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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join MatchFlick?
Is MatchFlick free?
Will MatchFlick always be free?
Why is MatchFlick free?
Is my information safe?
How can I get my film or filmography added to your database?
If I make a mistake in my review can I edit it?
How can I get my film reviewed by MatchFlick?
How can I work for MatchFlick?
I really need exposure for my film can MatchFlick help me?
Do you still have more questions?

Why should I join MatchFlick?

MatchFlick is for movie fans of all different types, tastes, and preferences. Whether you're a film afficionado obsessed with the subtle intricacies of early 1940's cinema or somebody who loves to go to the theater to watch only the summer blockbusters, your opinions on movies deserve to be expressed. MatchFlick strives to allow you to express those opinions and share them with other movie fans, if you so choose. The site can be used just so you can tell the world what you like about movies or to find common ground (or new takes on film) with other members across the country.

So, if you like to post movie reviews, or reviews of actors, writers, and directors; if you like to read such reviews from other movie fans; if you like to make lists of your favorite movies; if you want to find other movie fans who like what you like; if you want to discuss the wide world of movies; if, in short, you enjoy movies, then you should join MatchFlick. For more information on MatchFlick please read
About MatchFlick.

Is MatchFlick free?

Yes, MatchFlick is free. You do not have to pay to become a member. Nor do you have to pay to post or read movie reviews or reviews about people in film. You do not have to pay to find members, contact members, or have members contact you. You can be an active member of our community and never pay a dime.

Will MatchFlick always be free?

Yes. We will continue to offer this fully functional and active membership for free.

Why is MatchFlick free?

MatchFlick is free because we believe that the internet is about the free exchange of ideas. We want to allow anyone to join our community and take advantage of what it has to offer. To fund our site, we will rely on offering extended-feature, paid memberships to those who would like more from their MatchFlick membership. These features will not replace or hinder the free aspects of MatchFlick; they will be in addition to them. We will also sell space on our site for advertising that is relevant and useful to our community.

Is my information safe?

Yes, your information is safe. Please read our
privacy policy.

How can I get my film or filmography added to your database?

We will gladly add your film or filmography to our database. Films must be feature length. Email us with appropriate information such as name, film title, year of production and a poster image if available.
contact us.

If I make a mistake in my review can I edit it?

Yes, to edit any review you post simply go back to the movie page and click "review this flick" again and then it will instruct you at the bottom of the screen "You have already reviewed this flick. Would you like to edit it?" Simply click YES.

How can I get my film reviewed by MatchFlick?

If you would like your film reviewed then you may send a screener to us for review. We will not return screeners! If you are having a film premiere and would like MatchFlick to attend then please email us to see if we have someone available in that area. Please email to request mailing address.
contact us.

How can I work for MatchFlick?

If you are interested in being a weekly columnists for MatchFlick then please email us. We have 14 spots and they stay full but you never know and we will gladly keep you on record and let you know if an opportunity arises. MatchFlick is always looking for programmers familiar with PHP, MYSQL and CSS. Again please contact us.
contact us.

I really need exposure for my film can MatchFlick help me?

MatchFlick is always willing to help out large and small projects. If you have a film and are seeking exposure for it then we have several options that we can offer to help you. From interviews with cast and crew, to contests and affordable advertising there are several choices. Wether you are an Independent filmmaker or the CEO of Warner Brothers, we have something to fit your needs.
contact us.

Do you have more questions?

If you would like more information or have anything else you'd like to know
contact us.

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