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Fantastic Four
13 reviews

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Directed By
Tim Story

Written By:
Mark Frost, Simon Kinberg, Michael France

Michael Chiklis, Ioan Gruffudd, Chris Evans, Jessica Alba, Julian McMahon, Maria Menounos, Kerry Washington, Hamish Linklater

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Fantastic Four (2005)
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Movie Review by Zach
February 12th, 2007

Almost Fantastic

Fantastic Four Movie Review

Director: Tim Story

Actors: Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba, Chris Evans, and Michael Chiklis

Rated PG-13: For Sequences of Intense Action and Some Suggestive Content

Fantastic Four is based on the long running comic book from Marvel.

Looking to investigate a cosmic phenomenon approaching Earth, scientist Reed Richards and his colleagues set up their experiments at a space station owned by industrialist Victor Von Doom. Accompanying Richards are pilot and astronaut Ben Grimm, geneticist and Von Doom executive Sue Storm, her brother and pilot Johnny Storm, and Victor Von Doom himself. However, the crew is accidentally irradiated by the mysterious cosmic storm and they find their DNA altered. They are also given strange new powers.

Reed Richards finds that his body has become elastic and can stretch in impossible ways. Sue Storm gains the ability to turn invisible and generate force fields. Johnny Storm becomes the Human Torch and can manipulate fire and fly. Unfortunately, Ben Grimm is turned into the monstrous Thing. He is super strong, but his body is turned rocky and orange. But how was Victor Von Doom transformed by the accident?

Through a series of accidents, Reed and the team become celebrities and the media dubs them the Fantastic Four. But despite their newfound fame as superheroes, this oddball family has its fair share of problems. Reed can't pay his bills. Sue is frustrated by Reed's inability to express his love for her. Johnny gets swept away by his celebrity status. Ben desperately pushes Reed to find a way to cure him. Meanwhile, Victor Von Doom uses this discord to tear his former colleagues apart and get revenge for the failure of his corporation. Will the Fantastic Four survive his scheming?

Fantastic Four was a good comic book movie but was just a little disappointing in some spots. Fantastic Four however did have good Acting, Directing, and Special Effects. The writing was written kind of weak in some spots of the movie. I really only have one or two complaints and those are the whole subplot with Ben Grimm and his fiancée. After being transformed into Thing, he goes home to meet her. She runs out into the street to see him...in her lingerie. Huh? A short time later she shows up at the scene of a major accident on the Brooklyn Bridge in order to give Thing a ring back...which she lies on the ground where he couldn't pick it up. The other thing I didn't like about this film is the end the fight between Dr. Doom and The Fantastic Four was short and kind of dumb but it was done very good. That's about all I have to say negatively about this film cause other than that I loved the film. One thing I really enjoyed about this film is the constant fights/arguments amongst The Thing and The Human Torch it was done very well. One more thing is that I think a lot of people were expecting a lot more action because the commercials show most of the action. Another thing is that most comic book movies (not their sequels) like X-Men , Spider-Man , The Hulk, Daredevil, Catwoman, Elektra, and Blade were mostly talk not a lot of action because the writers and the directors are showing you how everything got started and how they became what they are. So that's why I think a lot of people were disappointed with Fantastic Four.

Overall if you're looking for a good summer blockbuster movie this one's for you.

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