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Dinesh D'Souza and 2016: OBAMA'S AMERICA
by Michol Little

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2016: Obama's America Headliner

2016: Obama's America Headliner
I don't know about you, but I'm at the point of total indigestion ready to release the most unimaginable spew of political, social and spiritual diatribes when it comes to the belly wash of video clips, instant media, so-call journalistic agendas, biased political positions with a mask of honest reporting, and now movies that are only made to promote a personal agenda. God I'm glad I said that. It has been a week of hoopla and back-patting extravaganzas in the midst of human suffering in Florida and neighboring Louisiana. We will suffer that again in my home city of Charlotte NC soon. Now with the ever growing popularity of the documentary film 2016: OBAMA'S AMERICA, by Dinesh D'Souza creeping into select movie theaters like a bat out of hell, we see that our favorite pastime and fantasy-fix which we treasure like the holy grail (watching our favorite action film or love story on a Friday night) is infiltrated with brainwashing strategies simply because filmmakers can. It's the democratic way of life we live. As I pontificated a few weeks ago, we do have choice but yet, do we? Before I introduce you to the filmmaker and author D'Souza, here is an interesting bit of trivia that gave me pause and to think more seriously about watching TV journalism and documentaries.

Herbert Krugman is an expert on the affects of TV watching on your brain and why we are so influenced by what we watch which includes advertising. Through research and trial tests, it has been documented that when a person watches TV or other media such as a movie, the right side of the brain becomes exceedingly more active than the left. The left brain is the side that helps us think logically. Psycho Psychologist Thomas Mulholland reports through his research that 30 seconds after you begin to view your choice of media, our brain releases high frequency Alpha Waves which are not normal when our eyes are open. The conclusion is our mind goes blank except for exactly what the eyes are seeing. The logical result of this hypnotic state couldn't be better said than this: "the mass' mind takes shape, its participants acting according to media-derived impulses and believing them to be their own personal choices arising out of their own desires and needs. In this situation, whoever controls the screen controls the future, the past, and the present." You can
D'Souza working in the Reagon White House

D'Souza working in the Reagon White House
believe this or not, but history seems to support this theory. A good site to further your curiosity about this is ABOVETOPSECRET.COM.

Now we have filmmaker and author Dinesh D'Souza and John Sullivan (writer, producer) walking in the steps of Michael Moore but on the other side of the fence as a right-wing conservative, and in my opinion with a different edge to purposely mislead. Both Michael Moore and D'Souza make no bones about wanting to influence the political scene toward their political opinions; but it is HOW you do it that bothers me. Just get the facts straight guys and let us peon American voters as you see us make up our own mind without all the brainwashing and not with a movie for goodness sake....(no curse words here). Michael Moore exploits what we can't see and just gives it to you straight; D'Souza uses information with bias; calculates how to best promote his cause at a time when America is reeling from campaign intoxication to convince his audience to his way of thinking. If you don't believe it, watch the National Conventions and flip through the different networks and see if you don't recognize who is through a back door supporting a candidate and who is against the other. It just burns my....well won't say what, that "we the people" are thought as just too stupid to make up our own mind. Give the hard cold facts guys, and not the tainted ones you want us to believe.

D'Souza has written What's so Great About Religion, The Roots of Obama's Rage, What's so Great About America, and other books. Now we have a film, 2016: OBAMA'S AMERICA. D'Souza has been described in Publiceye.org (Political Research Associates) as a "founder of the right-wing student paper, the Dartmouth Review, later served as senior domestic policy analyst in the White House from 1987 to 1988. A research scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, and author of numerous books, including The Virtue of Prosperity and The End of Racism; opposes affirmative action. This article groups well known people by their political stance and in that group you find D'Souza grouped along with Steve Forbes, Pat Robertson, Samuel Blumenthal and others.

The producer Gerald Molen is no newbie to controversy. While he has a backlog of unforgettable movies such as SCHINDLER'S LIST, JURASSIC PARK, and
Face Off:  Moore on the left, D'Souza on the Richt

Face Off: Moore on the left, D'Souza on the Richt
RAINMAN, he is also well known for his extremist conservative politics. He is also a very active member of the Mormon Church. Now this is not to bring anything religious into the mix, but you have to admit when you have someone equally as active in the Mormon Church as Mitt Romney and an Author who cut his teeth in his early career in the Reagan White House as an policy analyst, you have a stacked deck against authenticity and proactive with bias. This is the first film for Molen in 9 years. He has been semi-retired from the film industry and at age 76, I find it just too coincidental that practically on the eve of the Republican Convention D'Souza and Molen release such a controversial film that many critics say is unfairly biased and critical of our President. Don't get me wrong, I'm not writing to promote one candidate over another. I'm writing because it sickens me to take one of our best loved American sports of watching movies as entertainment (yes and that was what at the onset of the movie industry was intended), whether it's space aliens, Disney Cars, Marvel comic characters, war moves of blood and guts, or a treasured love story, and abuse the audience to promote a political agenda with a film that is not even endorsed as particularly factual. The AP has come out to comment: "many of D'Souza's claims are mere speculation, and ignore many hard facts of President Obama's policies, his biography and the myriad of reasons behind the world's economic woes. (quoted by Elizabeth Rappe, journalistic contributor).

The movie 2016: OBAMA'S AMERICA has grossed over $9.3M in 7 weeks and has been touted as the highest grossing conservative documentary ever. This place of prominence has historically been attributed to the left side of the aisle which makes it more sensational. David Mark of POLITICO weighs in on the movie saying, "Everyone likes to say they don't want negative campaigning and movies like this, but the truth is that the reason we continue to have it is because it works. Negativity gets people to participate." The movie supposedly if you believe the info marketed with the pre-release of the film in Houston is one that depicts what America will be like in 2016 should Obama gain office in the 2012 election. D'Souza presents the theory that Obama will enact his "master plan: the destruction of
The producer Molen pushes the film along

The producer Molen pushes the film along
America." In doing this, D'Souza believes America will rise to be a socialistic country causing a worldwide crisis (as if we were not already there at least 8 years ago) and in doing that bring recognition of America's blatant colonialization which is Obama Sr.'s political view and of course like father like son yada, yada, yada. The basics of the book places total emphasis on the theory that a man's past defines who he is. Well, good grief, I hope that is not always true because I believe not one of us can say we are totally pleased with all that is in our past and many would love to forget some of it and move on. Did I hear an "Amen?"

In an interview July 16, 2012 with IndieWire, Molen holds nothing back in telling Interviewer Jay Fernandez he hopes the timing of the film release supports the Romney campaign; that the interview with Obama's brother George which possibly shouldn't have so much impact on viewer's judgment, says he thought it was a cleaver piece to develop the cause of the film; and that he feels no remorse in using the film for political gain for his choice in candidates based on his particular political philosophy.

D'Souza speaks frankly about the film to Joe Satran of the Huffington Post in an interview just recently. The movie was based on his book, The Roots of Obama's Rage which has received widespread criticism. D'Souza speaks frankly that he believed that "since Michael Moore did practically the same thing prior to the election of 2004", he would give it a try in support of his book. IMBd's editor has said he believes the movie's success is largely "an effect of canny marketing and good timing."

In summary, I have only seen various trailers, credible critics and proponents and applied I hope simple logic to the film. It's a film; a documentary. Here is a quoted yet probably the most realistic definition of a documentary film: "A film is not a mere representation, but a willed presentation of something made by someone in a specific way and for someone." In other words, when we look at something through someone's eyes then it is cut, edited, and reworked to present what the filmmaker wants, we are still seeing something subjective and based the their own reality. The film is being shown this weekend in Charlotte and for professional scrutiny I plan to see the whole thing if I can stand it.

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Mike Thomas
Sep 1, 2012 10:21 AM
[X] delete
I have not seen the movie either, but reports have labeled the film as bias, and factually-challenged.

You're correct in comparing Michael Moore to him, and their polar views. My analogy: Michael Moore's films take 2+2 and comes up with fear, and Dinesh D'Souza takes the same equations and comes up with hate.

He was on Bill Maher last Friday, and he basically ripped him a new one, challenging his every "fact."

I want to review it, but I feel it may be too slanted.

I'm glad someone at least commented on it.
Sep 1, 2012 2:05 PM
[X] delete
Hi Mike! I came just to see if you read the review. I felt the column was a little risky but hoped it generated some good retorts. The basic premise was it leaves the genre of entertainment and just becomes a vile piece of propaganda. I don't have to spend money to watch that. I can just turn on my TV for that on about any channel!

Sep 11, 2012 2:44 PM
[X] delete
Good Column, Michol! I haven't seen D'Souza's film (although I'm tempted to refer to it by a more accurately descriptive noun) either, partly for fear of being hauled into jail for disturbing the peace if I were to sit through it! From what I know of it in general and from the fact checkers I've heard, it sounds like it is pure manipulation, with no regard for journalism, accuracy or anything other than teh promotion of a partisan view. This trend is becoming increasingly disturbing, particularly in light of people reacting to the fact checks of Paul Ryan's inaccuracies in his RNC speech, announcing they will not be held hostage by the facts! Do people actually think about what they're saying anymore?

If we have reached a point where facts are rejected if they don't fit with one's particular world view, how are we different from the Islamic fundamentalists who only accept the world as their narrow take on the Koran dictates?

I may yet have to emigrate to Canada.
Sep 11, 2012 3:56 PM
[X] delete
Well, Meg, I couldn't have said it better myself. When people would rather believe a lie to feel good about decisions they are about to/ or have made, or worse to just be able to say they are right and not wrong? then we have a "fundamental" as politicians love to say, problem with our expectations of Democracy, honesty and I'll throw integrity into the mix too. If you think of all the probable billions of dollars that goes into lying to the public for selfish reasons, we could have irrigated our crops that all burned up this summer; created windmills, and fed the poor in our country and not have been worse off. Thanks for you comment.

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