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Directed By
Rob Zombie

Written By:
Rob Zombie

Malcolm McDowell, Brad Dourif, Sheri Moon Zombie, Scout Taylor-Compton, Danielle Harris, Tyler Mane, William Forsythe, Udo Kier, Tom Towles, Danny Trejo, Clint Howard, Lew Temple, Ken Foree, Daniel Roebuck, Hanna Hall, Dee Wallace Stone, Pat Skipper, Adrienne Barbeau, Richmond Arquette, Ezra Buzzington, Courtney Gains, Leslie Easterbrook, Bill Moseley, Daryl Sabara, Sybil Danning, Richard Lynch, Mel Fair, Max Van Ville, Richard Fancy, Skyler Gisondo, Kristina Klebe, Daeg Faerch, Nikki Taylor Melton, Micky Dolenz, Jenny Gregg Stewart, Adam Weisman

Halloween (2007)
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Movie Review by Tim
April 18th, 2009

Zombie is on crack

Favorite Movie Quote: "Next time I see that Myers pu**y, he's dead!"

I have never been a Halloween fan or Michael Myers. I have an undying love for Freddy Krueger and the only one that comes remotely close to being as cool is Jason Vorhees in my opinion.

I was a big fan of Rob Zombies band titled White Zombie but since that band broke up I have not been a fan of his music or anything else including all of his films. This film was a complete waste of a remake.

I was annoyed with the kid that played the young Michael Myers and you just saw too much of that. I'm sorry but the kid seemed like such a pu**y that it was not believable at all that he be this demented monster. Also the script was written so poorly...sometimes when the high school kids would talk the dialect seemed so off it was almost was comical.

Did you also noticed that only scraggly, long haired UGLY men seemed to get the hot girls in this film??? Almost seems like the director is getting revenge for the life I'm sure he lived before being famous which was probably a life of being a long haired ugly man that had no women interested in him.

Also there was inconsistencies....I still do not understand why Michael Myers killed Danny Trejo (which was a nice surprise to see in the film.) Some would argue that Michael Myers is such a ruthless killer that his was emotionally incapable of understanding who was good and who was bad...however when he flipped out and killed his family he left his mother and sister alive that he liked... Danny Trejo was nice to him for 20 years in prison (or the mental health facility) while everyone treated him like sh*t and he still killed him?

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Apr 18, 2009 8:39 PM
also wrote a review of Halloween
I think I actually liked it less than you did, for many of the same reasons. Too much focus on Michael's childhood (since when did he get so talkative). A much higher body count, and absolutely no suspense or apprehension, which Carpenter utilized so superbly in the original. And, for me, the worst thing was that I missed Donald Pleasance, and nobody else can really ever hope to play Sam Loomis as well. Malcolm McDowell tried, though.
Apr 19, 2009 7:03 PM
I have not seen the Friday the 13th remake yet.... but just from the previews it looks as if they have evolved the character to be more scary then the 80's versions. I didnt get scarred one time or witness any parts that any easily scarred person might would have "jumped" during. You couldnt be more right there was NO suspense or apprehension.

Malcolm McDowell did put forth a good effort its just hard to top Pleasance's performance. I have read that Zombie will be doing Halloween part 2 and I could not be less excited about it.

Apr 19, 2009 3:50 PM
we'll just have to agree to diagree on this one Tim.

I think you are insane to not enjoy Zombie's films (though I kinda-sorta agree on his music career since going solo).

I still think you're hot though..........

Apr 19, 2009 7:04 PM
I mean I know a lot of people enjoy his films. I think he has the right ideas for films I just think he is new and he still has not mastered his craft. I think he would do better letting someone else write the scripts and him just directing the films rather then doing the whole shebang.

Glad you think im still hott though :)

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