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Directed By
Andrew Currie

Written By:
Andrew Currie, Robert Chomiak

Billy Connolly, Carrie-Anne Moss, Dylan Baker, Henry Czerny, Tim Blake Nelson, Sonja Bennett, Alexia Fast, Doug Abrahams, David Kaye, Michael P. Northey, Jacob Rupp, Mary Black, Rob LaBelle, Aaron Brown, Andrew Hedge, Jennifer Clement, John B. Lowe, Bernard Cuffling, Kevin Tyell, Raphael Kepinski, Brandon Olds, Geoff Adams, Mike Azevedo, Raymond E. Bailey, Harold Courchene, Liam Crocker, Michael Irwin, Carl-James Kalbfleisch, Tiffany Lyndall-Knight, Barbara Moss, Lauren Oleksewich, Andy Parkin, Rick Pearce, Lynn Pendleton

Fido (2007)
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Movie Review by The Alpha Craig
October 28th, 2007

Not everybody in India has a tiger Bill.

When I saw the preview for this movie, it was one of many on the "Black Sheep" DVD so I figured it would follow the same dark comedy theme. It had zombies, cheesy retro 50s styling, buckets of blood and twisted humor so it lived up to what I was expecting. But there were a few things I wasn't prepared for such as quality acting, plot turns, character growth and history. Not only that, but there was an underlying social commentary which made Zombies the metaphor for immigrant workers and slavery. Making the comments on how Zombies were "taking all of the livings work" and that they didn't have the rights of the living was unintentionally (or maybe intentionally) a pretty strong statement about how minorities are viewed in the work place these days. The idea of people becoming emotionally detached from each other because any one of them could be a Zombie, and would therefore need to be destroyed, totally fit with the whole ultra-conservative/repressed society of 50s suburbia. Then you substitute zombies for minorities, you get a pretty interesting view of politics from back then.

It was the late 50s and the world had recovered from the "Zombie Wars." Scientists had found not only a way to effectively stop Zombies, but one of the founding members of ZomCon found a way to domesticate Zombies through the use of a control collar. Timmy Robinson and his mother Helen decided to get their own Zombie to fit in with the rest of the neighborhood and named him "Fido." Timmy's father Bill has issues with this due to his history with Zombies and takes up a friendship with Jonathan Bottoms, ZomCon's top zombie control specialist. With all technology there are bound to be problems and glitches so when the collars start to malfunction, all hell breaks lose.

I have pretty much summed it up in the opener. This was a running joke movie that actually had some substance to it. It knew how to balance between goofy and serious. Carrie-Anne Moss (DISTURBIA) as Helen Robinson was great as the repressed housewife who grew into an independent woman. Dylan Baker (SPIDERMAN 3) as Bill Robinson was the perfect "Ward Cleaver" character who wasn't willing to let go of traditions. The very idea of being a Zombie repulsed him, but you find out why later. K'Sun Ray as Timmy Robinson was a little too "Dakota Fanning" for me. By that I mean they wrote his character a little older and mature than was believable for a child his age. It had the potential to be irritating (like Fanning usually is), but never got that far. Tim Blake Nelson (THE INCREDIBLE HULK 2) as Mr. Theopolis was just a dirty strange man, nuff said. Henry Czerny (THE FIFTH PATIENT) as Jonathan Bottoms was the ever perpetual propaganda against the Zombies machine. And finally I was shocked to learn the Fido was played by Billy Connolly (GARFIELD 2 although I will remember him as Duce from Boondock Saints and Billy MacGregor on Head of the Class, a role replacing Howard Hessman.) Connolly was able to have great reactions, facial expression and emote rather well considering he was a Zombie. All said and done, this movie was far better that I expected.

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Zombie Boy
Oct 31, 2007 2:23 AM
also wrote a review of Fido
I'm glad you got the social commentary in this movie, because I sure didn't. I kept feeling that there should have been backlash against the zombies because with labor that you don't have to pay, the living unemployment rate would be through the roof. Instead of an idyllic 50's vibe, the place should have been an economically depressed ghetto. Instead they chose to dilute their message with the ridiculous love story hippy dippy sappy crappy nonsense.


But that's just my opinion: I could be wrong :)
The Alpha Craig
Oct 31, 2007 3:16 AM
It is an interesting point for sure. It might have been even more of a social sign of the times(today that is) to have a homeless guy yelling about how his job was taken away by a Zombie (a.k. South Parks, "They took are wooooooork!"), but then that would have been out of genre.

Thanks for making me think, now I have a headache.

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