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Interview With Lucifer Valentine
by Brian Yandle

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Sacrificial lamb of great cinema

Sacrificial lamb of great cinema
Horror fans & friends, welcome!! Over the past week, I've had some very stimulating conversations with one of the horror community's most notorious/beloved directors & I must say it's been a great pleasure getting to know Lucifer Valentine

Brian Yandle: How long have you been making films & can you tell us who or what put your work on the map?

Lucifer Valentine: I've been shooting home movies of my little sister since I was 9 years old and that's how I started to be interested in making movies, and I've always treated my film-making the exact same way; it's like a very personal, intimate hand-made prolonged portrait kind of style. Well, I guess initially me and my former executive producer put SLAUGHTERED VOMIT DOLLS and the name Lucifer Valentine on the map by doing all kinds of self promotion mostly online which was very controversial in many discussion forums at the time as it completely upset the balance of their rules of etiquette, and, at first, some of the bigger discussion forums had a hard time stomaching the idea of a director appearing in forums to discuss his or her movie, but I think most of them have gotten over it by now.

Yandle: If you weren't doing what you're doing now, what would you be doing? What kind of freedom do you find in making films?

Valentine: Haha ! I have no idea really, I mean, I'm an artist and I was just born that way so I've always been drawing and making music and making movies my whole life that's it ! I don't even really know how to do anything else. In making films and art in general, I find total freedom of expression and exploration of any and all subject matter, there are absolutely no rules whatsoever in film-making and so I just love to create various circumstances in which my performers and subjects can delve into Hellish darkness and I watch and listen and see the creations grow and I help guide the Satanic energy and that's essentially what I videotape in making my movies.

Yandle: What would you consider your greatest professional achievement?

Valentine: Hahaha ! I don't know man. I don't actually think I really have any professional achievements;
Who doesn't like Christian Bale?

Who doesn't like Christian Bale?
however, I am very proud of my movies and I am very grateful for the life-changing experiences I shared with all the performers in making my movies. Wow ! Haha!

BY: If Hollywood made a movie about your life, whom would you like to see play the lead role as you?

LV: Well if Hollywood wanted to make a movie about me I'd have to say I'd love it if Christian Bale played me because he played Patrick Bateman in American Psycho and he was fantastic!

BY: Is there a musician, song, book, TV show, movie or play produced in the last year or so has been most inspiring to you personally? If so, could you tell us why this has been a big influence on your media career?

LV: That's a great question! Well, as far as inspiring me and influencing my artwork, in the last year, I came across the amazing vomit and scat actress Anna Kuramoto and she was so incredible and talented I could hardly even believe it she was a literal super cute non-stop puke machine she just seemed like she was from another planet! The television show Toddlers and Tiaras gave me a eerie disquieting feeling; the footage I saw of the guy who was obsessed with and stalking Bjork shooting himself in the face against the painting canvas was scary, the first two boxxy youtube clips were wonderful and fun, I stumbled upon a new Urine Twins clip I hadn't seen called Anja and Katja Hallo Deutschland which made me so incredibly super happy as they are my all-time favorite identical twin incest sisters! and watching the live youtube clips of the band Lightning Bolt playing their Dec.14th 2009 set at All Tomorrowfs Parties ten year celebration was amazing and also I LOVED the movie StrayX The Record parts 1 through 8 and Tabs 24X7s youtube clip "I Gotta Ferret".

BY: Would you share with us your recipe for creating a good horror flick & are there any elements which one would never want to deviate from?

LV: Hahaha! Well, in order to make a really fun and enjoyable movie I personally love buckets and buckets of Vomit, horrifying emotional scarification, pain and sorrow, heartbreaking loss, incest, a deep sense of knowing and connectedness to Satan, a complete
Perfect film title. Makes me want to puke with joy!

Perfect film title. Makes me want to puke with joy!
embrace of failure, absolute obliteration of all rational thought and total destruction of the so-called human mind.

BY: When do story ideas usually hit you & how do you incorporate these ideas into a full-fledged script?

LV: Oh, therefs all kinds of great dark energy flowing all around that I sort of pick up on and at times help to channel or guide that energy into something that I actually videotape with my friends and that comes about on its own whenever it feels like and I just feel lucky to sort of embody that kind of energy and to be able to create a venue or channel for my friends to feel open to express themselves to me deeply; that's how things happen when make my movies, I've never written a script I'm not really into that kinda thing.

BY: So you don't you storyboard every angle? The set & the shots all come organically?

LV: Hee Hee yeah bro I've never storyboarded nothin' or written a script or any of that nonsense, I love making drawings and so during the time in which a movie is being made I will amass a pile of crayon drawings with some hand-written notes and phrases or words written into the drawings which you can see in the dvd extras of my movies as production notes or Angela's drawings. when I get to the set I don't really want to know whats going to happen; I like to be in a really fun vibe and definitely create a framework of circumstances and influences for the performers in my movies and then let it all be.

BY: How do you direct actors/actresses in your films & what suggestions would you give to new film-makers?

LV: The actors/actresses in my movies are usually very close friends of mine and we decide to dive deep into a very dark personal place together and they place a great deal of trust in me for their physical and mental/emotional safety as well as to really listen to them on multiple levels and to just be there fully with them to help guide them on their trip to Satan and to give total acceptance and care to them without judgment or conditions.

BY: What is your favorite part of the film-making process & is there anything you'd prefer to do differently going
You won't believe this.

You won't believe this.

LV: Well, I just love hanging out with my friends and listening to their stories is all; I truly value my time with them and the bonds of friendship we form while shooting are so incredibly strong and meaningful to me.

BY: What's the most rewarding thing you've learned or taken away from making the vomit gore trilogy?

LV: To see everyone and everything's sheer heartbreaking beauty at all times.

BY: Do you think each film is better than the last or is there a high mark somewhere along the way you'd like to hit once again?

LV: Well, I don't compare my films to each other as separate things; they are all in the same family and are therefore related with some noticeable common themes and characters but can also stand on their own to be seen as individual pieces as well.

BY: Lastly, I'd like to talk about your new film. I must say that I'm stoked about your latest endeavor Black Metal Veins. Could you give an overview of what to expect & where you were going with this venture?

LV: Black Metal Veins was an incredibly harrowing experience as the main characters in this documentary have severe addictions to heroin, crack and a host of other drugs, and, during the time in which I shot this film, one performer was murdered, and the others overdosed and nearly died many times, were incarcerated, died from other causes, got clean, relapsed, got married, got divorced you name it, it happened! Shooting Black Metal Veins and becoming a part of the families and lives of the amazing fearless performers in this movie was an absolutely amazing, at times times terrifying, life-changing experience that I will always treasure. This movie shows the interconnected depths of a debilitating, excruciatingly painful personal abyss that my dear friends were at the bottom of and invited me into with total honesty and humility and I am eternally grateful to them for that.

Lucifer, many thanks to you once again for embarking with me on this project & I really appreciate all the time/thought you've invested into my interview. I'm definitely ready for your next project. Take care for now, my friend, and we shall talk again soon. Cheers!!!

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