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The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend
by The Alpha Craig

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As a leader, he has a magnetic personality.

As a leader, he has a magnetic personality.
Greetings superheroes and welcome to another flipping forum of fiendishness. My last column was about how some of the most heroic amongst all heroes could become the worst enemies. Today I am going to switch sides and ponder the idea of the baddest of the bad turning over a new leaf and becoming good. So without further ado I give you a list of "when bad is good."

This is a guy who really is not a villain in the truest sense. His initial motivation was to be treated with the same respect and consideration as everyone else. He was locked up by Nazis for simply being Jewish and mistreated for being a mutant (person or persons with a genetic mutation granting them extraordinary abilities - Concise Craig) . He
Doom does not suffer fools.

Doom does not suffer fools.
only wanted equality for mutants. It was only when he decided that mutants were the superior race he effectively became as bad as those who persecuted him. He was administered a huge does of humility at the end of X-MEN: LAST STAND when his powers were taken away. It was hinted that he retained his powers so I can see him regaining his abilities and becoming a force to reckon with for Mutant equality.

Doctor Doom
I know this is a bit of a stretch, but he really only wanted his own piece of the world to rule. That doesn't immediately equate to megalomania. His true goals were to bring order to the world and guide it to perfection. I see there being another huge threat to the Earth like the Skrulls and him stepping up
I dare you to mix trash and recyclables.

I dare you to mix trash and recyclables.
to help defeat them. The people of Latveria would be so great full for what he did that they will elect him emperor. He then pools his resources to make Latveria a global super-power and help advance technology worldwide.

Ra's Al Ghul
He is an ecologist in the worst way possible. His motivation is quite noble. He simply wants to a world that exists in perfect environmental balance. He has lived centuries and has seen the destructive force people can be upon the environment. His ends were overshadowed by his means of achieving it. I can see a villain like Poison Ivy or Hugo Strange unleashing some kind of biological or biochemical plague upon the Earth and Ra's providing a cure. He is then elected an emissary
President Luthor has a nice ring to it.

President Luthor has a nice ring to it.
and slowly gains power. If he could just keep a level head he could help repair the world.

Lex Luthor
This one is the most obvious to me. He was president of the United States of America for crying out loud. All the guy wants to do is ensure Earth's safety by eliminating any questionable threats. Unfortunately he determined the biggest threat to be Superman. If he could get over past disagreements with the superhero community he could help usher in a technological/intellectual era for mankind.

Well true believers this going to be my last column. I have had a blast writing this column and I will miss doing so. Thanks to everybody for reading and giving me the chance to share my joy of comic books and all things comic-related. EXCELSIOR!

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Mike Thomas
May 7, 2012 12:47 AM
[X] delete
That seems to be the canon of superheroes, as pointed out in UNBREAKABLE. Your best friend, after yu have attained your super powers, becomes your worst enemy and a threat to the safety of humanity.

In an ironic twist of fate, would there even be super-villains if there were no superheroes?

Would Lex Luthor have been if Superboy didn't lose his hair because of him? Sinestro if not for Green Lantern? Doctor Doom if not for Reed Richards.

Although I don't remember this or not, but I don't remember if Eric Lensherr had that Jewish backstory in the comics. It kind of softens your perspective on him as a super-villain. In my review of X-MEN: FIRST CLASS, I supposed that if the situations were reversed, would Xavier have been the super-villain and Magneto the hero?

And I guess the jury is still out on Selina Kyle.

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