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Meet the New 52, not quite same as the Old 52.
by The Alpha Craig

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It had better be free, I am not paying for that!

It had better be free, I am not paying for that!
Greetings superheroes, it's time for another fantastic file from the figurative fanatical fan-boy. Today I am not really posing a movie idea as much as wondering about how the movies have shaped to the comic book world in the DC Universe. With the disappointment of GREEN LANTERN and the impending release of movies from both the Superman and Batman movie franchises, I really wonder how much the films influence what gets written in the books these days. Spiderman is a great example. In the movie SPIDERMAN they opted to give him organic web-shooting spinnerets , so consequently the comic book followed suit and gave him the same addition. After the One More Day story-line that got nixed, but it showed how one has an effect on the other. My topic today revolves around the new story arc The New 52 in the DC Universe. There are about to be some serious changes with some of the more popular characters. I will give you the rundown and my opinion on what I know so far.

Okay this is going to be mainly his look, but I will delve a little into the retooling of his origins. First off he is not sporting a traditional full-body costume. He will be wearing a T-Shirt with his logo following the original color scheme. In some strange turn, even though he is keeping a shorter red cape, he will be wearing jeans and work boots making him resemble
Couldn't they have gotten rid of the cape too?

Couldn't they have gotten rid of the cape too?
Conner Kent/Con El/Superboy more than anything else. This may be confusing to people because it begs the question of why this is being done. This change will be introduced in History Happens Now and will be the first of many changes. Much like One More Day, another super-relationship is ending. Yes Superman and Lois Lane are splitting up. He will now be a bachelor in the big city of Metropolis. That wouldn't be bad enough, but they are killing off his parents the Kents as well. Well at least they are retelling it so that they both died much earlier in his life. I suppose he went to live with his aunt and uncle in the meantime growing up? Wait did I just? Yeah I did. To round off the changes, they are going for a much more "visitor" feel by focusing on his alien heritage. It just feels like an echo of the Last Son of Krypton story which is hard to grasp after Kandor being recovered to a normal size and becoming New Krypton in the story-line of the same name. The bottom line is that it is going to throw a serious curve-ball to all of us that finally got used to so many of the changes that came from that.

Batman will remain relatively unchanged. His black and grey costume will look the same as is has more recently and in the computer games Batman: Arkham Asylum Batman: Arkham City. I am sure one had a
Why try to improve upon perfection?

Why try to improve upon perfection?
little bit more to do with the other. The big difference is that now his beginning as a crime fighter will have started years before Superman made his debut. DC wants to maintain the continuity of having several different Robins so they aren't changing that. Of course that makes me wonder what is to come of all of the? Will Dick Grayson go back to being ? Will Jason Todd stay the Red Hood? Will Tim Drake stay on as Red Robin? What will happen to poor little Damian Wayne? Will he cease to be? Tune in next time, same bat-time, same bat-channel....oops I didn't mean to do that. Oh, did I forget to mention that Barbara Gordon is miraculously healed and Batgirl once more? Oh the times they are a changing. I don't see any harm coming from all of this, just a rush to catch up.

Green Lantern
Okay Hal Jordan, the portrayal of you in the movie sucked so you can't be Green Lantern anymore. So they aren't rebooting the character now so much as they are just ousting him from the role. I guess it makes more sense to take a genocidal monster like Sinestro take up the mantle as Earth's Protector not really. Yeah, that what's going to happen, he is going to take right of Hal Jordan leaving his status in limbo. It is not clear if he took the right from Jordan or intercepted it from
I guess this look was to good to pass up, sorry Hal.

I guess this look was to good to pass up, sorry Hal.
Abin Sur who is now an Indigo Lantern. If that isn't confusing enough, Kyle Rayner will be put in charge of a team of lanterns covering all colors of the emotional Spectrum. No telling which color he is going to be representing. The jury is still out on this one in my books, but it doesn't seem like the smartest idea to kick out one of the greatest Green Lanterns of all time....yo Sinestro,I am really happy for you. Imma let you finish.

To top it all off, many of DC'simprint franchise from both Wildstorm and Vertigo are now going to be a part of the mainstream DC Universe. The first issue of Stormwatch is going to deal with the Martian Manhunter's origins which I am sure are going to be changed. The reason I bring all of this up is because I am wondering how much the movies played a role in the changes to these prominent heroes. Does the silver screen reflect what fans want to see, or what the publishers believe they need to see? Are comics becoming the advertisements for the movies instead of the other way around? I posted a comment somewhere about how I wish Hollywood would look elsewhere for movie idea inspiration and leave the comic books to us fans. I wish that a lot when I see changes like these made. I guess it's a good thing though or what else would I have to write about? Thanks again for reading true believers, EXCELSIOR!

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Mike Thomas
Aug 29, 2011 2:17 AM
[X] delete
Superman: I can take the divorce, even killing off the Kents (they were dead in the original universe anyway). But the costume? He's Superman, dammit, not some Village People/preppy fop! I want the tights, I want the flights!

Speaking of flights, have you been following the Warner Brothers/Siegal & Schuster Lawsuit? There may be even more changes for the big guy.

And I'm surprised you didn't like Ryan Reynolds. I thought he WAS Hal Jordan. Well, everyone's entitled to their opinion.

Batman: you just don't f*ck with the Batman, which it sounds like DC wisely choose to avoid. The new re-boot after The DARK KNIGHT RISES should proves extremely interesting, though.

Great column, as usual!

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