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Directed By
Ben Sharpsteen

Sterling Holloway, Edward Brophy, Verna Felton, Herman Bing, Cliff Edwards

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Dumbo (1941)
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Movie Review by Filmkiller
June 7th, 2010

A Kid's Movie?

Favorite Movie Quote: "What's wrong with his ears? I think they're kinda cute."

So there are three things that I need to talk about. One is the fact that this movie gets my violence up as much or more than any action or horror movie I've ever seen as a child or an adult. Two is the 'racism' of the crows. And three is the out of place (or potentially subversive) acid trip poor little baby elephant Dumbo experiences when he accidentally gets sh*t-hammered with his mouse buddy, Timothy.

Bring the violence. Dumbo, cute as only a cartoon baby elephant with cartoonishly large ears and big Disney eyes can be, is born into a society of gossiping elitist c*nts from which his mother attempts to shield him. It doesn't matter at first; Dumbo doesn't even realize they're laughing at him, he just smiles and gets cuter. I'm at DEFCON 4 and considering everything that can be made from cartoon elephant. Perhaps I can grind their bones to make my bread.

Then Dumbo's mom wraps his ears around him like a baby blanket, and if you don't cry you have no soul.

At the next town, the most hideously ugly ginger CHUD starts making fun of Dumbo and pulling on his ears, DEFCON 3. Mom rightfully takes this kid, who's own face looks like a hat full of a**holes, and whips his ass, or maybe his face, it's hard to be sure. AND THE CIRCUS TAKES DUMBO AWAY FROM HER! DEFCON 2.

Then Dumbo swings on Mom's trunk *sadface*, and more tears, and they make him a f*cking clown, where I'm convinced they send people who wish they were funny but aren't. More a**holes laughing at Dumbo... DEFCON 1! Columbine this circus, Dumbo, I'll be your alibi.

I can't tolerate this level of unrevenged injustice. Having peanuts shot at you doesn't begin to balance the scales, and at the end of the day Dumbo was making the circus money, the same circus that locked away his mom. I'm just saying.

Counting the crows. As for the crows being a rascist depiction of black people, it never even occurred to me until someone said their was a controversy. It still doesn't. I mean, the danger here is that little stupid white children (me) will see the crows and say, "black crows, black people, crows stupid, people stupid, crows mean, people mean" or whatever the hell. Only, as a little ignorant oblivious white child, I never once associated the talking black-feathered cartoon birds interacting with the mouse and the elephant as people at all, and besides, they were actually kinda nice to Dumbo. I WAS offended that the actor playing Dumbo appeared in white-face for a couple of scenes though.

Acid is groovy. Maybe, but in a flipping kids movie? As a very young child, I recall being scared by the sequence and later it being the sequence that I would term a 'watch-checker'. "Pink Elephants," I mean what the Hell is the point of this sequence? The only thing I can figure is the subversive message of:

Acid is a mind expanding and reality altering drug. You will achieve more in life if you expand your mind with acid. Dumbo has the acid trip and shortly thereafter he learns to fly.

Okay, you tell me what the f*ck it's doing in the movie!

I don't really like watching this movie because I alternate between a raging Viking and a whimpering man-baby. I hate the acid trip, and none of the bad people get what they really deserve. I do, however, give the the movie a lot of credit for manipulating my emotions, and, speaking from experience, if you're dating an animal lover, it's a good flick if you want her to raise your big top.

Oh, and one last thing; thanks, Mom, for seeing your baby elephant that first time with my big ears and saying, "What shall I call you so you don't get the sh*t kicked out of you at school? I know. I shall name you DUMBO!"

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Mike Thomas
Jun 8, 2010 2:09 AM
keep in mind that the year before DUMBO, Disney came out with FANTASIA. Talk about an acid trip! The newer fANTASIA doesn't come anywhere NEAR the psychedelic imagery of that mind f*ck.

Combine that with Disney's hatred of women (Bambi's mother, Snow White's stepmother, - okay Mufasa was a male, but voiced by James Earl Jones - that's another issue)

To say that early Disney was the epitome of Political Incorrecteness would pretty much sum up Disney.

Oh, and the rumors of Disney's Nazi connections just won't go away!

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