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The Alpha Craig

I am the first and the last, maybe not. I'm 31 years old and still spend my disposable income on comic books. Might as well put it to good use.

Column: Moving Pictures
Frequency: Every other Monday
Description: Bringing you a vast wealth of comic book movie knowledge from a 4,000 plus book collection and experience at Rain City Comics.
Profile: The Alpha Craig's MatchFlick Profile

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Moving Pictures Columns

The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend (May 7th, 2012)

When I'm Good, I 'm Bad....... (April 9th, 2012)

Hey Bub, I'm Not Through With You (March 12th, 2012)

With Friends Like These.... (February 27th, 2012)

She Works For Fudge! (February 13th, 2012)

The Bane Of My Existence (January 30th, 2012)

You Think It's Chocolate Milk............ (January 16th, 2012)

This Year I Plan On....... (January 2nd, 2012)

All I Want for Christmas is..... (December 19th, 2011)

Able To Leap Tall Buildings in a Single Bound? (December 5th, 2011)

The Showdown of the Century! (November 21st, 2011)

It's Not Easy Being Green. (November 7th, 2011)

That Thing Looks Totally Fake! (October 24th, 2011)

Say Jack, That is One Bad Outfit! (October 10th, 2011)

I Know Right? (September 26th, 2011)

So Much For My Happy Ending. (September 12th, 2011)

Meet the New 52, not quite same as the Old 52. (August 29th, 2011)

Whatever Happen To the Giant Psychic Squid? (August 15th, 2011)

Everybody Run, We're Being Invaded! (August 1st, 2011)

Why Won't You Die? (July 18th, 2011)

I'm Death's Head, yes? (June 20th, 2011)

Peace Was Never an Option. (June 6th, 2011)

It's a Bird, It's a Plane.... No it's a Bird. (May 23rd, 2011)

I Present to you Sif and the Warriors Three. (May 9th, 2011)

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na, Catman (April 25th, 2011)

They'd Never Do The in a Million Years. (March 28th, 2011)

Seriously, what's the worst they could do to it? (March 14th, 2011)

What Ever Happened to the Super Friends? (February 28th, 2011)

"Bolt of Lightning into a Copper Conductor?" (February 14th, 2011)

Face it tiger, you hit the Jackpot. (January 31st, 2011)

Wait Till They Get a Load of Me. (December 20th, 2010)

All I Want for Christmas My Judge Dredd Reboot! (December 6th, 2010)

Side-kick, why do I have to be the side-kick? (November 22nd, 2010)

These Reboots Were Mare For Walking.... (November 8th, 2010)

Forget the Man, Focus on the Fist. (October 25th, 2010)

Welcome to Smallville, meteor capitol of the world (October 11th, 2010)

That looks so not fake. (September 27th, 2010)

I can't believe they put that into a movie!?!?!? (August 30th, 2010)

You aint bad, you aint nuthin! (August 16th, 2010)

Deadman walking... or more accurately floating. (August 2nd, 2010)

Believe it or Not, I'm writing this column. (July 19th, 2010)

On Comet, on Cupid on Donner, on Vixen. (June 7th, 2010)

Hey, they made a Spirit move, why not........? (May 24th, 2010)

"...if this is a thermometer, where is the pen? " (April 12th, 2010)

Talking about passing the Torch. (March 29th, 2010)

What's the worst they could do to it? (March 15th, 2010)

Well That Is Just Strange (March 1st, 2010)

Battle of the Brains (February 15th, 2010)

Did they really have to make that movie? (January 18th, 2010)

And Then There Were Twelve (December 28th, 2009)

What is old, is new again (December 14th, 2009)

Clash of the Titans (November 30th, 2009)

He's big, mean and green. (November 16th, 2009)

The evil empire strikes again. (October 5th, 2009)

Whatever Happened to Baby Dredd? (August 24th, 2009)

They picked who to be Wolverine? (August 10th, 2009)

Everything about the movie sucked except blank. (July 27th, 2009)

"Darkseid played chess with Ambush Bug......." (June 29th, 2009)


Deadpool was named Empire magazine's forty-fifth.. (June 1st, 2009)

I May Still Boycott This Movie. (May 4th, 2009)

Haven't I Seen You Before? (April 20th, 2009)

Who needs X-Men or Watchmen? (April 6th, 2009)

If Haven't Seen Watchmen, Don't read this. (March 23rd, 2009)

Ten Times the Fun! (March 9th, 2009)

The White Event. (February 23rd, 2009)

Won't the Real Anti-Hero Please Stand Up? (February 9th, 2009)

The War Is Over. (January 26th, 2009)

A New Hope. (January 12th, 2009)

Fox May Have Won the Battle, (December 29th, 2008)

Three Strikes and You're Out (December 15th, 2008)

Until Watchmen are ready, give me the Sentinels. (December 1st, 2008)

We're off to Never-never Land (November 17th, 2008)

I Get Knocked Down, But I Get Up Again. (November 3rd, 2008)

Total Protonic Reversal (October 20th, 2008)

Only the Strong Survive (October 6th, 2008)

Co-existence is futile, you will be unassimilated. (September 22nd, 2008)

Don't Hold Back the Clock on The Watchmen! (September 8th, 2008)

Who Needs Wolverine? I'm the Badger! (August 25th, 2008)

Wanted: Dead or Inaccurate (August 11th, 2008)

Grendel: Devil's Choice, Reign, Legacy and more (July 14th, 2008)

Forget the Spider, Here Comes Boris the Bear (June 30th, 2008)

One Small Step For One Man, (June 16th, 2008)

World's Finest 3: The Killing Spree (June 2nd, 2008)

Never Mind the JLA, here's The Avengers! (May 19th, 2008)

It's Time a Great Non-Superhero Comic Book Movie. (May 5th, 2008)

Madman the Movie: Another Mask disaster? (April 21st, 2008)

World's Finest, a Fan Boy's Wet Dream Come True 2 (April 7th, 2008)

Wolverine Origins: Another Catwoman or Elektra? (March 24th, 2008)

Timing Is Everything. (March 10th, 2008)

Justice League of America: Potential Success or Fa (February 25th, 2008)

Daredevil, the Movie that Doesn't Suck and Why. (February 11th, 2008)

What Makes a Good Comic Book Adaptation Movie? (January 28th, 2008)

World's Finest, a Fan Boy's Wet Dream Come True. (January 14th, 2008)

That was a comic? No way. (December 31st, 2007)

Things just aren't how they used to be. (December 17th, 2007)

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