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Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na, Catman
by The Alpha Craig

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From humble beginnings

From humble beginnings
Were you expecting maybe a nocturnal flying rodent? Well I have gotten pretty bored of the typical good guy hero movies and the anti-hero movies are still just watered down renditions of the source material. I wish that there was a movie that showed the real deal when it comes to the not-so-shining knights in grey armor. My first nominee in this new campaign, Catman. Let me dive right in by giving you all the skinny on my fine feline-themed friend.

Thomas Blake was a world famous trapper of wild jungle cats. He had become so bored with the lack of challenge that he turned to burglary (losing all of his money on his profitless hunts didn't help either - Condescending Craig.) He, of course like many
On the way to a long break.

On the way to a long break.
early Batman villains, he had a gimmick theme which was cats. This of course didn't sit well with Catwoman for having her mod-us operand i ripped off. She teamed up with Bats to fight him briefly, but Catman was mainly a minor annoyance. He even was a member of a team called Misfits which didn't lend a terrible amount of credibility.

He eventually fell off the radar for a while, but in 2003 he made a less-than-stellar comeback. He shifted to another vigilante to fight, Green Arrow. He was characterized as an overweight, conceded criminal who mocked others for being caught so easily even though he put himself in danger of being caught few times. He was promptly stopped whenever he
Guess who's back with a brand new bag?

Guess who's back with a brand new bag?
tried to pull any high-risk crimes. Bottom line, he was a douche.

Well, if at first you don't succeed, try again. Enter The Secret Six. Catman recruited by Lex Luthor (which was in fact Alexander Luthor Jr. in disguise which is a completely different story all-together - After-the-fact Alpha) to join a group called Secret Six formed to fight and defeat opposing villain team Secret Society of Super Villains whose goals conflicted with Alexander's. Since his last appearances in 2003, Catman lost weight, regained focus, honed his skills by roaming with a pack of lions (even training well enough to fight and defeat one with his bare hands - Cool Cat
Always go with the classic look.

Always go with the classic look.
) and developed one thing villains shouldn't have, a conscience. During his time with the Secret Six, he decided he was doing the wrong in life and made right with jeebus. At the end of the series he and team-mate Floyd Lawton/Deadshot struck out on their own as a vigilante/hero for hire team.

This is the movie that should be made. I think if you start out with him in some kind of trap, staring death in the eye and mentally replaying his life leading up to that moment it would be awesome. Tell his origins, his fall from villain grace into irrelevancy and then to his rise from the ashes and transition to heroism. This would be awesome in my not-so-humble opinion. Thanks again for reading true believers, EXCELSIOR!

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The Alpha Craig
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