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Why Won't You Die?
by The Alpha Craig

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Don't let the name fool you.

Don't let the name fool you.
Shouldn't my name explain it? Greetings superheroes and welcome to another "back from the dead with a brand new bags of tricks" column. Today's is another dedicated to the unknown, yet totally deserving character Resurrection Man. Well the name may sound as self-explanatory as Dead Man but there is more to it than the name. "So may I introduce to you, the man that died a million times" Resurrection Man.

So here is the background on the man. He was born in Viceroy, South Carolina and his name was Mitchell Shelly or Mitch. He became a lawyer, but found himself the subject of an experiment with microscopic robots called "Tektites" as part of a bigger project in Nanotechnology. This was conducted by a secret organization known only as The
No glove = no love?

No glove = no love?
. At first, the only result of this experiment was amnesia even though the desired effect was immortality. However the end result was not discovered until his death. He was able to die, but every time he did so from being killed, he would be resurrected moments later due to the Tektites. The interesting part was the adaptive regeneration. Every time he was killed, he was reborn with a super power to protect him from the cause of his most recent death. It was suggested by Phantom Stranger that the Tektites were not responsible for his powers or resurrection, but unlocking his ability to access them. It has never fully been explored if that is the case or the extent of his powers.

Now I know this sound silly. Here is a list of some of the more notable deaths and
Son of a bitch. Freckles?

Son of a bitch. Freckles?
subsequent resulting powers: Shot several times in the chest resulted in air manipulation into projections and hard forms, Explosion of gas tanks resulted in immunity to flame/heat and pyrokinesis, Rocket launcher fire resulted is the ability to become a pyrotelekinetic flaming skeleton and back to normal at will, hit by a truck resulted in shape-shifting, nuclear blast resulted in becoming a living shadow, pain overload via experimentation resulted in resurrection as a woman, suicide resulted in resurrection as a giant made of stone, killed by Supergirl resulted in the ability to render objects he touches intangible, explosion resulted in super speed and natural gas explosion resulted in the ability to travel through electronic devices and connections.

His initial appearance was that
Wrong one.

Wrong one.
of a pale man with long white hair. He wore a black leather suit with a gauntlet on his arm the was the control center for the Tektites. Over time began to resemble a more western outlaw look and resembled the actor who portrayed Sawyer on the TV series Lost, Josh Holloway. I think he would be a great choice to play the character as he has a shady questionable disposition. Plus it would give him a chance to break free from his southern accent he has tried so hard to get away from being associated with. I personally would love to see this happen and I can imagine the trials he would go through during the movie until the final battle where he dies and is resurrected with the ability to unleash his full potential. Let me know what you think. Thanks for reading true believers, EXCELSIOR!

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