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MatchFlick Member Reviews
Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector
3 reviews

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Written By:
James Greer, Jonathan Bernstein

Joanna Cassidy, David Koechner, Joe Pantoliano, Tony Hale, Larry the Cable Guy, Thomas F. Wilson, Lisa Lampanelli, Brooke Dillman, Bruce Bruce, Iris Bahr, Iris Bahr, Megyn Price

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Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector (2006)
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Movie Review by Seth C
August 9th, 2006

I am not a fan of stand-up comic/professional redneck, Larry the Cable Guy. I've seen his stand-up performance a few times, not to mention the "Blue Collar Comedy" flims and I've always been left wanting more. In the small redneck populated town I live in, Larry the Cable Guy is known as a God, as people of all ages rant and rave about how funny he his. Not a week goes by that I don't here at least one person passionately imitate Larry's "Git-R-Done" catchphrase as if they're quoting the last words spoken by Jesus Christ on the cross.

It's sad really when you think about it.

However, what may just be even sadder is what a sucker I am when it comes to comedies. I find myself time after time renting or TiVo-ing films of the genre and usually then I find myself being mislead or misguided into what is suppose to be funny. For me to really laugh my ass off at a comedy, the writers and performers are going to have to bring forth more than the usually semi-charm, semi-funny zingers we see all too often these days in cinema. The comedy has to not only be funny, but be smart and sometimes misleading so the audience doesn't get the joke or see the punchline coming until we're suppose to. Know that the are only a few films I would say are down-right, perfect comedies.

"Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector" doesn't look funny and I have to say I can not recall even once laughing out loud as I watched the film, however for some off the wall reason, I still really enjoyed it. Maybe it's the fact that I have to give credit to Larry the Cable Guy and the way he can always come up with a good analogy for whatever anyone is talking about. Or maybe it's the fact that this film reminded me a great deal of "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective" or even those silly "Ernest" films I grew up watching and loving. There was a comfortably to "Health Inspector" that I sort of grew fond of before the closing credits.

Still the film is never smart, original or sadly, even free of fart jokes, which is my biggest pet peeve when it comes to comedies. For me, having a character pass gas is too easy of a punchline, that I stopped chuckling at when I left grade school. And although I could defend this film by saying that the tons of farting we get in the film is somewhat crucial to the plot, however I'm too well aware of how stupid that sounds and couldn't live with myself if I actually left that here in print ... So, I'll just say "Health Inspector" is a crude, paper-thin and maybe even really bad film, however I honestly enjoyed myself.

I enjoyed myself maybe far too much. And, if you give it a shot, I think you may just enjoy yourself, too.


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Aug 9, 2006 11:21 AM
Look up his older stand up routines. He doesn't have an accent, dresses non-hickish and seems to be an average Joe. Somewhere along the line, he found out that being "Larry" would get him paid.
Seth C
Aug 9, 2006 2:43 PM
Personally, I kind of like the accent. I'll try to search for his old stuff asap. Thanks for the heads up

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