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Mad Monster Party 2014 Corey Feldman Tom Savini
by Tim Malcolm

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When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth ...

When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth ...
So once again I attended The Mad Monster Party 2014 this year at the Hilton hotel in Charlotte N.C. This is now the third year that MatchFlick has covered the event. This year I decided not to cover the event leading up to the convention for a couple of reasons, the main one being that I contacted Mad Monster months before the convention about acquiring some press passes and they gave me the run-around. I talked to one promoter who then told me to ask another promoter and it's like seriously...its press passes...not rocket science. So either they thought MatchFlick was not a big enough website to have earned free admission or they simply just didn't care. Every year that we go we take FREE promotional stuff and hand it out to the people, we usually pose for photos throughout the entire weekend and most importantly we run several of these columns which are viewed by 75,000 people a month and share them on all of our social networking sites...so if that doesn't merit a pass to get in then I guess I won't continue to do it. Honestly if they would have manned up and said a simple "no" that would have been better then one of the owners of the site telling me that I needed to talk to someone else, grow some balls. I hate to be negative and ugly but this year little things just really irritated me about this convention.
I could write an entire column of how big of a disaster this convention was logistically...but this has already been smothered all over Mad Monster's Facebook page...so I don't see a need in beating a dead horse. I will say that there was a lot of mistakes made by Mad Monster and hopefully they learned from it this year...because another convention like this and they will lose a lot of their following. The venue was just too cramped and this year they decided to help the vendors out by mixing them in the guest which made everything very disorganized. I heard that it was because vendors were not selling much but in my mind then that means the vendors are asking too much and they are not providing products or services that people are willing to pay for. So basically this column is just going to capture my meetings with some of the guest.
Henry Winkler was probably one of the nicest celebrities I have ever met. He didn't even stand behind his table...he stood beside the line of people waiting to meet him.
ugh...such a dissapointment with Tom Savini

ugh...such a dissapointment with Tom Savini
He took a walk every 5 mins or so and greeted everyone and line and shook hands. He tried to be personable and did not rush you through. I ended up spending a lot of money with him because he was that nice...I had my daughter with me and it turns out that he is now a children's book author so that was really nice to find my 7 year old something that of course she doesn't appreciate but one day she will...
Ken Foree I hate to play the race card..but it seems in my experience that the black actors are always the coolest, most relaxed and 100% down to Earth. Given he is not a huge star but Dawn of The Dead is a major film in the horror world and he is the main star. I enjoyed meeting him the most and even spoke quotes from the film with him. Just an overall joy to meet and hang with...Again I didn't get to talk to him that long because of the terrible setup that the vendor rooms had going on because to stop and talk to someone meant you were completely blocking off the lanes to walk....so again you felt rushed every time you stopped.
Corey FeldmanAhhhhh were to start. Feldman looked terrible...I hear and read that he isn't on drugs. I would argue that is a lie until I'm blue in the face. He looked like he was a pill a way from death. We waited in line...he of course was eye fucking the MatchFlick girls while we were in line so after we got cut two times by the RIP guest (a super overpriced package that allows you to line skip) Feldman actually put a hold and said "they have been skipped in line a couple times let me take them first." After that I was like man that was cool...so I walk up to him and start looking around and ask Corey if he has anything from the film "License to Drive" and he says "no man I didn't bring anything with me from that." So then all of the sudden some fat guy that looks like he hasn't bathed in a couple weeks chimes in that "why would he bring that to a horror convention?" So I hesitated and thought to myself. I am going to keep my mouth shut...thinking ummmm Hulk Hogan is here the epidemy of horror and why the fuck is this guy even talking to me...I waited in line to meet and talk to Corey Feldman...not to some fat nerdy manager riding on the coat tails of a has been celebrity...Now that's not fair to make an insult to Feldman yet...until we go behind to take a photo with him..(my
1..2..freddy's coming for you...with Heather Langencamp

1..2..freddy's coming for you...with Heather Langencamp
wife and I) and its snapped...So one of the other MatchFlick girls that Feldman had already given his personal business card to because he was "Scouting" for his hire-a-slut company called "Corey's Angel's" wanted to jump in a picture. I had already spent $100 getting two autographs and a picture and the fat nerdy coattail rider stopped us and says "you didn't pay for that picture." So I'm thinking there is no way that Corey is going to stand for that and is going to graciously let us snap one more picture since we spent a hundred bucks...but no...he tells us we have to pay another 20 bucks.....Corey was the only person at the convention that the other MatchFlick girl wanted a picture with so of course I wanted to get it for her...but it was a tremendous amount of pride swallowing not to tell Corey and his manager to go fuck themselves.. I understand that nothing in this world is free and I don't mind paying to meet someone that has worked their life in the entertainment business and come across the United States to be here...but enough is enough.
Sid Haig was just awesome. He's old and slow so it took a while to get through his line...again we got jumped by an RIP member as it was our turn, they wanted to by 17 DVDS (not really but like 3) and Mr. Haig spent 20 minutes trying to get the security tags off. Funny thing is...he wasn't charging for pictures..so when I told him that was all I wanted I already had a $5.00 bill out as a tip because again I don't mind paying and he tried to not accept it but I insisted. Really nice fun guy it was a pleasure to meet him.
Tom Savini Tom was the biggest disappointment of my entire convention career. I am such a fan of his work and so many movies that he has been a part of. He acted like he would have rather been at his mother's funeral then to be at this convention. I spent $80.00 bucks with him and it was like he couldn't have rid me away soon enough. I asked him one question about a photo he had on the table and he gave me a one word response...you could tell he didn't want to talk...and what sucks the most about that is where he was you actually could have had a conversation and not hold anyone up...and guess what...I was the only person at his table when I met him. I wouldn't spend another dollar on anything he ever does again, no one forces these people to come
Feldman just ditch the coattail rider...

Feldman just ditch the coattail rider...
to these...if you don't want to be there then don't come.
Tom Atkins I'm not a super huge fan of this guy but I wanted my Creepshow poster signed by him. I thought dude was a mute...he literally did not say 4 words. It didn't really bother me because I didn't have a lot to say to him.
Heather Langencamp She was pretty cool...She falls into the category that I put Lea Thompson in last year..that she was really nice but almost fake...and maybe I read her wrong. She spoke to us for a few minutes and I got a glove signed by her but nothing really memorable. It's sad to see how old some of these people look in person.
So we have a lot to look forward for next year...Mad Monster has some huge obstacles to overcome because I imagine that this coming year will yet again be at a different venue and they pissed a lot of people off this year especially the Friday convention goers that waited in line for 4-5 hours and didn't not receive a refund even though they missed all of the events that they paid to see. I for one will be there again next year I just plan to lower my expectations as to avoid further disappointment. The thing that kills me the most is that Mad Monster responds to everyone with this attitude that they don't care..."If you're going to be negative nelly then just stay home." Type of attitudes that to me are just not the best way to handle things...they have been very defensive this year which is surprising because throughout the years they normally stay pretty neutral....I guess some people really hit some nerves this year. The old saying that you treat people the way you want to be treated should always be considered, Mad Monster needs to understand that they aren't the ones doing any favors...let's not be confused...providing what you consider to be a great show to the town of Charlotte is not you doing any favors....the favors come from the fans that pay to see the show. They are the ones that people should be grateful to...I spent $750.00 this weekend alone on one night of hotel, convention fees, vendor goods and autographs....that's not chump change from one person. In this economy this is a luxury that people want but do not need. Keep up with the attitude that your reinventing the wheel because you got Hulk Hogan and William Shatner and piss all over your customers and see where that gets you.

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Mar 31, 2014 11:47 AM
[X] delete
Tim, excellent read. I am new to the site, and actually met your brother who was standing in line along with myself and wife that Saturday. I had my celebrity nerd book with me, and began talking to your brother about the past MMP shows, and others I have attended. I will message him on this, but he was surprised when I told him of my own positive expirence meeting Savini in Indy a few years ago. Even then I knew Savini can be very moody, hard to talk to, unless you are a smoking hot chick. While my experience was better than yours meeting him, your very accurate description of meeting him sounds normal. I had previously met most of these "celebs" at other events, so there were only 3-4 I sought out this time.
I am in the middle of reading Feldman's autobiography "Coreyography" and had him sign that on Saturday. Your brother was in line with me on that meeting. I too agree he looked terrible, ghost white, but somewhat friendly. His book states he's been clean and sober for 20+ years now, but he did look rough. Like Savini, he seems to be a guy that if your a smoking hot young woman, you've got his attention. I ended up watching the Friday panel my friends at Mutantville filmed, and Feldman appeared much more wired there. Maybe the guy needs to be the center of attention, or have hundreds of eyes on him to seem more personable? Regardless, I personally WOULD have lost it on the fat guy speaking to you. Kudos for showing more retraint than myself would have.
I met Ken Foree along with Haig also at the Indy con back in 2010. Both were fantastic at HorrorHound.
For the Charlotte trip, I also wanted to meet Langenkamp, Caroline Williams and Ted White. I expected White to be grumpy and have ZERO desire to be there. I was completely wrong on him. White was fantastic to meet, and officially was the 5th "Jason" I've personally met.
I agree also on Langenkamp. I had such a thing for her back in the 1980's, meeting her was great. It's funny how we have this mental image of people like her burned in our brains...(1984-1987) for her.
I have to say the pleasant surprise, and whom was very easy on the eyes was Caroline Williams of Texas Chainsaw 2 fame. Not only was she very much attractive, she was SUPER friendly and really chatted it up with me. I had asked her a couple questions, tried to keep from the same old same old. She described the experience of working with Tobe Hooper, and how crazy people still are about the film so many years later. She

Mar 31, 2014 11:58 AM
[X] delete
Met the word max on the previous comment! **Continued**
Again, Caroline Williams was just awesome. Easily she was the most pleasant to meet for me along with Ted White.
While my wife loved the surrounding areas for this con, we both think overall it had trainwreck written all over it. The first red flag was the wait line for us prepaid guests Saturday morning. While in line I heard enough of the horror stories for Friday night. I think the Blake while parking was terrible there, seemed to be much more accomidating for such an event. The third MMP looked completely unorganized and as if it were ran by kids. Reading how you were treated prior to the event with press passes, that's not surprising. I was on the comp list last year, through a huge sponsor of the event, and while my name was on the list, the guy running the event seemed "offended" I wasn't paying.....really.
As for the vendors, forcing people to them is no way to generate business. Like you said, people are there for celebrity meet and greets, and SOME will buy items. The majority of the items for sale I saw were insanely overpriced and readily available on ebay etc... Some of these vendors have to understand that the celebs are bringing photos to sign....those are free with the auto purchase. So why is someone going to pay 5-10 bucks for the same 8x10?
Overall I had a good experience, but better than those looking to meet Shatner or Elvira. I hope the brass at MMP thinks things over and gets their act together for the fourth or as you stated, they will be losing many fans of the event.
Apr 3, 2014 3:06 PM
[X] delete
wow dude.... thanks for reading and thanks for the detailed response. I agree with everything you have said and hope to run into you at a con sometime..thanks!

Apr 7, 2014 4:13 PM
[X] delete

I attended the same Mad Monster Party that you did and apparently our experiences were polar opposites. Some of the celebrities that you met and mentioned above as being fake or cold to you, like Heather Langenkamp, Tom Atkins, and Tom Savini, were extremely polite and talkative to me. I had wonderful conversations with most of the attending guests. Did you ever wonder if maybe it's the way you present yourself? I remember seeing you and your entourage walking around the con floor. You didn't appear to be much of a horror fan or a businessperson. You struck me more like a pimp, and that is certainly not a compliment. If you are the CEO of an online business like this, I would expect to see a more professional approach to your endeavors, rather than seeing you partake in shameless self-promotion and poorly written hatchet jobs. Anyone who likes to call themselves a critic can at least proofread their work and correct spelling and grammatical errors before posting. I'm sure your audience, if you even have one, can wait. You even have the Internet to your advantage to help speed up that process. If you can't even manage that, you shouldn't be throwing around titles like that.

As for Mad Monster, I thought it was a very enjoyable for a convention clearly going through the normal growing pains for a convention that young. You and people of your ilk are the problem with trying to bring good shows to the public. You have ridiculous and unrealistic expectations. You are all so quick to point out your dislikes instead of offering any sort of constructive criticism or for a moment, taking the time to appreciate the amount of effort it takes to put together a convention. Your hastily written articles and website design clearly illustrates the amount of effort and work you're willing to put forth. Instead of taking cheap shots at those who made something for themselves, many of whom have done so before you were probably even born, why don't you go try to build something for yourself.

I don't think online journalism is your thing.

PS -
Flixster is a better service than Matchflick, by a vast margin.
Mar 5, 2015 9:10 AM
[X] delete
I can appreciate your opinion... to be honest I do not believe for a second that you are not somehow connected to the convention...this is almost word for word the same bullsh*t post that Eben posted after the convention on facebook. I am a huge horror fan, I do not claim to be a good writer nor a journalist. Your right about Flixster...isnt it cool what millions of dollars in venture capital can do?

Unprofessional I'm struggling with? You mean not speaking my opinion saying that parts of your convention sucked? I am sorry I have covered this convention since it started and have written 100% positive reviews about it every year except the last. I walk around like a pimp? Does that mean that everyone else dressed up playing a part at the convention is a freak?

Fuzzy Wuzzy
Apr 11, 2014 2:38 AM
[X] delete
Wow! I'm really impressed with the response that this column generated. It's too bad that the movie reviews on this website don't get the same attention as this.

By the way, does any one of you have any idea how much money these celebrities are paid to be in attendance at these conventions?

Mar 5, 2015 2:24 PM
[X] delete
You have absolutely no right to talk about anyone. Your behavior at conventions is deplorable. You and your army of paid female companions were nothing short of rude with a false sense of entitlement. I can't count the times you and your bimbos cut lines,barged through crowds without so much as an excuse me or snuck into events you hadn't paid for. If I have a dime for every eye roll and rude comment you forced the crowds to endure, I could have bought a second photo op with Shatner. You act as if your dye job or the amount of silicone implanted into the chest of your companions somehow warranted special treatment. News flash, you are no better than anyone else in this situation. You run a barely legible website that is a direct copy of more successful sites such as flixster yet have the ego of someone winning academy awards. Being a dick will not improve your career or your life in general. Try a little kindness, humbleness, respect otherwise look at that picture of you and Corey Fieldman long and hard, as that is your future in about 10 years.

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