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The Mad Monster Party 2013 Horror Fan Convention
by Tim Malcolm

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My secret weapon

My secret weapon
Last weekend was the second annual Mad Monster Party in Charlotte, North Carolina. The convention was held again at The Blake Hotel on March 22nd through March 24th 2013. Team MatchFlick hit the event and caught up with some very interesting people, some you may recognize and some you may not. Here is what went down.

We got there Friday night and checked into the hotel. Now I really don't want to turn this column into a hotel bashing but lets just say that I hope Mad Monster decides to go in another direction with their location next year. I started walking around and had my daughter with me Friday evening. My daughter is 6 and had never been to anything like this before so when I saw that Alexa Vega from Spy Kids was going to be there I thought that was the perfect person to be the first "movie star" for her to meet. I actually had to ask someone to confirm that the girl I was waiting in line for was indeed the girl from Spy Kids, lets just say that daddy was thinking really inappropriate thoughts about the once Carmen Cortez, shes all grown up and smoking hot now. This was Alexa's first convention appearance and she was only doing the con Friday night. We got up to her and she was as nice as she could
Resident Evil troops in the house!

Resident Evil troops in the house!
  be to my daughter, she refused to take my money for an autograph because she thought my daughter was just too cute, high-five kid you just saved daddy $25 bucks.

I love conventions, just cool stuff everywhere. There was a couple guys that had great costumes from the Resident Evil films, another guy dressed as Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead and just so many more passionate fans that put a lot of work into their getups! I walked around and then decided to take a smoke break, I was outside smoking and saw Jordan Ladd but to be honest I didn't recognize her, age has set in hard with her so obviously I didn't approach her. Vepy finally got to the hotel (damn month-ends) and we attempted to go to a spooky magic show that started at 11:00 but we were all so tired that we only stayed for a few minutes so we hit the room and went to sleep as it had been a long day.

Saturday came around quick, we had to leave the hotel and drop off our daughter so we could party that night. We got back around 1:00 and started hitting the convention floor. First we managed to start talking to Robert Harris from Cabin Fever, he's the old man from the store that gives the famous "N" word line. This man has to be close
Robert Harris from Cabin Fever he's old but still loves Vepy!

Robert Harris from Cabin Fever he's old but still loves Vepy!
to 90 years old but he and Vepy hit it off right off the bat. While Vepy was unknowingly about to give this old man a heart attack I started talking to William Jones who worked on the set of Cabin Fever and had a small cameo in the film, both men were super nice and refused to take money for pictures and autographs.

I must point out that Vepy was getting more attention than most of the guest, by this point I had been asked 20 times to take photos of her with random fans, it made my day to see people approach her and I am sure it made hers. We are old, married parents who don't get out much so the highlight of the convention was getting to see Vepy be pretty and admired, now I don't want to toot my own horn or anything but I did get asked maybe a solid 5 times to take photos with fans just because I had pink hair...still pretty cool. This gave us tons of opportunities to plug MatchFlick and to tell people all about it. The people at the convention were just awesome it had a really nice atmosphere that made the experience unforgettable.

Vepy was only really excited about Lea Thompson and not from Back To The Future but she knows her from the TV show Switched At Birth..yes my fellow movie geeks I know
Lea Thompson from Back To The Future and Howard The Duck

Lea Thompson from Back To The Future and Howard The Duck
it's a   sin but what are you gonna do? So we walked up to her and Lea was nice and professional but we both sensed that she was rather fake. In Lea's defense Vepy started off the conversation saying something to the effect of "I love the show about deaf-people," you know we had a few drinks before meeting her so that situation probably could have been handled a little more politically correct.

By this point we had our hands full of merchandise, autographs and other fanboy crap so we headed back to the room. On the way up I saw Jordan Ladd from Cabin Fever talking to an employee of the hotel and was asking for help that an actor had been hurt. It turned out that there was a Cabin Fever Q and A panel scheduled at the event and when they went to put Robert Harris on stage he fell out of his wheelchair, so the panel was canceled. Mr. Harris was ok, I sent Vepy to check on him later that day :)

We dropped off our stuff, I grabbed my Jigsaw doll that I wanted Danny Glover to sign and headed back down for round 2. Now you will have to wait for the next column to see what happens but its WAY more entertaining then the first round. Lets just say that having a hot girlfriend has lots of perks!

Come back for part 2!

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Tim Malcolm
Tim Malcolm got his first job at a movie theater in 1996 working as a projectionist. He quickly learned that there was no better job then getting paid to watch movies. Since then he has been an advid film watcher, collector, critic and writer.

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