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Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins
3 reviews

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Directed By
Malcolm D. Lee

Written By:
Malcolm D. Lee

Michael Clarke Duncan, Martin Lawrence, James Earl Jones, Mike Epps, Nicole Ari Parker, Cedric the Entertainer, Mo'Nique, Louis C.K., Erin Cummings, Gus Hoffman, Ted Ferguson, Ted Manson, Chuck Vail, Samantha Smith, Breon Pugh, Eric Kelly McFarland, Daryl Walters, Darcel White Moreno, Joy Bryant, Michael Pupillo, Brandin Jenkins, Affion Crockett, Odessa Sykes, Ara Grigsby, Werner Richmond, Colvin Roberson, Brooke Lyons, Robin McGee, Liz Mikel, Damani Roberts, Angie Fox, Reginald Davis Jr., De Etta Little, Taylor Polidore, Randy Graves, Harry Grissom, Quigly

Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins (2008)
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Movie Review by Zara
March 15th, 2008

I like to nickname Martin Lawrence "Mister Hit or Miss." It seems to be the case with his movies, which can range from (with his concert stand-ups) extremely raunchy and almost TOO polarizing to ridiculously pandering (anything that makes him a dad and gets a PG rating, I have to dismiss).

But see, I was in high school when Lawrence had his very popular television show "Martin" named after him. And while I was just another white kid living in middle class California, my friends (also mostly white) never missed an episode. And I LOVED that damn show.

It was stereotypical and it didn't contain a single character that I could "relate" to on a personal level, but it was flat-out f*cking funny. Sha Nay Nay (spelling?)? I mean... COME ON! It was a silly show that paved the way for... well, sadly not much other than the ratings lacking "Everybody Hates Chris."

That long opening leads me into agreeing that while I'm still a (lower) middle class (in spirit... really, I'm a barely above poverty level with too much pride to resort to flat out calling myself white trash because I done gots me a little bits of a college edumacation) who can't really "relate" to any of the stereotypical characters in this movie, I still can't deny that it made me laugh. Loudly, sincerely and with company, as there was a group of six black women who showed up late at the second run theater this was playing in, argued over who was going to sit where and had the good sense of humour to laugh when I joked with them, "Damn, girls! Don't you know you're supposed to elect a leader of an expedition before you head off into the dark?"

(Suddenly, I wonder if they didn't see just how white I was in the dark.)

They also helped to make the movie going experience that much better, with their frequent echoings of certain, what I suppose are common black family phrases. I'm with Posehn on this one, all the way.

While there are slow portions in the movie and the whole situation with loosely explaining where Lawrence's character's son came from, for the most part, this movie just lays it out, has fun and shows some heart.

Joy Bryant is a particular delight, making fun of herself in an off-kilter sort of way as being the supposed winner of one of the "Survivor" sets who gets engaged to Lawrence's black Dr. Phil. Most people, quite sadly, don't take the time to get to know many black actresses, electing a few to sit at the top of the Hollywood food chain and then letting the rest of them claw to try and dethrone one instead of making room for more. I liked that (whether this was purposeful or not) Bryant's character represented that in the movie for me. She's a great actress (very funny here and if you find yourself hating her, she's still doing a damn good job actress wise since the character she's playing is supposed to be despicable) who isn't top tier. She's pretty enough, thin enough and good enough. *sigh* I wonder who will have to fall to see her rise. Pity.

I'm very happy that there is a trend of light weight urban comedies making it to large distribution in Hollywood these days, brought on mostly by the industrious Tyler Perry, a man who decided that if Hollywood didn't know what to do with him, he'd just do it himself, creating huge hits out of movies that mainstream America couldn't even think of the titles to before the Weekend Box Office results were released.

Because honestly? There's room for everyone. Make the budgets lower, make more films, and you'll see more profit. It's about damn time.

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Mar 16, 2008 11:08 AM
k, so I haven't read the whole review yet...but after one line, I said to myself "Self, must comment"...when I read your blog and you mentioned you liked this...i groaned to myself...not understanding how you could like a Martin Lawrence movie...but maybe I haven't given him enough of a chance...everytime I've seen him do anything I've wanted to choke the life out of him, so I usually see his name and avoid the project. thanks :P

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