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Stick It
4 reviews

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Directed By
Jessica Bendinger

Written By:
Jessica Bendinger

Vanessa Lengies, Jeff Bridges, Missy Peregrym, Nikki SooHoo, Maddy Curley, Maddy Curley

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Stick It (2006)
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Movie Review by Javi
March 5th, 2007

Enough of it sticks. Just enough.

So I watched a teen comedy based on the world of gymnastics. Sue me. I actually enjoyed it. It was what it was and as a time-killer while I was waiting for something else I was doing to finish it did it's job admirably. It also had something of a message but it was laid on so thick, especially at the end, that it might have become counter-productive.

The story is basically something we've seen before. A young person with lots of talent but issues to match does something very wrong. After this she is faced with a choice: Go back to a previous life she was good at but abandoned or face the consequence (jail time in this case). No one goes to jail in these types of movies and this is one is no exception. She goes through the trials and tribulations of a rocky and unwanted return to her old world, as per the formula, where no one wants her and she doesn't want to be. She meets a wise mentor and after butting heads a few times, voila, changed girl, changed mentor, changed everybody... hopefully for the better.

So we know it follows a sad little recipe, so what? Most movies require some sort of suspension of belief and if you go into this movie expecting this formula and not begrudge it that, then you'll enjoy it. Chocolate chips and cheesecake have recipes too. You can vary the details but it's still cookies and cheesecake. I like cookies and cheesecake.

I like this movie much in the same way. It's not nutritious or good for me but I still enjoy it. Plus, it's a well done cheesecake with lots of fat and sugar. Trust me...I've had bad cheesecake before. Even with a recipe, a baker can still mess things up. At least in regards to this cinematic confection, it wasn't the case.

Entertainment Value - 1 Star: I sat through the thing wanting to know some of the details of these people. I knew the overall arc before it happened, for the most part, but it was still interesting to see these particular group of people interact and change.

Storytelling - 1 Star: As for the story, it followed the recipe well. Still, the chef threw in a couple of flourishes that just plain surprised me when I bit into it. Most "sports" movies end with the protagonists conquering all odds. They did so here too, of course, but by abstaining. Didn't see that coming.

Characters and dialogue - 1 Star: This was a treat. It wasn't heavy-handed lambasting of air-headed behavior and language people associate with girls like this. To be sure there was that but it was balanced and funny.

Production Value - 1/2 Star: Everything seemed credible to me. It was a straight up movie so nothing impressive here.

Directing and Editing - 1/2 Star: Maybe the resolution seemed a bit forced but I'm sure it's hard to make something like this seem completely credible. You work with what you got I guess.

[I usually tally up the counts when I'm done. Wow, 4 stars. Whoddathunk it? I like it. I don't feel guilty.]

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Mar 5, 2007 7:33 PM
You liked a women's gymnastics movie!! *snicker*
Mar 6, 2007 10:00 AM
I wanna be Tuff-Skin ;-)

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