)
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Movie Review by Martin
June 11th, 2009

Let me just say first that i am not a HUGE fan of Star trek, and have never actually watched the tv series. Although i was brought up with the 80's movies, and can remember liking most of them as a kid (There was the one where Spock dies, the one where he comes back somehow, the one with whales in it for some reason, right?) This movie however, seems to want to destroy the blurry memorys i have of these.

On first hearing Star trek was to be "re-amagined" i thought it was a terrible idea in the first place. In my opinion the series has already been around for way to long to even consider scrapping everything and starting again. I mean, hasn't there been, like, 6 different tv series and 10 movies. over 40 years of this we're now supost to just forget. The whole idea of time traveling causing this new start is a good one i supose, but its just annoying that this allows the creators to be lazy and not have any future to stick to if they had just made a prequal.

This isnt the only thing lazy about this movie. I think i might be alone in this, but i think that the casting of the old crews replacements is poor too. Its like the bosses just walked around some studio lots looking for the first people they could find for the parts. The first bloke with brown hair was instantly cast as Kirk, the first bloke with black hair is Spock, the first chinese guy they came across was instantly cast as Sulo, and dont even get me started on Simon Pegg as Scotty. Although i am a fan of his he is by far the worst thing in the movie. People in the cinema just seemed to want to laugh because they thought they had to because it was Simon Pegg, which enraged me as he didnt do or say anything remotely funny. Surely Nick Frost would of been better? The only half decent casting choise is surprizingly Karl Urban, who does a bangon impression of Deforrest Kelley as Bones.

This is obviously supost to be the beginning of a whole batch of new trek movies with alot of focus on introducing the characters. But what is the point if they are not the same characters we already know? Spock is to mean to be Spock. But Uhara seems to like it for some reason as shes all over him. Why? The makers seem to think Anton Yelchins russian accent as Checov is awsome so feature lots of him close up. speaking in a Russian accent. Again. Why?

OK so some of the action is pretty cool with all the ships blowing up at the start and everything, but we only had to watch the trailer to see that, everything else about the movie is bad, espechally all the futuristic technical talk, and describing how time traveling works. Who cares, get on with it!!!

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Aug 17, 2009 8:17 PM
The author of this review doesn't have authority of judgment, because he doesn't know how to write or how to spell. Imagine is not spelled 'amagine'. Supposed is not spelled 'supost'. These are shameful errors that detract completely from the presentation of the review. I can't concentrate on what the author is trying to say because he says it so poorly. The next time I want a review like this I'll send my seven-year-old to the movie and have him write a review, because it would certainly be of the same caliber as this one.

I understand English is a difficult language. But if it is your profession to review movies in writing, you'd better learn to write better than this.
Aug 18, 2009 7:05 AM
Oh dear, i've offended a treckie by saying this movie sucks! I don't know why you thought i would care for your opinion on my spelling because i don't. So what if i've made a couple of spelling mistakes, treckies have their own "made up" lanuage for christ sake, and go ahead, send your 7 year old to the movies itself. That'll make you a sh*t parent, which you probably are anyway!

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