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Kid Movies
by Crystal O'Gorman

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Here is our beloved Harry Potter in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

Here is our beloved Harry Potter in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.
Even when my baby is tucked away in dream land my husband and I reach for a favorite from our huge stash of kid movies. I have to admit we watched them together even before my son came along. We actually used my pregnancy as an excuse to stock up on some classics we wanted to expose Mikey to—translation: watch again, over and over again! Honestly, since childhood we've both been hooked and so it goes for most of our adult friends. I believe there is still a little kid in all of us just waiting for the next Pixar movie to premiere.

Kid movies are reliable, good-natured, and always follow the same basis. Some ordinary kid/character embarks on a journey to find her/his true purpose in life, but not before stumbling a little along the way. Eventually, the kid/character solves the problem he/she got into and saves the day, leaving the audience feeling all warm and fuzzy inside—while at the same time giving us all a great message to act on in our own lives.

For instance, we all remember when Harry Potter in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001) finds out that
Here is a camera shot from the Wonka factory tour.

Here is a camera shot from the Wonka factory tour.
he is truly a wizard. Up until his eleventh birthday Harry was living an ordinary life, less the abuse from his aunt and uncle, and then, out-of-nowhere, a bizarre yet kind stranger, Hagrid, appears and reveals to him the truth about his parents and the lightning bolt scar on his forehead. Hagrid offers him the opportunity of a lifetime—to leave the ordinary and pitiful life he is leading and follow his destiny by accepting an invitation to attend wizardry school at Hogwarts. And so his journey begins here.

Most should also remember when Charlie from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971) is persuaded by Grandpa Joe to stay behind in the Bubble Room and drinks the experimental Fizzy Lifting Drinks—when he's not supposed to—and flies around the room. He reaches the exhaust fan and is almost cut into little pieces when he begins to belch his way back to the floor. There he learns a lesson in respect for others and follows Willy Wonka's rules the rest of the tour.

In the end, he is the only kid left and is supposed to win an endless supply of chocolate, but
I love Judy Garland in this movie!

I love Judy Garland in this movie!
Wonka knows he broke the rules so the contract is void and no one wins. Instead of following Grandpa Joe's spiteful advice to give the gobstopper to Wonka's bribe-worthy competitor Slugworth, he places the gobstopper on Wonka's desk as an offering to make amends for his mistake. That selfless act was enough to prove his word to Wonka, making him the richest little boy in the entire world, and when I say rich I mean monetarily, family, and deliciously (the chocolate, of course)!

This provides a great example of how a kid/character makes a costly mistake, rights the wrong, and learns a valuable lesson. Not only did Charlie win the grand prize he also learned a lot about trust, respect, and following the rules. I remember watching this as a child and believing that no matter your circumstances if you respect people, give trust where it is due, and follow the rules you will succeed in life. It was a great message then and still now!

Even though kid movies progress in the same general direction, I really like the simplicity of the plot. Where there is predictability
Doe, a deer, a female deer!

Doe, a deer, a female deer!
in one place, there is creativity in another and this holds true for kids movies. I love imagination brought to life! This is why I am an avid fiction reader and a kid movie lover! The imaginary worlds like Oz from The Wizard of Oz (1939) and Fantasia from The NeverEnding Story (1984) never cease to amaze me. How you can turn a tragic tornado and a rainy, dreary night into a new world full of interesting people and creatures is what creativity is all about!

Speaking from a very responsible adult, never give up on kid movies! Don't let the kid in you fade away. Hold onto to those adventure islands and under the sea escapades! Imagination is an important part of life that should never be swept away because you have a mortgage and a full-time job. Be a kid again by the click of a button and travel to New Guinea with the Swiss Family Robinson (1960) or sing and dance your way across the Alps with the Von Trapp Family in the Sound of Music (1965)!

Discover more about yourself and enjoy time with your family while you watch the latest kid movie. You'll thank me, for sure!

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Crystal O'Gorman
I am a big dreamer from a small town searching for the meaning of life and using movies as a window of opportunity to understand the world around me. I remember working at the local, family-operated movie store as a teenager and being completely fascinated by the way movies bring the rest of the world to your finger tips.

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