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Directed By
Mario Van Peebles

Mario Van Peebles, Joy Bryant, T.K. Carter, Terry Crews, Ossie Davis, David Alan Grier, Nia Long, Paul Rodriguez, Saul Rubinek

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Baadasssss! (2003)
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Movie Review by BillyBob
November 29th, 2009


Favorite Movie Quote: "Get your foot outta my ass!"

You know, I actually lost track of how many frickin' times these 3 words - 'Nig-ger', 'Fukker', 'Motherfukker' - were spoken by some black person, or other, in BAADASSSS!

I mean, I'm no prude when it comes to the use of profanity, but these 3 words were spoken so bloody often (by men and women alike) that after a very short while their incessant use began to grate on my nerves and literally affect my concentration on BAADASSS's story. Like, talk about absolutely irritating lingo. It quickly got to the point where I became just plain sick to death of hearing 'Nig-ger' 'Motherfukker' spoken that I pretty much lost complete interest in this movie, altogether.

And I ask you - Is this really the way that blacks speak to each other in real life on a day-to-day basis? 'Cause I have seen several other movies where the cast was predominantly black and this was also the way that these blacks spoke to one another, as well. Like - Talk about re-enforcing a black-stereotype!

I'm guessing that since these films are aiming for total 'realism' here, then that means that this really is the way that blacks talk to one another. If this is so, then that must mean that blacks' hatred and disrespect for one another goes far beyond anything that any of us white-folk could ever-ever verbally dish out to them, ever. But, by the same token, I know that for a fact, if I were to talk to a black the way they talked to each other in BAADASSSS!, then I'd surely be tasting a big, fleshy knuckle-sandwich in no time flat.

All-In-All - I disliked BAADASSSS! Much of this had to do with character Melvin Van Peebles (a wannabe Movie-Director in the early 70's) and his 'modus operandi' when it came to making his movie. Man, this blackmotherfukker would've pretty much stooped to anything (including humiliating his own children) just to get his dumb black-ploitation movie completed. And I found this whole business really annoying.

It was at about the half-way point in this flick where I completely stopped caring about whether Van Peebles actually finished his stupid, badass movie, or not. I actually found myself hoping for his total failure and that maybe he'd actually blow his brains out with a revolver, or something, just to spice things up in this total motherfukker of a movie.

All I can say is - If this movie is supposed to be considered 'badass', then I'll certainly take a 'goodass' movie, anyday-anyday-anyday.


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