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Directed By
Ron Howard

Written By:
Peter Morgan

Kevin Bacon, Jay Bird, Denise Bradley, Michael Patrick Breen, Jason Ciok, Eve Curtis, Jenn Gotzon, Geoffrey Gould, Kate Jennings Grant, Rebecca Hall, Christopher Haskell, Kristina Hughes, Gabriel Jarret, Toby Jones, David Kelsey, Ken-Ali, John Kerry, Tammy Klein, Frank Langella, Ariel Lazarus, Lisa Lee, Matthew MacFadyen, Patty McCormack, Jim Meskimen, Gene Mitchell, Muna Otaru, David Ross Paterson, Oliver Platt, Patricia Prata, Pete Rockwell, Sam Rockwell, Michael Sheen, Mark Simich, Max Elliott Slade, Ned Vaughn, Holly Weber, Andy Milder, Paula Lemes, Simone Kessell, Kimberley Joseph, Chris Spicer, Yvette Rachelle, Jimmy Heck, Janneke Arent, Evan Silverman, Mickie Banyas, Gene Boyer, Scott Bryson, Carl Burhanan, Shawn Card, Paul Caroul, Kaine Bennett Charleston, Alexandria Cree, Kevin P. Kearns, Keith MacKechnie, Michelle Manhart, Louie Mejia, Albert Miranda, Eddie Napolillo, Robert Phares, Kimberly Robin, Olga Rosin, Evan Silverman, Brett Stoepler, Mark Strohman, Jason Suhrke, Hayden Wyatt, Joe Fedio, Cecelia Specht

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Frost/Nixon (2008)
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Movie Review by Chris
August 6th, 2009

I'm not one to sit down and watch a political drama such as this one, therefore I have not seen the original Watergate Interviews this film is based upon. I am also not old enough to remember anything about President Nixon, besides the fact that he is one of the most controversial presidents ever in American history. I think the main reason I sat down to watch this was because of Ron Howard, a director whom I seem to admire very much. I'm not sure if I am the only person to notice that Howard seems to push out film's quickly, it seems there isnt much time between his films releases. Weird thought, I know. 'Frost/Nixon' is a powerful film though, it brings this story of two people, complete opposites, and their story about the clash between them, to the big screen.

Said to be one of the most watched television documentaries ever made, British talk show host David Frost (Michael Sheen) see's President Richard Nixon's (Frank Langella) resignation of office on television, therefore bringing up his idea to create a documentary on the life of Nixon. Not just any old interview though, one that will ask the most important questions, one that could possibly destroy Nixon's reputation for the rest of his life. After a few phone calls and hundred's of denied supporter's, Frost get's the chance to make this interview. Aired for 3 days, 2 hours each day, the interview is made, and in there lies a battle between these two men, and Frost's thirst for getting the truth out once and for all on the decisions of President Richard Nixon.

For someone who is old enough to remember Nixon's resignation, where some hundred million people watched Richard walk out of the White House and fly away in the helicopter, they may also remember the famous Watergate Interviews of the 80's. For these people, the film takes those interviews to the next level, showing us the dramatic behind-the-scenes on the interview. Most of the film takes place post-interview, the ending showing us parts of the interview itself. David Frost, played by Michael Sheen, is so determined to make this interview right, that he goes to hundred's of American Broadcast companies (CBS,NBC,ABC etc.) to make enough money to hold the interviews. He get's denied alot, therefore he must pay the money out of his own pocket. Michael's performance is amazing, though I don't know how Frost behaved in the real interview, it seems that Michael studied very hard to bring the character to life. The nervous look David has through most of the film is simply fantastic, and everything else from Sheen's performance makes this character who he is.

Frank Langella is simply the best at playing President Richard Nixon, he is one actor who can not only get the look, but that voice that Nixon had that became so well known during his term in office. After seeing a few video's of Nixon and seeing the way he walked and talked, I saw how perfect Frank's performance really is, and how weird it is that he can get that much into the character. He is the reason this film is what it is, without an actor that can play the President like he can, this film couldve failed just for that alone. Kevin Bacon stars here as Jack Brennan, whom is kind of like Nixon's head of security and secretary, since I don't know anything about him that's what I'll call him. I always have enjoyed Kevin as an actor, he get's into the role nicely here and does a good job, like he always does.

In the time leading up to these interviews, David Frost was extremely determined to make this series of interviews the most controversial interview ever with President Nixon, and he's had alot of controversy through his life. The thing that captured me though was the fact that here is two complete different people. David Frost, a talk show host everybody know's and love's, he knows how to throw a party and people want to talk to him, see him and know him. Richard Nixon, the appaerant excuse for why American entered Vietnam, a man no one wants to see, no one wants to know and everyone loves to hate. These two men, complete opposites, sitting opposite of eachother conversing about Nixon's time in office, and it's shocking because Frost get's to the point in his questioning where Nixon appears to have a nervous breakdown.

His questioning get's so personal it opens up dark places in Nixon's memories, make's him talk about things that could ruin his life. This is why I enjoy Ron Howard as a director so much, he goes to places and tries feats no other director will. Howard isnt afraid to make something people can and will disagree with, but he's got his facts down and he's going to make a film well worth the watch. Yes, this is a film that could be enjoyed more if the viewer knows something of the subject matter, but to someone like myself who is blind to that matter, it's a well made peice of political drama not to be missed.

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Aug 7, 2009 3:19 PM
I enjoyed this movie mor than I thought I would, and I think that was due greatly to the performance of Michael Sheen, he did a great job as Frost.

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