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Mad Monster Party 2013 part 2 horror convention
by Tim Malcolm

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He's too old for this shit....

He's too old for this shit....
Thanks for coming back for part 2 of The Mad Monster Party 2013. So we left off a couple weeks ago right about the time I was heading downstairs to meet Danny Glover. So Jigsaw doll in hand, Vepy and I get in line for Glover. Now when I say line I mean one guy in front of us and Glover is no where to be found, there is some lady sitting at his table saying that he should be back in 10 minutes so we decide to wait. Now Gary Busey's table was set up right beside Glover's and I look over at his table and see that hes winking at Vepy and motioning for her to come over to his table so I whispered to her to go over and see what he wanted....

So Vepy goes to Busey and he pats a chair beside of him so she sits down. Within 5 seconds he starts groping her all over and says to her
"I want to touch you all over and you can touch me all over." So she sits for a few seconds and then some other autograph seekers come up so she excuses herself and runs back over to me,
Busey...the fangirl rapist

Busey...the fangirl rapist
but only after standing up and having her ass smacked by Busey.

Finally Danny Glover gets back so I pay my $60.00 to get a signature and a photo, yes $30 bucks each with Glover and then im moved over with Glover. Danny seems like a nice guy but very quiet, he asked me where on the doll I wanted him to sign it and then we moved around his podium
to take the picture. After we walked away it hit me that no one was in line and every other guest I stood for a while and had a conversation with but for some reason with Glover I got the goods and ran. I really think it was because Glover was the only person at the convention in the main guest room that had a personal security guard and it just set the tone different.

Ok so even though Gary Busey tried to fornicate with my girl in front of me I still am such a nerd for Under Siege that I had to get the goods from him. So Busey actually was nice you could tell he was a little off his rocker just by his mannerisms
this doll looks so much better now...make me happy!

this doll looks so much better now...make me happy!
and speech but he talked to me about his character in Under Siege and even gave the the Cmdr. Krill salute as I was leaving his table. Dropped another $40 bucks getting one autograph and a picture with him so just with Glover and Busey I was $100.00 in, and yes if your wondering it royally pissed me off that Busey got to feel free tits and ass and did'nt even give us a discount.

So back to the room to drop off all the crap we aquired again. We were hungry but this hotel just had no food options. They had this so called buffet that I finally settled for, Vepy literally just decided to not eat because she was not feeling it. So of course that made her bored while she sat there and watched me eat so I bought her a couple of drinks and we finished up and headed upstairs.

So now that we changed we were ready for our big night out. The Miss Horrolina Bikini Pageant was the main attraction which the year before had been pretty entertaining. So we headed down and
Cerina was hot...I'm digging the vibe of both these girls at the same time!

Cerina was hot...I'm digging the vibe of both these girls at the same time!
of course Miss Yappy Pants McGee starts talking to some guys and before I know it we have new friends that are joining us for the pageant. So by the time we sat down Vepy was trashed and I quickly realized that this whole pageant thing might have not been the best idea with her...too many people sitting within speaking distance of her and too many people sitting in shouting distance of her. However she did entertain me to know end with her commentary of the contestants which were terrible this year.

So after the pageant we paid a few bucks to walk through a haunted maze inside the hotel and there was actually real strippers on stripper poles inside the maze, actually a lot cooler then it sounds. Then my poor baby wanted to go change into something more comfy so BACK to the room AGAIN. So we get up there and I literally turned around to change for 2 seconds and by the time I turned back around my sweet angel was passed out and done for the night...at 11:28pm

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Tim Malcolm
Tim Malcolm got his first job at a movie theater in 1996 working as a projectionist. He quickly learned that there was no better job then getting paid to watch movies. Since then he has been an advid film watcher, collector, critic and writer.

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