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by Michol Little

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Gotcha! You of course have no idea which JOE I'm referring to. DiMaggio, Joe Jonas, Joe Elliott of Def Leppard, Joe Pesci or Joe Montana? All great JOE names, yet there are just not that many JOEs who I'd simply salivate over......until now. Actually I didn't even find the name JOE as one often connected to the sexiest men in show business so heads up new Moms and Dad; the name JOE isn't associated with the hordes of hunky men in film or otherwise.

So who got me daydreaming about JOEs this morning? None other than Joe Manganiello. Who?? That is what I first said but in watching a late night interview recently, there he was in all his glory demonstrating the moves he had to learn for the movie, MAGIC MIKE. Wow.......so I started researching to see where this hunky guy has been all my life. Match flick guys? Sorry if reviewing the gorgeous men of film is not exactly your cup of java on a Saturday morning, but I've had the movie MAGIC MIKE on my mind ever since that interview with Joe, and it tickled my interest in how us common ordinary people look to the movie stars and music icons as our yardstick of beauty. Sexy men and women many times are the ones who drove us to the movie theaters in the first place decades ago. You know the names: Rita Hayworth, Marilyn Monroe, Clint Eastwood, Clark Gable, and John Wayne. I find it amazing just how nature has blessed so many with those iconic features we drool over. Just think of how perfect Beyonce is? Is there a more beautiful woman on earth right now? Well, Joe Manganiello is in that group, but does he measure up in acting skills and experiences that make a good actor great? What does he have that could one day put him in the ranks of Jack Nicholson or Richard Geer? When it comes down to it, without the unique ability to hold an audience entranced in the storyline, beauty can only hold our interest for so long, unless of course

you are into GQ and Playboy magazines which makes me laugh at a fond memory of finding in the corner of my grandfather's attic under his old fishing gear a stack of Playboy magazines. I wonder if my grandmother ever knew they existed? It was an "AH" moment for sure.

What I found about Joe was surprising to say the least. He is not just another pretty face. Joe was born in 1976 in Pittsburg of Sicilian parents and went to a strict Catholic school as a small child. The older Joe became a scholar, an athlete, and a mature film actor and producer before he even graduated from High School. He graduated with honors, was captain of the football, basketball and volleyball teams. In his senior year he nabbed the leading role in his high school production of OKLAHOMA. I think every high school on the planet at some time has used this musical as their big bash year-end play (I remember playing the piano in the orchestra for it myself!) Joe went on to the University of Pittsburg to study acting, and later won exclusive entry into the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama in his sophomore year where he later graduated with a BFA in Acting.

Here are some tidbits of interesting trivia about Joe's life: 1) wrote a screen play in high school in which he acted and directed some of his buddies for extra credit in his chemistry class; 2) used to work in construction (must be where he got his muscles) shoveling gravel and sand off a truck; 3) he enjoyed joining in with the Army's skydiving team, "Golden Knights;" 4) he trained for 5 months to bulk up for the role of Alcide in TRUE BLOOD (2008); he trained with the Navy Seals in preparation for his role as Lt. Sean Macklin in the film BEHIND ENEMY LINES; 5) he was named in 2010 one of the world's most fit guys by Men's Fitness Magazine; 6) former bodyguard of singer/actor Tyrese Gibson; 6) and named in US Magazine as being one of the "Sharpest
Alcide in TRUE BLOOD

Alcide in TRUE BLOOD
Dressed Men" in 2011.

Ok, so we know he is intelligent, sexy, unbelievably healthy and fit, resourceful and dresses in the best clothes money can buy. What about his skills in film? According to IMDb, Joe has 34 films to his credit as an actor dating from 1999; 7 debuts as a stuntman; 2 opportunities as a Producer; Screen Writer while at Carnegie Mellon for OUT OF COURAGE 2; OUT FOR VENGEANCE, a short film in 1999 about a Russian Terrorist ; and 13 personal appearances in various genres.

Most notable film of late is MAGIC MIKE which is my movie of choice this weekend, and another review for another time; can't wait! Joe has two awards to his trophy case: Best Guest Staring Role for Television (2011 Saturn Award) for TRUE BLOOD (2008); and nominated for Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Breakout in 2012 for WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU'RE EXPECTING.

Joe's experiences in film seem to have been centered primarily in TV series such as TRUE BLOOD, CSI: MIAMI; ONE TREE HILL (2008-2010) and HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER (2006-2009). His individual film credis are notable with his roles in SPIDERMAN (2002) where he played Flash Thompson, boyfriend of Mary Jane Watson, Peter Parker's (Spiderman) next door neighbor and love interest; and BEHIND ENEMY LINES (2009) playing lead actor as Lt. Sean Macklin.

I've read literally dozens of reviews, watched trailers and more TRUE BLOOD episodes than I really wanted and my collective opinion of Joe's acting qualities is "evolving." Each project he takes on whether the script is good, cheesy or just crappy, he gives the effort and works the audience. You just can't blame him that he is 6'5" of bones and muscles, tight abs and has the sex appeal of Adonis. In his younger promo pictures he gives me a hint of something greater, somewhat like you might have viewed the young Brad Pitt (remember Brad playing Achilles in TROY?) Joe is getting there and if
Great Screen Save:  MAGIC MIKE

Great Screen Save: MAGIC MIKE
his body opens opportunities for him in a world of cinema that lately is pushing out to audiences the Marvel characters we've seen in comic books, and the macho men films in TV and movies of rough and ready military-types, cops, and now strippers, then so much the better for him. The more he is in front of his audience the more opportunity for writers and producers to catch that glimmer of genius he might bring to the character; that one 20-second take that highlights his training and classical acting skills to the more successful producers like Steven Soderbergh. If you haven't noticed, it is Joe Manganiello out in front of his audience, talk show after talk show pushing MAGIC MIKE while working the audience (mostly women) to remember him and ask for more. I never thought John Wayne was an exceptional actor until some of his later films. He was a huge box office success and billed as a heart throb and with that acclaim he gained market presence, more dramatic roles and greater success. Who hasn't heard of John Wayne or Clark Gable? No one who even thinks about films of the golden years can deny these two guys were the sex symbols of cinema. Joe Manganiello could be in that same group of amazing bods that actually have a brain, acting skills and dramatic instincts to take scripts the likes of vampires and actually make you want to see more.

It is rumored than Joe will be teaming up with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sam Worthington soon in an action film called BREACHER. If you have an action film, you need a fit bod for the part and let's face it that has been the genre for films lately. DARK KNIGHT RISES, SPIDERMAN, THE AVENGERS, BATTLESHIP, along with MAGIC MIKE and ROCK OF AGES. It's a man's world of film lately selling sexy eye-candy to those craving a peek. And by the way? Can we get Schwarzenegger to retire already? I just don't think he can cut it in his 60's compared to my guy Joe.

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Michol Little
I've been writing about anything and everything all my life: fiction, research projects, speeches and term papers for anyone who needed help. I'm a single Mom with all kids out of the nest, and now have time to really enjoy my writing passion. While finishing my courses for my MBA, I developed a burning desire to actually publish some of my work in fiction as well as research white paper on most anything that interests me. I work for a national retail food brand as a construction project manager which is my DAY job; and hope to increase my exposure as an author and ghost writer as well as write articles and commentaries for various venues. .

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