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She Works For Fudge!
by The Alpha Craig

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From humble beginnings

From humble beginnings
Yes that is about one of the only quotes from any of the Harry Potter movies I know. Greetings superheroes and welcome to another magic, magnificent, malevolent, mystical, mugblood manuscript of moodyness. I got talked into seeing the movie by a lady and I swore I was done with the franchise. I had no desire to see HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX when it came out and was quite prepared to pass final judgment on the series as a whole. The another lady proposed a very convincing argument of how Harry Pottercould best Superman in a fight based on Supe's weakness to magic and Potter's immortality. After persuading me into seeing things her way, she suggested that the Harry Potter series could easily be into a comic book to expand upon the already large continuity. I am going back to my Ben Ten column and writing about how this is very possible to do and it would have a huge built-in fan base. I will give a brief overview of the main players involved and a summary over what they are capable, both ability and story-wise. So without further ado I give the Harry Potter comic book.

Harry Potter
No he is not
Still just a striped sweater and snow away from being Waldo

Still just a striped sweater and snow away from being Waldo
really a potter. I don't think he has any spells to even conjure up any terra cotta or ceramic objects. Harry Potter was born to Lily Evans and James Potter. His mother was human (muggle-born as they are called in reference to being a non-magical born human similar to base-line humans in the X-Men - Conjuring Craig) who demonstrated magical abilities and his father was a descendant of a line of pure-blood wizards. He inherited magical abilities in command of a broomstick, able to speak and understand the dark magic language ofParseltongue and mastery over the Patronus Charm as well as many other incantations. He is your typical "not-ready-for-it-but-finds-out-what-it-means-to-be-a-hero" character. He starts off as an unsure messy child and is put through trials that help build character and strength. He's Luke Skywalker for a younger generation. This is a perfect example of growth and maturity that is text book story-arc material. Think of him as Peter Parker with an assortment of spells, invisibility cloak, flying broom, magic wand and no web-shooters.

Hermione Granger
She is muggle-born girl who
She is still no Zatana

She is still no Zatana
was gifted with a genius-level intellect. She is a very logical and book-smart. This is the nerdy ice princess who is best friends with the would-be hero. One of the main plots would be to have him melt her ice cold exterior and win her heart. She is May Jane Watson and Spock rolled into one. She is an outstanding magical duelist and able to conjure many spells as well as the Protean Charm. She also uses a magic wand made of vine wood with a dragon heartstring core and is able to fly on an enchanted broom. So she has not only the dual personality of being the best friend and love interest, but she also a wizard and heroine at the same time. Some might say she has the best of both worlds.

Ron Weasley
This guy is your basic side-kick. He has all of the short-comings of the leading hero with and exaggerated lack confidence. Harry helps him in a time of need and he becomes forever indebted to him. He is able to conjure up many of the same spells with much less potency. He makes use of a magical wand made from unicorn hair that became broken and therefore unreliable. He is mediocre at everything the other students at Hogwart can do so he
You'd be evil too if you had no nose

You'd be evil too if you had no nose
overcompensates in order to prove himself over and over again. This is your Robin.

Lord Voldemort
This guy is Darth Vader, Dark Sied and Doctor Doom all rolled into one. He was born Tom Marvolo Riddle from a long line of pure-bloods. His origins aren't fully explain other than he was a former student at Hogwart that became corrupt by his power and disgust of all non-pure-blood wizards. He is one of the most powerful wizards with the rare power to silently cast spells. though his powers are strong, he is insane and lack moral or the ability to feel positive emotions. this guys is evil incarnate, the perfect arch-enemy and true threat to a hero. He went as far as to scar Potter and level his mark which made them connected by their very souls. It was even revealed that he was the one who killed Harry's parents. Nuff said.

So you have all of the major ingredients. You have a love interest, a side-kick and a nemesis. This would have to be done along the lines of Thor, Conan, Red Sonja and Hercules to keep true to its magical roots. Let me know what you think. Thanks again for reading true believers, EXCELSIOR!

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Mike Thomas
Feb 13, 2012 12:16 PM
[X] delete
Not sure about the comic book idea. Potter-ites have spent their youths reading these massive tomes. To transfer that mindset into the short attention span medium of a graphic novel may not appeal to that demographic.

If Harry were older, maybe you could get a Dr. Strange thing going on. You have basically the same ingredients: the hero (Strange), the side kick (Wong), the love interest (Clea) and the villain (Dormammu). Plus you can elevate the stage on a larger, more inter-dimensional scale.

So, in fact, Harry Potter was always there - Stan Lee just thought of it first.

Apr 26, 2012 12:54 AM
[X] delete
The another lady... lol.

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