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Directed By
Rob Bowman

Written By:
Zak Penn, Raven Metzner, Stuart Zicherman

Jennifer Garner, Goran Visnjic, Will Yun Lee, Terence Stamp, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Natassia Malthe, Hiro Kanagawa, Bob Sapp

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Elektra (2005)
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Movie Review by The Alpha Craig
September 9th, 2007

If you strike me down ....

...I shall become more powerful than you can imagine.

Once again I like a movie based on a comic book character that not many other people thought much of. I never heard anybody say, "Wasn't the Elektra movie awesome?" I don't care because I thought it was a good movie based on a great character. She is a tough and strong female character that is not built up with a ton of super powers, but relies on her skill and fighting abilities. I love the idea of a person pushing themselves to the limits of the physical and mental condition to achieve greatness (especially after coming back from the dead.) Elektra follows suit with Batman, Punisher, Green Arrow, Catwoman and Robin/Nightwing in the sense that she has no "powers" and is still able to go toe to toe with the characters that do.

This movie is a spin off from the Daredevil movie. Elektra is brought back to life (spoiler alert: she is killed by Bullseye in Dadredevil) by "The Stick" (the leader of a clan Ninjas called "The Hand") and trained in the ways of the ninja. After leaving the life she led before dying behind her, she becomes an assassin for hire. She gets an assignment to kill a man named Mark Millar and his 13 year old daughter Abby. She is unable to go through with her mission and becomes a target for assassination as well so she must find a way to survive and protect Abby who has a destiny greater than she could ever imagine.

This movie has a much darker tone than Daredevil had and it makes sense. Jennifer Garner (CATCH AND RELEASE) did a great job in continuing to evolve the character from a strong-willed yet innocent woman into a cold hearted killer with a streak of honor and morals. It is clear that she has the mind set of Elektra and she has the ability to hold her in own in the fight and stunt sequences. Terrence Stamp (LIMEY) was great as "The Stick" and exactly what I expected (the guy did play General Zod in Superman 2 and convincingly handed Christopher Reeve his arse on a platter.) Natassia Malthe (SEX AND DEATH 101) is not who I envision portraying Typhoid Mary, but I can't imagine who would have been able to fill her fish-nets and shoulder pads (if you know the character from the comic book that would makes sense to you.) Goran Višnjić (SPARTACUS) as Mark Millar was very forgettable even though the characters name is a tribute long time a Daredevil writer of the same name. Kirsten Prout (TELL ME NO LIES) as Abby Miller was annoying and not terribly believable in the character she is destined to become in the movie. I felt Bob Sapp (LONGEST YARD) as Stone and Chris Ackerman (MAKING CHANGE) as Tattoo were effective in their roles, but did not stand out in their performances. I was impressed that they were able to take two of the more obscure characters from the comic book and breathe some life into them. There is a deleted scene in the movie where Ben Affleck (SMOKING ACES) as Matt Murdock pleads with Elektra to return to him in New York in a vision. I can see why they cut the scene because it didn't add anything to the story or overall flow of the movie. Affleck was not wearing white contacts to give the appearance of being blind and wasn't really in character. I think it was just a case in which he was on set visiting Garner (whom he was dating at the time and is now married to) and they thought it might be a good idea to tie this movie in with Daredevil even more (plus it would give the couple a chance to have another onscreen moment together.) Ultimately I liked this movie and thought it was a good continuation of Elektra's evolution from Daredevil. It took the overall feel and mood of DD and put a unique flavor to it making the Elektra movie its own world that is strong enough to stand on its own.

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