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A century transformed to 3-D
by Lauren Ciccone

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Titanic 1997 Poster

Titanic 1997 Poster
On April 12, 2012 we will remember a century old tragedy. It was just 100 years ago that The Titanic Sank. On April 12, 1912, The Titanic was just three days into its maiden voyage from Southampton, United Kingdom to New York City, New York. As Titanic continued its journey towards "The Dream Land" disaster seemed to follow. However, Titanic could not continue to cheat disaster on April 12th. Titanic collided with an iceberg that later sank the glorious ship along with all its hype, future voyages, and passengers lives. Out of the roughly 2300 passengers sailing on Titanic on April 12th only about 700 passengers survived.

While the specifics are still to this day unclear, it is the fascination and interest in Titanic that is not. Titanic the movie was first produced by Charles Brackett in 1953 and released on April 16, 1953. In the 1953 ninety-eight minute film of Titanic, an estranged Mrs. Julia Sturgis sets sail on Titanic with her two children in hopes of leaving her husband in her wake forever. Upon Titanic, Mrs. Sturgis is the object of one passenger's affection. A twenty-year-old Purdue tennis player, Gifford Rodgers, falls in
Jack and Rose, Ship of Dreams (1997)

Jack and Rose, Ship of Dreams (1997)
love with Mrs. Sturgis.

The 98 minute film grossed $2,250,000 – just barely more than the allotted budget for the movie. Although, the 1997 remake of Titanic, directed and produced by James Cameron grossed $1,843,201,268 which was well over the 200 million dollar budget to produce the film. The 1997 Titanic continues to sit as one of the highest grossing movies of all time.

The 1997 edition of Titanic tells of a young woman, Rose, who is to be married to the son of a Pittsburgh Steel Tycoon upon entering the United States. Rose DeWitt Bukater is far from thrilled to be marring her fiancé Cal; however seems to grit and bear it for her mother's sake. Rose's mother Ruth is terrified of losing everything after being wrongfully done by Rose's father, whom has left them with nothing except a high class name.

Rose, upon trying to commit suicide off the stern end of Titanic, is encountered by Jack Dawson. Jack is a steerage passenger who won his admittance to Titanic in a hand of cards, only minutes before Titanic departed. Jack, smoking a cigarette, is overcome by the sense to save Rose, the 17 year-old passenger who seems to have lost
Jack and Rose post sinking (1997)

Jack and Rose post sinking (1997)
her way. As Rose continues to threaten jumping off Titanic, Jack convinces the young lady to take his hand and step back.

With the century milestone of Titanic's sinking only around the corner, James Cameron is releasing Titanic to the world in a way which we have never seen Titanic. Remaking the film in 3-D, James Cameron honors Titanic's hundred year anniversary. Therefore, what can we expect?

No doubt, there are many, many elements to use 3-D features. The sinking of the ship, the break of the ship, flares, etc. But what are you taking away from this classic with 3-D elements.

Titanic is a classic for a variety of reasons.

Titanic plays on every emotional nerve in a viewer as they experience the fictionalized story of Titanic as it reached its tragic end. Titanic provides us forbidden love through Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater as they flourish into lovers and meet a tragic end on Titanic. Titanic deals us suspense as it splits apart and falls to the sea bottom within hours of colliding with an iceberg. Titanic tears at our logic; Titanic stands straight up in the air for seconds until finally splitting down the center
Titanic 3-D poster

Titanic 3-D poster
and sinking.

Titanic is a classic because it is a true story that was adapted and partially fictionalized to accommodate every member of the family. It was produced in pure beauty and silenced the world in a blaze of glory as it ripped through theaters in 1997. It holds true to the real events, plays our emotions, and continues to accompany the charts highest grossing movies.

Sure, everything is 3-D nowadays. It simply is how movie goers, or the majority of movie goers, prefer to watch movies. But are we sure we are ready for Titanic 3-D. Is the world truly ready to experience Titanic as if they are surrounded by it, or will the Titanic lovers simply stay at home and enjoy their copy of the 1997 edition while the teenagers run to the theaters on April 4th to see Rose and Jack fall in love?

I personally want to see how Titanic is adapted to 3-D and Titanic is my favorite movie; I won't miss it in theaters.

However, for those of you who have seen Titanic – are you excited to see Titanic 3-D? Or is Titanic 3-D over doing it? And for those of you who haven't - WATCH IT. But, are you planning to see Titanic 3-D in theaters or not?

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Mar 31, 2012 11:14 PM
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A Night To Remember, made in 1958, was an excellent British film about the tragedy starring Kenneth More.

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