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Children's Top Box Office of all Times!
by Michol Little

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I don't know about you, but this week is one I wish we had a redo chance. Maybe I'm just getting old, but the overall stresses of the current events of our world although you might be blocking it all out in a movie, appalls me with a level of mutual disrespect and downright hatred. I would say Hallelujah to being able to sink myself in a film that just makes me feel good. Take the two political conventions with each attacking the other when we are actually supposed to be big boys and girls these days and play nice; the crazy people with voices in their head telling them to shoot somebody at random; teachers striking leaving our children in the cold for education; fires devastating our beautiful forest; the polar ice cap melting and now we have one of our own so to speak making a HATE film (because he can) resulting in death and destruction across the globe. Yes, it has been a week we should not be proud of ourselves and for one, I needed something really really happy to write about. Sooooooooo, how about the all-time best box-office grossing film made for the whole family especially children. Yes, our children bless their heart, are the purest form of human beings on the planet not yet tainted with all the ugliness we adults have learned so well.

Not to keep you in suspense, the way this was ranked used adjusted domestic gross sales at the box office to current ticket costs. When that little exercise in math occurs, we find to my surprise the animated film by Disney, SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS released in 1937 the all time winner with $874,180,00 million. I would have bet anything the winner would be LION KING or TOY STORY although those are in the top 13 list of films for children. I know we have a film realistically of a woman who lives with 7 little men in a forest hideaway....but let's get our heads out of the ugly world again and

enjoy the purity of it. We have the beautiful bad witch that's a little scary but in animation it seems by those who analyze these types of things, the reality of the film is not as REAL should it have been live people acting. Can you imagine letting your child see the current SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN? I know its PG-13, but never in a million years would a child of 4-12 be happy watching that film. That's my topic today: enjoying what we can through film of the more pure side of life through the eyes of the production companies like Walt Disney, the animation arm of DreamWorks and some by RKO. In picking some of the top children's films, I have to admit I'm earmarking those that even the smallest of tots along with Moms and Dads would enjoy without creating nightmares. That would exclude films like HARRY POTTER, STAR WARS, BATMAN (definitely NOT G rated) or even AVATAR. I'm talking about the movies that are sometimes silly but when you see your kid totally taken in with the film without residual fears and nightmares, you know it's in the winner's circle.

SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS is in the top spot, but we also have these listed in order of adjusted sales as reported by boxofficemojo.com:

101 DALMATIONS (2), THE LION KING (3), FANTASIA (4), MARY POPPINS (5), THE JUNGLE BOOK (6), SLEEPING BEAUTY, (7), SHREK 2, (8), PINOCCHIO (9), and BAMI (10). I also have to add to this list FINDING NEMO (11), ALADDIN (12), and TOY STORY 3 (13).

So let's have a little trivia quiz about SNOW WHITE and see if you rank high up there is the best Mom and Dad who can answer these question (funtrivia.com):

1. What is the character you see at the first and the end only in the film?

2. According to the song, what else do the dwarfs dig for besides diamonds?

3. Who is entrusted to lock the door to the diamond mine?

4. Where is the key to

the diamond mine kept?

5. Which Dwarf has the longest beard?

6. Which dwarf has the biggest nose?

7. Which dwarf has the biggest belly?

8. Which object does Dopey use for a pillow?

9. Does Dopey ever talk in the movie?

10. At the end of the movie, Snow White kisses the dwarfs before going off with the Prince. However, she misses one dwarf. Which one?

ANSWERS: (joking! so tune in next week and I'll give you the list of answers). What would be fun is to ask these of your children and see if they do better than you? The last thoughts I'd like to leave is in researching the affects of movies on children, we are probably all over the place with public opinion of how parents are to monitor what their kids are watching. As a grandma myself, often with kids coming over all the time, they want to watch a DVD and put on CARS or SHREIK or something along that line because that's what their parents have left with me. The Association of Natural Psychology explains on their web site that, "Children's films leave a pronounced footprint on the personalities and development of a child's emotional, cognitive, and social development." Why do I sit my little guys in front of the DVD? Because I'm busy, distracted or preparing a meal and it becomes a moment their attention is diverted to something else. Parents and Grandparents are all guilty of this at some point. You have to agree that families watching movies together brings all sorts of "feel-good" feelings and allows family interactions so vital in our busy worlds. Yet, and I'm not writing anything that parents in general don't realize, the wrong movies can and will according to psychologist, leave lasting effects on children especially between 0-5 years that can be very negative and hard to overcome in later years. Doesn't it seem odd, that the tamest movies for children are ones that

were produced over 20 years ago? Even SHREK has its moments of violence that could be confusing to the smallest child. On one hand I happen to believe it is better to allow young children to be exposed so EXTREMELY mild aggression in movies and then discuss it with them. After all, we are preparing our children for REAL life and how to deal with it. The point is we need to share those experiences and guide them in a path as to how to manage their emotions in a positive way rather than allow them on their own to form disturbing emotions that as they grow older could create problems.

Natural Psychology looked at some of the Disney films we have listed and have concluded that film rather than television makes more of an impression because there is more time to develop the characters thus allowing for more emotional bonding to that character. I will also point out one of the films listed above, BAMBI, has been noted to bring extreme emotional reactions in children so even the most tame could be a little dicey. Heck when I watch BAMBI, I always tear up with the death of Mommy Deer. Who wouldn't? Even now in my adult life I can't bear to see little baby deer hit by cars and hunters out shooting deer and wondering if they just killed a little Bambi's Mom. Silly? Not really, I watched the movie BAMBI dozens of times as a child and I still hate the part of a child having to deal with death in movies so young, but it is a reality of life. I don't remember having my parents explain death to me and for years, I've had to get over the death of any animal on this planet!

So when we are looking for the "feel-good" movies for family watching and our children's entertainment please watch the films with them; answer their questions in a positive way and screen movies for children age 5 or less to the tamest of tame films; they just don't need our reality yet.

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