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His Name Was Jason: 30 Years of Friday the 13th
2 reviews

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Directed By
Daniel Farrands

Written By:
Thommy Hutson, Anthony Masi

Erich Anderson, Judie Aronson, Diana Barrows, Richard Brooker, John Carl Buechler, Chuck Campbell, Barney Cohen, Sean S. Cunningham, Douglas Curtis, Jensen Daggett, Darcy Demoss, Bob DeSimone, Elissa Dowling, Todd Farmer, John Furey, Robert V. Galluzzo, Warrington Gillette, C.J. Graham, Adam Green, Seth Green, Vincent Guastaferro, Kane Hodder, James Isaac, David Kagen, Elizabeth Kaitan, Jeff Katz, Adrienne King, Ken Kirzinger, Paul Kratka, Joe Lynch, Adam Marcus, Nancy McLoughlin, Tom McLoughlin, Derek Mears, Nick Mennell, Victor Miller, Lawrence Monoson, Camilla More, Carey More, Tom Morga, Gregory Nicotero, Marcus Nispel, Betsy Palmer, Lar Park-Lincoln, Catherine Parks, Bill Randolph, Jeffrey Reddick, Peter Mark Richman, Amanda Righetti, James Roday, Felissa Rose, Shavar Ross, Lisa Ryder, Tom Savini, Kevin Spirtas, Amy Steel, Danny Steinmann, Mark Swift, Anthony Timpone, Russell Todd, Travis Van Winkle, Ted White, Larry Zerner, Joseph Zito, Steven Barton, Steve Dash, Andrew Kasch, Diane Almeida, Steve Barton, Rachel Belofsky, Peter Bracke, Stuart Charno, Mike Cucinotta, Bradley Fuller, Seth Grahame-Smith, Bonnie Hellman, Cynthia Kania, Ari Lehman, Harry Manfredini, Alecia Patterson, Marilyn Poucher, James D. Rolfe, Martin Jay Sadoff, Lauren-Marie Taylor, Ryan Turek, Debi Sue Voorhees, Dick Wieand, Staci Layne Wilson, Al Magliochetti

His Name Was Jason: 30 Years of Friday the 13th (2009)
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Movie Review by Chris
February 24th, 2009

'His Name Was Jason' is the must-have collectors item for die hard Friday the 13th fans, such as myself. Back in about 2003 or 2004, a box set collection of all 8 of the movies was released, this included a bonus disc loaded with behind the scenes material, re-released footage and even little clips which were cut out of the film from the MPAA. This bonus disc went in-depth with each of the films cast and got the truth out of them about how the making of each film was. Released around 2005, a book called Crystal Lake Memories was put on shelf, it was written by Peter Bracke, who we would now call the ultimate fan of the franchise. The book had extensive interviews with the cast and crew of each movie, something only true Friday the 13th fans must have.

'His Name Was Jason' is an 89 minute documentary from director Daniel Farrands, whom is also a killer fan of the films. The movie is hosted by none other then Tom Savini, who we all know is a make-up effects artist, known mostly for his work in Friday the 13th and George Romero's Dawn of the Dead. He walks around what seems to be rebuilt scenes from all the movie, but actually he's in a theme park attraction in Universal Studios which was meant to re-enact the events in Friday the 13th. The film goes on to interview the man who started this horror walkthrough, which shows us some of the more famous deaths in the series, such as Kevin Bacon's arrow through the neck and Trey's bed kill in Freddy Vs. Jason. I never knew there was a theme park ride dedicated to Jason, but now I'm really interested in walking through it.

All the interviews for the film are split up by subjects, the beginning of the film takes about 2 minutes for each movie to open up and just say something about each film. This goes all the way through and up to Freddy Vs. Jason. After this quick recap of the movies, we go deeper into the legends that brought the series together. Interviews with series starter Sean Cunningham were my personal favorites to watch, just because this whole franchise started from a name, there was no script and not even a story, just a known fact that he wanted to start a horror film named Friday the 13th. Sean never knew the film was going to skyrocket, especially since he released a few childrens films before doing this.

One of the most interesting parts in the documentary is when we go ahead and talk to all of the films make-up directors, even interviews with Tom Savini and John Carl Buechler are seen here. There is a montage type thing of some of the coolest deaths in the franchise, these are backed up with commentary by the directors of that specific film and the effects artist. There was one interview with Adam Marcus, whom made Jason Goes to Hell, perhaps the worst film in the series. Many people bust on him for the idea to make Jason a worm and have him go from body to body just taking them over. I actually feel bad for Adam though, atleast he tried. There are a few interviews with people such as writers for Fangoria and horror websites, and even a talk with Joe Lynch, the director of Wrong Turn 2.

'His Name Was Jason' is the definitive Jason documentary, it's informative and entertaining, a must have for people like me whom love Friday the 13th. Oh and for those who were wondering, yes the movie gives us a little sneak peek into the recent remake from Marcus Nispel, which I am working on seeing as you read this.

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