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Sex and the City: The Movie
8 reviews

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Directed By
Michael Patrick King

Written By:
Michael Patrick King, Candace Bushnell

Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis, Chris Noth, Jason Lewis, Jennifer Hudson, Evan Handler, Willie Garson, David Eigenberg, Mario Cantone, Lynn Cohen, Julie Halston, Candice Bergen, Joanna Gleason, Polina Frantsena, Malcolm Gets, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Mary Howard, Gilles Marini, Damian Young, Rick Aiello, Rene L. Moreno, Pedro Kim, Suzanne Cryer, Henriette Mantel, Kim Shaw, Bridget Regan, Henry Strozier, Anna-Karin Eskilsson, Annaleigh Ashford, Van Hughes, Dreama Walker, Sara DeRosa, Ricardo Molina, Rogelio T. Ramos, Alexandra Fong, Parker Fong, Joseph Pupo, Kerry Bishé, Dave Bradford, Michael Bloomberg, Kate Rockwell, Amy Flanagan, Amanda Setton, Ching Valdes-Aran, Lorna Kelly, Patrick DeMarchelier, André Leon Talley, Plum Sykes, Lawren Howell, Serge Normant, Dave Bradford, Monica Mayhem, Gilbert Cruz, Bridget Everett, Gidget Gormley, Josh Henry, Nancy Shayne, Michelle Minjung Kim, Aricka Evans, Sara Gettelfinger, Ruby E. Crawford, Lisa Kron, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Koji Wada, Lana May, Celina Carvajal, Gucci Westman, Nati Cano's Mariachi Los Camperos, Roxi Devill, Caterina Jadresic

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Sex and the City: The Movie (2008)
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Movie Review by Eric Somer
July 4th, 2008


Has it really been 10 years since Sex and the City premiered on HBO? Yes, a quick visit to IMDb confirms it indeed has been that long. I may be a bit unusual in that I am male and I've seen every episode...at least twice. I've yet to run into another guy who will admit to being a fan of the show; perhaps because men do not want to admit to liking programming meant to appeal to women. But when it comes to Sex and the City, what's not to like? Every episode, no matter how many times you've seen it, always somehow seems fresh, and always entertains. Now that the series runs in syndication on TBS, it's difficult to refrain from watching the remainder of an episode encountered channel surfing, despite the fact I could pop in the DVD anytime and watch the episode commercial-free, but then I would not be able to comment on whatever sequence was trimmed for mainstream television.

Edited for broadcast TV or not, there never has been any smarter TV show in my memory when it comes to the many intricacies of human relationships. The series never failed to produce clever insights about the complexities of romance, ranging from the comical to the seriously dramatic, and always conveyed sincerity for its major characters. Though the series clearly was slipping a bit after season five, even average Sex and the City is better than most anything else on TV. In my estimation, Sex and the City marked something of a tipping point for television programming; a network known primarily for movies suddenly become known for its original TV programming, as Sex and the City paved the way for other popular HBO shows like The Sopranos and Six Feet Under. But perhaps most importantly, Sarah Jessica Parker's series proved, single-handedly at the time, that television programming could be just as well written, acted, and filmed as any major motion picture. Were it not for the success of the show, it's doubtful that so many "movie actors" and "movie producers" would have crossed over to television. In fact, at this point in cinematic history, I would argue that the average television program episode is likely to be of higher quality than any feature length movie one might grab off the new release wall at a video store or pay $10.00 to see in a theater. For that transition, we can probably thank Sex and the City.

But in this case, the TV series has made its way to the theater, although it just as well could have been shown originally on HBO since this is for fans only; anyone not instantly familiar with all the characters probably will wonder why anyone possibly could be interested. But for longtime series fans, it's a welcome treat to see our favorite characters on the big screen after a four year wait. Even at 2 ½ hours, never once did I check my watch. If you are not already a fan of the show, buy season one on DVD and get started. You can always catch the movie later.

But back to the movie. Though it cannot measure up to the great high points that connected season three through season five (how could it?), it stays true to its four major characters in every detail, and offers some terrific new moments. Kim Cattrall is in especially top form, as Samantha questions her prolonged commitment to Smith (Jason Lewis), while finding herself drawn to her hedonistic neighbor Dante (Gilles Marini). Cynthia Nixon's perpetually overworked attorney Miranda, the coldest and most cynical of the four, continues to struggle with her husband Steve (David Eigenberg), and the oddly amusing Kristin Davis pulls off some of her quirkiest expressions ever, especially after Charlotte mistakenly swallows some Mexican water. Series star Sarah Jessica Parker naturally leaves her impression too, as Carrie attempts to take her relationship with Mr. Big (Chris Noth) to the next level. A pleasant addition to the lineup is Jennifer Hudson, whose character Louise becomes Carrie's professional assistant.

I assume if you are a true fan of the show you've seen "The Movie" at least once by now. I know at some point I'll see it again, since I never seem to get tired of watching the four New Yorkers review problems that are seldom difficult to understand, if not always easy to relate to. Whenever I listen to their mealtime conversations, during which they often rake their male counterparts over the coals for various shortcomings, I sometimes wonder if the ladies will ever come to the conclusion that they themselves are all high-maintenance. Maybe that's the appeal of the series; inherently we are all high-maintenance in some way, but most of us will never realize it, much less admit it. But the more likely appeal is the sturdiness of the relationship between the four females. In spite of their occasional differences, each can count on the other when needed most. When it comes to relationships of any kind, that's all most of us really need.
--Eric Somer, 7/4/2008

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Jul 4, 2008 3:41 PM

oh excuse me, I jus-





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