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Twenty Questions with Terri Ivens
by Spotlight Mike

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Terri Ivens - Actress/Singer/Writer/Producer/Mama

Terri Ivens - Actress/Singer/Writer/Producer/Mama

Today's Twenty Questions is with PIRANHACONDA star Terri Ivens. Terri comes from an extensive movie and TV career, including a Contract role as Simone Torres in "All My Children," Janet /Midori on "Life Goes On," and as Maria on a pilot aired during a "Married with Children" episode (this writer's favorite sitcom). She is currently finishing production for the Roger Corman/Jim Wynorski-directed film, PIRANHACONDA, where she plays Rose. Terri, thank you for taking time to talk with me.

Terri: Thank you for this privilege, Mike.

Matchflick: You've done mainly television for a number of years now. How is the transition back to movies treating you?

Terri: I am so grateful to Roger Corman and Jim Wynorski for this exposure. We had a blast filming this adventure...entertainment the whole family can enjoy! PIRANHACONDA has already become a springboard for my career. I love this genre! Sci-fi fans are great! I am part of a team creating a Sci-fi movie trilogy. A monster fighting Super Couple, the Sci-fi connoisseur can fall in love with!

Matchflick: Condolences on Simone's untimely death (on "All My Children"). As Rose, you're playing a stronger character. Do you miss Simone? And do you like Rose?

Terri: Most don't know...I left AMC for personal reasons. The show was taped in NYC and my husband lived in Newport Beach, California. As glamorous as a bi-coastal life may appear...the reality was the distance was too hard to overcome. I asked for Simone to die. I couldn't fathom another actress taking over a character I originated. Selfish of me, I know. I miss Simone>, her spunk, humor, and jail time...laughs. Rose holds a special place in my heart already. I returned to the entertainment business to bring her to life. She in turn has recharged my life. Rose is a strong, smart girl who knows she's a damsel in need of a hero...she'll become one if she has to. She's vulnerable, which makes her endearing.

Matchflick: What roles other than Simone do your fans remember you for?

Terri: I am recognized often simply by my voice. It's a God-given calling card I am thankful for.

Matchflick:Now the Big Thing in Soaps now is that some of the long-standing shows are going by the wayside. What do you think are the main reasons?

Terri: It's a revenue challenge. The day TiVo was invented advertisers started losing money. The Soap Opera was created for the sole purpose for advertisers to sell...soap to housewives. The invention of the remote control and syndicated television altered the power of the network lead-ins. If your mom or grandma watched AMC at noon most likely the family watch ABC into Prime Time. Our economic condition is quite different then of the pass 40
Badassology 101

Badassology 101
years ago. We are now a culture of two income families. Soaps are expensive. We shoot an episode every day.

Matchflick: What has been the reaction from the Soaps Community?

Terri: Their reaction is not surprising...Soap fans are extreme loyalist. They come with generations of followers. They love their stories...their Super Couples...their favorite characters. Messing with any of it is like messing with immediate family. So its no wonder they have banded together in boycotts, pickets, and the power of the pen.

Matchflick: Let's talk about your latest project, the SyFy Creature Feature, PIRANHACONDA. I've gotten very little intel about the actual story, aside from "a 100-foot creature." Can you give us any other story details?

Terri: Well...now I'm treading in her nest...it's highly confidential... laughs... PIRANHACONDA is a bitch to work with, very moody if you stand in her light. She looks great without make-up, second only to Susan Lucci! Okay, seriously...we filmed a movie within a movie and people die!

Matchflick: I'm told you got pretty beat up doing most of your own stunts. Did you volunteer to do so, or was that because of the infamous Corman budget?

Terri: I got pretty beat up because the vegetation in the jungle is of enormous size with it's own defense mechanism. I would run through a wild strawberry patch and come out bleeding with spider bites. I should of worn pants! I love Stunt work. When an actor is willing, it makes for a better film. The director gets the close up. Production value multiplies. Rib Hillis and Michael Madsen were more than willing to play along with me. We have killer ATV and Speedboat chases.

Matchflick: What did you do to prepare for such a physical role?

Terri: PureStrength.com personal trainers who push you to muscle failure. A 20-minute workout that stresses slow repetition with heavy weight...it totally rocks! It's better for your joints and ligaments too.

Matchflick: You're up against supermodel Rachel Hunter in the movie. What was the dynamic between the two of you? Was it fun to go against such a well-known name, as good-girl vs. bad-girl? Is it fun playing the "hero?"

Terri: Rachel Hunter story: I was on-camera and I watched RH standing off-camera by 2 extras sitting in the only nearby chairs. I found it astonishing that the men didn't offer their seat...I mean for one gentlemen pleasantries and two...it's the stunning Rachel Hunter!!! Without a bat of the eye, RH plops down and sits in the dirt. laughs...In turn the men jumped to their feet. A talented genuine beauty, Rachel and her sister Jacqui are the kind of girls you want to make your instant BFF. Hilariously funny.

Matchflick: Was it tough going to Hawaii to film the
Badassology 201

Badassology 201

Terri: It was tough leaving Hawaii! If my daughter was with me...I would of probably stayed and become a resident! Kauai is a beautiful island that doubles for many places around the world. The locals were absolutely amazing. The local crew members are my friends on FaceBook and Twitter now!

Matchflick: PIRANHACONDA has gotten some great buzz so far. Though it hasn't even been released yet, it made the Finals in SyFy's Monster Madness. Does this put a little more pressure on you, knowing this?

Terri: It makes me excited! For our creature to be a close second to SHARKTOPUS without anyone seeing a clip is remarkable. I've been privileged to see some rough cuts and this is a wild ride. PIRANHACONDA vs. SHARKTOPUS ??? I say yes!

Matchflick: Let's talk about Terri. I see you support several causes. Care to elaborate?

Terri: I will lend my check for child causes...my time is limited to Scrap Book coordinator of Orange County's Fristers.org. I was named Frister's OC 2009 Volunteer of the Year! Of my heart felt accomplishments, this one has meant the most. I am most proud of our young moms. We mentor teen moms with parenting classes and help them complete of their education. We are a peer group supporting unconditional love and accountability. Transportation, meals, and childcare are provided. Come join us! Let's serve together. We are open to support a new chapter where you see a need met with time, love and instruction. Contact: Fristers.org

Matchflick: You list Photography as one of your hobbies. Planning to parlay that talent into something else? Like maybe directing?

Terri: If I may be pompous and say, I did get an "A" in Photography 101 in college. laughs Directing no, Producing yes! Seven years on a Soap Opera is Producing School. Growing up in front of the camera inspired my desire for the movies I want to make. BORDELLO and INTRUDER are topping my Slate List with budget incentives.


Genre: Thriller/Suspense

A modern day noir thriller set in the seedy under belly of Las Vegas, a struggling dancer must confront her unknown past to discover her own history and realize her dreams against a backdrop of intrigue and mystery that spans decades. BORDELLO encompasses both the present and the past while including show-stopping dance and musical numbers.


Genre: Psychological Thriller

When his family is brutally murdered by a home intruder a recovering addict finds he is reliving the same day and realizes he's been given a second chance to save them.

Matchflick: As an actress, I'm sure you aspire to that Perfect Role. If you had the choice, What would that role be?

Terri: The role that would award me an Oscar for Best Actress in a Motion Picture. laughs...you said, "Perfect."

Matchflick: What movie would you love to have been in, and if it were to be remade, would you audition for it?

Terri: 12
Catering Service with the Piranhaconda

Catering Service with the Piranhaconda
ANGRY WOMEN, the remake to the 1958 Oscar�-nominated film 12 ANGRY MEN starring Henry Fonda. I have auditioned...I am on list...So be it! Amen!

Matchflick: Also as an actress, who would you like to play opposite if your had the opportunity?

Terri: Aaaah...a peek into my Bucket List? During the filming of PIRANHACONDA, I excitedly told Michael Madsen he was on it! I want to work with him again. The producer of SLIM&VICIOUS got me to look for financing because of the hilarious plastic surgeon scenes that were written for me opposite George Clooney. laughs The team has created a Sci-Fi SuperCouple TV Movie trilogy for Rib Hillis and me. I have a good feeling Sci-Fi and Soap Opera fans a like will want to follow that! With the leading man talents and hotness on my Bucket List...one can see it's easy to make those 5am call times! Ha!

Matchflick: You've done movies, you've done television. Would you do stage? And if so, what show would you want to do, or would you want to create a role in a brand new show?

Terri: I would love to bring to Broadway Disney's POCAHONTAS. It's an empowerment story and phenomenal musical. Most importantly, my daughter would be proud.

Matchflick: What do people NOT know about Terri Ivens?

Terri: I am a writer. We are in negotiations for my Tween Novel series. A coming of age story built upon my personal experiences and faceted to a timeline to remind young America we are the brave...In God We Trust.

Matchflick: If you had a microphone that could speak to the whole world, what would you say to them?

Terri: I do have a microphone...it's called Twitter...laughs. It's amazing isn't it, what any one of us will speak out with a click of the button. So, I encourage you to be 1% better everyday...if we fall short...we'll still be 100% wiser next year! @terriivens Click it!

Matchflick: What's next for Terri Ivens?

Terri: ...uh, Mike...I believe I am finished answering that...Hehhehheh

Sorry - my bad! Thank you, Terri: !

Catch Terri: as as Rose in the SyFy Original Movie, PIRANHACONDA, to premiere on October 11, 2011. Check your local listings for exact time.


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