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Twenty Questions with Christine Nguyen
by Spotlight Mike

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Christine Nguyen - Actress, Entrepreneur

Christine Nguyen - Actress, Entrepreneur

Today, Twenty Questions is honored with a very rare treat. A prominent actress from the adult entertainment industry who performs not just the action, but also makes an attempt to put together a story to make an actual feature film. Her work is mainstream enough to be listed in IMBD (GET HIM to the GREEK, BIKINI JONES and the TEMPLE of EROS), and is known for her clothed, as well as their unclothed performances, but has never done hard-core. It it my extreme pleasure to speak with Christine Nguyen.

First of all, THANK YOU for granting me this interview. I have been a big fan of Late Night Cable Entertainment since I discovered it those many years ago.

Matchflick: My first question has to be: How did the hard-core/soft-porn entertainment genre (Late Night Cable Programming) come about?
Christine: Hmmm...good question. As I am not in the hardcore porn industry and not much of a history buff, I really couldn't tell you. But my guess would be that as in everything else on cable television, people are always looking to push the limits, especially when it comes to sex.

Matchflick: To me, the stuff I watch in Cinemax, HBO, and such looks a lot harder (no pun intended) to do than more explicit, let's-see-it-all adult features. What's your feelings?
Christine: I absolutely agree with you. That is the difference between acting and porn. Acting is simulating real life experiences in a way that makes the viewer believe that what they see is actually happening. It is a skill and that's why there is bad acting and good acting, basically is the performer believable or not. This is why I am so glad to hear when fans tell me that it is hard for them to believe that my love scenes are not real. This means I am doing my job pretty well :)

Matchflick: People not familiar with your movies may dismiss them as "porn stars trying to act." Yet, your movies are no different, better or worse than, say, the NATIONAL LAMPOON series of movies or some of the other unrated fare that's in video stores today. In fact, some of the sex scenes in these other movies (not all) can be called for all intents and purposes, soft porn. The only difference in the "mainstream" movies is the quantity of the action, not the content. What would you say to those people sticking their noses up to your movies?
Christine: First and foremost, I am not a porn star because I do not have sex on camera. I am first and foremost a working actress. I have done numerous mature movies and mature television series because that is what I am booked for because I am particularly good at that genre of work. What makes my movies different than let's say Spartacus, which has a very high level of explicit sexual content (I recently saw an episode where there was full frontal nudity of the male actor) is the budget and time in which we have to produce the project. As with most things, when you have more time and money to do something, the end result will be more polished and better quality. I'd say that for the time and
Christine Nguyen - Spokesmodel

Christine Nguyen - Spokesmodel
money, my films and TV shows offer the viewer fun and stimulating entertainment and at the end of the day that is basically what we aim for. For those who "stick their nose up" to my work, it doesn't bother me. It's a free country and no one has to watch what they don't like. Turn the channel and move on.

Matchflick: You seem to frequently work with a group of actors (Nicole Sheridan, Alexandre Boisvert, Evan Stone and others) on a lot of projects. How did this production company, if that's what it is, come about?
Christine: Yes, I did work regularly with a core group of actors like Nicole, Alex and Evan. I think the production company, Retromedia, used us again and again because we all worked together very well. When you find a winning combination, wouldn't you use it again and again? It's a no-brainer.

Matchflick: There are not that many outtakes seen in regular adult movies, yet there's quite a few of them for your movies (this is different from the behind the scenes extras on explicit movies, where you see the production crews and make-up people setting up stuff, etc.) Is this specific to your type of movie, or are the outtakes in more explicit movies just not shown.
Follow-up question: Would it be that people actually watch your movies, as opposed to the more explicit movies, where viewers rarely make it to the credits?
Christine: I think it is a genius move on the part of production to include these outtakes from our movies because it makes this genre of film-making honest for what it is. We are not trying to win an Academy Award for our work, we're simply trying to create lighthearted entertainment for folks out there who enjoy this type of film. For the most part, the mature movies I do are comedies and bloopers are always fun to watch at the end of a comedy. I like the outtakes because it helps us laugh at ourselves and makes us a bit more human to our viewers. The fact that many viewers love our outtakes makes me extremely proud that they are watching all the way through to the end credits. If they don't, I think they're missing out on a lot of the fun!

Matchflick: Watching your movies, I sometimes get the feeling that the movies you make are similar to the SMOKEY and the BANDIT type of movie, where a you all get together and do a movie, not for deep, social commentary, but just to have some fun, and make a few bucks in the process. What are your thoughts?
Christine: I absolutely agree and you said it perfectly... we are all artists, from the actors to the director and crew, who really enjoy getting together to create entertaining content and if we make a few bucks from it at the end of the day, even better! For now, I'll leave the social commentary to our nation's leaders and shows like 20/20.

Matchflick: I'm probably one of the few people in the universe to watch your movies for the non-sex scenes! I actually appreciate the work
Christine Nguyen - Late-Night Cable Darling

Christine Nguyen - Late-Night Cable Darling
that goes into the production (dialogue, costumes, FX), though I confess, I do get a guilty pleasure chuckling at some of the overacting. Would you say that's an attraction to your type of movie (an actual story) as opposed to the wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am more explicit movies?
Christine: Most definitely! Even on the smallest budgets there is a great deal of work and talent involved from everyone in the project in creating something good enough to air, even more so because we have to stretch the limits of what we have to work with within the limitations of budget and time. Sex is great, but foreplay is usually what really makes the moment. The fun and campy stories in most of my films is our form of foreplay for the viewer. If you're not watching the entire movie and just fast-forwarding to the sex, you're missing out my friend :)

Matchflick: Would you ever want to move to do more feature movies?
Christine: Of course! Mainstream projects have always been my major goal and I am happy to say that I am getting more and more opportunities in this part of my career. The movies and shows that I am most known for at the moment are stepping stones in my body of work and I strive to be better and better every day.

Matchflick: I'm sure you're a popular fixture at all the adult entertainment conventions. Which one so you like the best?
Christine: Actually, I rarely attend adult entertainment conventions because I really don't promote myself much in this genre of film and television. I concentrate mainly on my mainstream goals. However, I do realize that I am very popular in the adult entertainment world and I am very flattered that I have many fans.

Matchflick: What would you like to tell your fans when they approach you, and what could someone do to turn you off completely?
Christine: I am still quite surprised and humbled when people come up to me and tell me they enjoy my work and I have to say that I have the best fans. I have never really been approached in person by a fan who wasn't respectful. In fact, most of my fans have always wished me the best in my career and that just makes me so grateful and happy to know that I have touched someone through my work. On the rare occasions that I have been offended, it has usually been through someone sending me a message on a social media network, saying something that is lewd or crude. My advice on this is, if it is easier for you to say something to someone on the Internet because you can't look them in the eye and say it if you were face-to-face with them, you should just refrain from saying it at all.

Matchflick: What was your first break, what was your favorite movie, and how you felt about it.
Christine: The first movie I had a starring role in was The MUMMY'S KISS: SECOND DYNASTY and I will be forever grateful to Don Glut for casting me as the lead in his project because it has opened a world of opportunities for me in the acting world. My favorite movie I have starred in thus far is SUPER NINJA DOLL, because I got to play two different characters in the same film. Double the fun!

Matchflick: What is the biggest misconception
It's Not All Business - But Sometimes It Is

It's Not All Business - But Sometimes It Is
about your art, and does it bother you?
Christine: The biggest misconception about my work is that people tend to refer to me as a porn star. I have many friends who are porn stars and they are wonderful, creative and good people; however, what I do for work and what they do for work is not one and the same. Their specialty is having sex on film and making it look good, my specialty is acting out a love scene on film and making it look good and believable (being the key word). This mis-perception does bother me and that is why when people call me a porn star, I always take the time to explain to them the difference.

Matchflick: What is your favorite (non-adult) movie?
Christine: Auntie Mame

Matchflick: What's your Dream Movie and/or Dream Role?
Christine: My dream role would be a comedic character on a television series.

Matchflick: What do you do when you're not on camera?
Christine: I love to travel, cook and hang out with friends and go to concerts or professional sporting events.

Matchflick: Would you ever want to cross over (do more movies that don't showcase sex)?
Christine: I already have.

Matchflick: You're not going to be athletic forever. What do you see for yourself after you can no longer perform?
Christine: I don't think I will ever not be able to perform. That is the beauty of acting as opposed to modeling. There is always a character to play at any period in your life, you just have to know how to reinvent yourself.

Matchflick: Tell me something no one knows about you
Christine: I can be a total hermit.

Matchflick: What are your upcoming projects?
Christine: HANGOVER 2 will premiere on Memorial Day 2011, HOLLYWOOD SEX WARS will premiere summer 2011 and LITTLE WITCHES should be showing on cable sometime soon.

Matchflick: I like to hand my interviewees a microphone. The world is listening. What do you want to say to it?
Christine: Never be ashamed of what you do. Do it and own it. Do what you like and if you don't like what you're doing, move on. Thank you to all of my loyal fans for all the kind words and support. I hope to continue to put smiles on your faces as you have on mine. Love to you all!

Catch Christine Nguyen in HOLLYWOOD SEX WARS, the upcoming HANGOVER II starting Memorial Day Weekend, and of course, Late Night Cable!


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May 18, 2011 7:11 PM
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where is the nude photos?
Mike Thomas
May 18, 2011 7:29 PM
[X] delete
Those I'm keeping for my ....private collection.

May 19, 2011 10:42 AM
[X] delete
Great interview. I happened to see Ms. Nguyen on TV just the other night. Purely by accident of course. I was looking for the History Channel.
Mike Thomas
May 21, 2011 1:40 AM
[X] delete

May 21, 2011 12:50 AM
[X] delete
I keep looking at the pix. Very distracting, Mike
Mike Thomas
May 21, 2011 1:41 AM
[X] delete
One of my next interviews may be just as much fun.

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