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The Bane Of My Existence
by The Alpha Craig

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Icicles within my bane?

Icicles within my bane?
Yes that is a pun for the rest of this column. Greetings super-heroes and welcome to roid-rage report of ridiculous rankings. Today I was somehow reminded of the one of the most destructive villains in Batman history and how nobody seems to give him the proper respect. I am talking about a guy who managed to do something few have ever truly been able to do, defeat Batman. I know it was not permanent and Darksied supposedly killed Batman, but that doesn't take away from the accomplishment of the first bad guy to really hurt him in a manner that was nearly impossible to return from. I am speaking of Bane. In looking for an antagonist for the latest movie in the Batman Franchise, I think there was little thought put into the choice of villain. Today I will discuss my thoughts on how I feel DARK KNIGHT RISES will be the beginning of the end for both Batman and Bane.

First off I want to get into the background of the character. This guy had it rough from the very start. He was born in a prison called Peņa Dura which essentially means "hard rock". His father Edmund Dorrance was a criminal revolutionist who escaped the government of the Caribbean Republic of Santa Prisca where Peņa Dura was located to avoid jail
I guess Batman stepped on a crack.

I guess Batman stepped on a crack.
time. As a result Bane was made to serve his father's lifetime prison sentence. He spent his time reading every book he could find and physically trainedhis body to peak condition in order to survive in the hostile prison environment. He learned to fight in the prison gym and was educated by various teachers including a Jesuit priest. He carried around a teddy bear with him named Osito which concealed a knife he fashioned for protection. As he grew, he established himself the king of the prison. This did not sit well with the people in charge of the prison and they forced him to be a test subject for an experimental drug called Venom. The results of the drug were enhanced strength, endurance and recovery. The only problem was a supply of it needed to be administered every 12 hours to avoid violent withdrawals. What you have is a guy with the intellect of Bruce Wayne, the physicality of The Hulk and the moral compass of The Joker. His greatest feat was breaking Batman's back and putting him in a wheelchair. How can you go wrong with that?

Let's talk about how shall we? He has made various appearances in the different DC animated series such as Batman: The Animated Series, The New Batman Adventures, Superman: The Animated Series,

Batman Beyond, The Batman, Batman: The Brave and the Bold
and Young Justice. All incarnation were very watered-down versions of the original. They all had the look and the strength, but none really seemed to capture the intellect and ruthlessness of the character portrayed in the comic book. The most dangerous aspect of Bane wasn't his strength, it was his mind. Anybody could be a powerful villain with just muscles, but Batman never had trouble defeating that type. It was always the ones that fought him with their minds that gave him a challenge. Mindless brutes are a dime a dozen which brings me to Bane's most memorable cameo.

BATMAN & ROBIN debuted in 1997 and is considered to be the death of the franchise. In the movie a serial killer named Antonio Diego is given an experimental drug called Venom as a part engineering an army of super soldiers. He had the drug constantly supplied to him through tubes that fed it directly into the back of his head through a mask just like in the comic book. The big difference was that he was a mindless thug with incoherent grunting dialog. He was a far cry from his comic book predecessor. Defeating him was simple matter of disconnecting his drug supply which made him revert to his original skinny frail stature.
Yeah, that's better not at all.

Yeah, that's better not at all.
That was just one of many reasons why the movie sucked.

Now we fast forward to July of 2012 which is the set release date for DARK KNIGHT RISES. According to film-maker Christopher Nolan, he did not know anything about the character beyond his physical presence. His idea was to have a villain who was driven to best Batman physically and mentally. Instead of Venom granting Bane super-human strength and endurance, he is instead administered an analgesic gas to relieve pain from an injury sustained prior to the movie. I have high doubts this will be called Venom or have any of the effects of the drug from the comic book. To top it all off he wears a stupid-looking gas-mask for administer the gas. I will wait to see the movie before I give my final judgment, but right now it doesn't look good. Nolan seems to have taken the cerebral quality of the character into account which makes he immediately feel scarier than any other bad guy so far.

My opinion is that you can't say anything bad about a movie until you have seen it. I just really hope that they make some major changes to the character before the release. Let me know what you all think of Bane and your expectations of him in DARK KNIGHT RISES. Thanks for reading true believers, EXCELSIOR!

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Mike Thomas
Jan 30, 2012 12:30 PM
[X] delete
Got mixed feelings about this one. I would have thought Bane would be bigger, more menacing. And to throw in Anne Hathaway, well, I guess he didn't want to make another sausage fest.

But still, I'm waiting and seeing..

Good column, Alpha!

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