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Eye've Seen It All!
by Lauren Ciccone

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Illuminati All Seeing Eye

Illuminati All Seeing Eye
Have you ever been fed a piece of information that forced you to dig deeper for the answer? Was there ever a moment where you were totally consumed in researching a new topic? Personally, I find myself divulged in a topic for far too long. I have to convince myself I need to stop digging deeper.

Having mentioned this, one evening last week, my younger brother mentioned to me that he heard Jay-Z and Kanye West were members of the Illuminati. The term Illuminati was familiar to me, but I had never really taken the time to dig deeper and truly find meaning behind the terminology.

According to www.what-is-the-illuminati.com, "The Illuminati or 'the enlightened one(s)' refers to a secret organization that was founded in the 18th century by radical thinkers in Bavaria. The term also refers for the members of the group. Whilst not verified, several conspiracy theorists believe that Illuminati still exists as much as today, affecting numerous significant decisions that influence the world."

Digging deeper, the Illuminati is also associated with Lucifer (The Devil), and Satanic Worship. Much of the information points towards the most commonly seen Illuminati
FIGHT CLUB Collapsing Buildings Scene

FIGHT CLUB "Collapsing Buildings" Scene
symbol, The All Seeing Eye. We are most familiar with The All Seeing Eye (a pyramid topped with a glowing triangle surrounding an eye), which is featured on the back of the one-dollar bill. However, The All Seeing Eye is also greatly present in several movies in places and ways you wouldn't ever truly see, unless taking a second look.

So let's take a second look!

The Illuminati is the group of villains in LARA CROFT: TOMB RAIDER. The movie's illuminati claim that they have existed for four millennia for the purpose of ruling the world. The All Seeing Eye is also present in the film on a pendent.

In THE MATRIX, The Illuminati is referenced in a more indirect way. It is explained that we are born slaves. The "woman in the red dress" is considered to be associated with Illuminati and initially distracts the "slave."

In FIGHT CLUB, the male lead states, "I am enlightened." Tyler Durden, is a personality that drives the male lead. However, is it truly a part of his being or, an outside force (The Devil)? At the end of FIGHT CLUB, one of the events associated with the Illuminati, is seen from a building by two of the movies characters. They watch as the

Twin Towers fall. It is stated in multiple places, that the Illuminati is responsible for 9/11, as well as many other catastrophic events, and 9/11 is the global chaos that will lead to the illuminati "New World Order," which is referenced in numerous movies, including HACKERS. In HACKERS, the WTC is shown with "Crash and Burn" on the side of the buildings in lights.

Have you ever looked closely at the cover of the movie NATIONAL TREASURE and NATIONA TREASURE: BOOK OF SECRETS? On the cover of the DVD artwork, and on the movie posters, we see the Illuminati All Seeing Eye. Since it is stated that the Illuminati have been and are the puppeteer of our national/world leaders, is this a daunting clue or a bad art design? It is in plain view, for every mind to absorb. The All Seeing Eye is also on the pendent that is a vital part of the movie NATIONAL TREASURE.

One of the more blatant uses of Illuminati in a film is EYE OF THE EVIL DEAD. The film artwork is a clear use of The All Seeing Eye. It is hard to deny that the symbol is ever present in the film's being. This is not to claim that the Illuminati are solely responsible for the film, but it is influential

on the artwork of the film.

Other places where the All Seeing Eye pops up include, BACK TO THE FUTURE, on the awning outside a store; the eye on the artwork for MONSTERS INC; The artwork for TRANSFORMERS is a pyramid with a sun shining behind it which is representative of The All Seeing Eye; the artwork for TOMB RAIDER; the GARGOYLES animated series; the artwork for ILLUMINATI BRAINWASH; the opening for Columbia Broadcasting company; the symbol for aol – as well as throughout the animated series' South Park and The Simpsons.

Illuminati may or may not be a threat. Personally, I feel I may be over analyzing the issue. But, seeing our present media and movies, there is no doubt in my mind, Illuminati is influential of the industry. We continue to see these symbols and influences popping up.

So the question is – Do you buy into Illuminati or is it simply a hoax? Is it simply a means of publicity? Are our stars and artists really aligned with a secret sect that has sold their souls to the Devil? Are Illuminati taking over one song and movie at a time? Have you seen these images and symbols depicted or referenced in any other movies? Share your thoughts with me!

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