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Interview with Filmmaker Toby Ross
by Brian Yandle

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Must see indie flick of the year.

Must see indie flick of the year.
Mr. Ross, thank you so much for taking the time today to speak with me about
your recent works.

So, first of all Congratulations on the recent release of your film "PAYTON COLLINS : SERIAL RAPIST" & I'm pleased to hear how strong sales have been through TLAgay.com

1. How long have you been making films Toby?

Over 30 years.

2. How did you get started?

X rated 16mm theatrical features when I was 23.

3. When you started making films were you trying to do a specific thing?

I was trying to invent my own style so I can't be compared with anyone else. I also wanted to film images that have a haunting quality that was achieved through lighting and certain "types." I am a sucker for unusual types.

4. Who would you say has been a major influence for you as a filmmaker?

Andy Warhol, Douglas Sirk, Antonioni

5. Some people hear the name "Payton
The man, the myth, the legendary Toby Ross.

The man, the myth, the legendary Toby Ross.
Collins Serial Rapist" & think it's a documentary film. Do you have any comments on that or would you be interested in making documentary films in the near future?

I wanted to give folks the feeling this person was real and is out there looking for victims maybe even the readers.

6. What made Brent Collins the right choice for this role? Were there any other proposed lists of candidates in mind?

I found something very out of the ordinary about his look, his eyes, and his smile, magnetic. He was the only one I had in mind. I also loved that you could tell he was gay, mostly I prefer straight appearing/straight acting, but in his case the tinge of gay (hardly noticeable) appealed to me. I am generally incredibly fascinated with "gay trade" even more than "straight trade"... I could elaborate on this, but it would take too long.

7. Was this film directing
Like A Moth To A Flame

Like A Moth To A Flame
experience less stressful overall than previous endeavors? If you could do anything differently now, what approach would you take?

This was like a magical wand touched the making of Payton. From the beginning everything fell into place like it was meant to be. A first. In the future I would like to include a behind the scenes chapter in each DVD. People really responded to that extra feature.

8. What do you want people to take away from Payton Collins Serial Rapist?

That someone can be a very bad person, but the shadow in you would want to have sex with him just because of that. Also there is always an island of good in an ocean of bad.

9. Your recent films through Hornbill have been quite dark yet you maintain the element of eroticism in your work. Do you plan on incorporating these elements into your next endeavor?

No...the next one "Underdog
Live for...Die for...

Live for...Die for...
Vigilantes" has little Eroticism. "I Live For Sex" was very sexual, "Like a Moth to a Flame" a bit less, and now I would like to try something with hardly any, yet still very dark.

10. Are there any actors or models that you are hoping to work with in the near future?

I'd love to work with Macaulay Culkin. There is a Toby Ross quality there.

11. Lastly, are there any comments that you like to leave with your fans, friends, or people who are hearing your name for the first time?

My films are not for everybody. It's for a selected group and I hope that group includes you. If it does, welcome on board.

Very cool. Well, you have lots of fans out there who respect & appreciate the artistry of your films. I certainly wish you the best of luck with your movie as well as any future projects. And thank you so much again for speaking with me today.

Posted by : Brian R. Yandle

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Brian Yandle
If Pan met Apollo down with the sin, I would be amongst the angels who descended to Earth with great mission to seek newfound meaning & to explore great sinema. Brian was born in 1974 ofcourse on the NC/VA border & has been watching movies for as far back as he can remember. One should never forget a great movie nor pass up the chance to spread the word on a bad one.

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