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In Her Shoes
5 reviews

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Directed By
Curtis Hanson

Written By:
Susannah Grant

Cameron Diaz, Toni Collette, Shirley MacLaine, Mark Feuerstein, Brooke Smith, Francine Beers, Richard Burgi, Norman Lloyd, Eric Balfour, Anson Mount, Marcia Jean Kurtz, Nicole Randall Johnson, Andy Powers, Kateri DeMartino, Brandon Karrer

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In Her Shoes (2005)
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Movie Review by Tony
March 31st, 2006

"In Her Shoes" is a movie that wins your heart by pure enthusiasm, charm, honesty, and likability. Yes, it's a "chick flick". But, it is so much more then that. I never really liked that term all that much to be honest with you. I enjoy these types of movies just as much as females, if not more. It's basically implying that only chicks can be sensitive, which is incorrect.

Cameron Diaz is the star of this movie. She proves here that she can not only act, but act well in an adult comedy/drama. This kind of role is custom made for someone like Cameron. She's able to be her ditsy and fun loving self, also adding some unknown layers of being able to hit the dramatic keys well and the right notes. I was generally surprised by her in this movie. She's not a one tricky pony in the least.

She plays a blonde bombshell who never had a real interest in holding down a real job of any kind. She's pleased stealing money from others, and showing off some skin to get things. She lounges around her father and step mother's house, until she comes home drunk one too many times and gets kicked out.

Toni Collette is absolutely wonderful as her sister who has a serious love-hate relationship with Cameron. She lets her move in with her until she gets a job of her own. (Yeah right) Cameron causes chaos in her sister's sex life, wardrobe, job, and everything in between. Eventually, she is kicked out and her sister has had enough. Her patience worn thin.

In a last ditch effort to find somewhere to live, she finds old cards that she never received from a grandmother. She takes a train out to Florida and lunges herself onto the grandma, who is played with warmth, no nonsense, and love by the great Shirley MacLaine.

This is where the movie really picks up and separates itself from other movies of this kind. You think, old people, retirement homes and things of that nature, that it will turn into an over the top sappy and cheesy Hallmark card movie and it does not. This movie is special and above the usual cliches. This retirement house turns out to be a coming of age story for the Cameron Diaz character as she learns from the older people and gains something valuable from them.

I was generally affected by some of the scenes in Florida in the retirement home. I needed a few tissues to go with me and got choked up. So did most of the audience. So, you were warned and be prepared. Shirley MacLaine gives a heart warming performance with great speeches and some great moments with her and Cameron as they discuss her deceased mother.

Toni Collette on the other hand is a few pounds overweight, shy, and uncertain of herself and her luck with males. She's the opposite of Cameron. The way Toni handles her relationship with a new man is so delicately and sweetly handled. She's almost unsure how to react to a man actually showing interest in her and caring about her. The way this is shown and acted has so much truth behind it.

Another thing separated this movie from being a sappy and over the top tear jerker was the fact it's got a lot of honesty behind of what goes on. You can relate to each and every character. When what happens, happens at the end of the movie, it makes a lot of sense. This is a smart and well written comedy/drama from the same man who directed "8 Mile", who would have thunk it huh? Oh, this is also a very funny movie. Truth can be funny.

This is a movie that deals with growing up. Being old. Dealing with loss. Loved ones. It touches on a lot of key issues.

This movie never gets into a silly sitcom with garbage pranks. It never dumbs down the material whatsoever. It sticks to it's truth and it speaks to you in a profound way.

The way each character relates to each other, deals with each other is nothing sort of magical. This movie just grabs you by the heart and does not let go until the ending credits. Big props to Cameron Diaz for giving a great performance that hit all the right notes. Shirley MacLaine was a treasure in this movie and she steals every scene and brings the house down with her wisdom and her eyes. Her eyes and voice say so much in this movie without doing much of anything.

Toni Collette is so quirky and lovable as well. This is a great, great cast with a well written and honest screen play. This movie got everything you could want right and hit it out of the ball park.

If you like a serious adult comedy/dramas, this one is for you. You will not be disappointed. This is why I go to the movies and review movies my loyal readers.

This is a feel good movie that gets you thinking and leaves you walking out smiling and thinking about the movie all the way home. This is how movies are suppose to be. With all the junk clutering up the screens nowadays it's nice to be reminded of why I go to the movies and why I love movies. I was glad I saw this alone, so I could take it all in by myself and think about it.

Tony Farinella

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