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2011 Box-Office Blues
by Christopher Stone

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Embattled Aaron on the

Embattled Aaron on the
BATTLE: LOS ANGELES, the Number One Attraction in America, over the March 11-13 Weekend, is a box-office bore that had me rooting for the alien invaders, and not for the U.S. Marines.

Quite simply, BATTLE: LOS ANGELES is to the arts and sciences of motion pictures what James Franco's hosting was to last month's Oscar-cast: a debacle.

What were these people thinking? I pondered as the flick unspooled. This is probably the worst thing I've seen since PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE, but, at least that succeeded as "camp." As Sgt. Elena Santos, was Michelle Rodriguez longing for Hawaii, and her LOST heyday as Ana Lucia Cortez? Or, perhaps, was Jim Parrack , as LCpl Peter Kerns, just marking time until he returned for a fresh season as TRUE BLOOD's Hoyt Fortenberry? Aaron Eckhart had NO RESERVATIONS about his culinary epic with Catherine Zeta Jones, but he should have had plenty of misgivings about this turgid tale. Did he just need the work? If this was the best Aaron could wrangle, then he must be on the Hollywood "D" List with Kathy
Critics noted the Blunt-Damon chemistry, but Match-Flickers were luke warm.

Critics noted the Blunt-Damon chemistry, but Match-Flickers were luke warm.

No matter how you look at it, BATTLE: LOS ANGELES is sloppy filmmaking. Just for openers, there were little plot, scant character development, and it wasn't even scary. The alien invaders looked like bargain basement TRANSFORMERS.

During its early stages of development, BATTLE: LOS ANGELES should have pulled up to a permanent red light, and not a green one. As someone who has lived in Los Angeles County for years, I was appalled by how many times during the movie I saw the names of companies and businesses that don't exist in California. Could that have been because the movie was shot in Baton Rouge, LA.? Filmmakers, when your location doesn't match your movie's locale, I've three words for you: stock footage, stupid. It's inexpensive and easily available.

Characters kept dropping the names of local streets, Pico and Lincoln Boulevards, among them, but had the filmmakers ever been on Pico or Lincoln? Doubtful.

BATTLE LOS ANGELES won the box-office weekend, but I doubt that it won Match-Flickers' hearts. Perhaps
BEASTLY is Strike Two for the I AM NUMBER FOUR star.

BEASTLY is Strike Two for the I AM NUMBER FOUR star.
that's why 2011 is in its third month and the box-office is still "singing the blues.". When we go to the movies this year, our hearts remain unmoved, and there's little, if any, word-of-mouth for what we see. Who among you has felt compelled to text your "peeps," or to Tweet them about anything that's been released this year?

The weekend before last, RANGO lassoed $38 million to win the March 4-6 Box-Office, but the ugly lizard, voiced by the decidedly handsome Johnny Depp, didn't put a dent in the 2011 Box-Office doldrums. Overall, the first weekend in March was down 32% from the same weekend, last year. Thus far, only one 2011weekend performed better than that same weekend last year and that was the Presidents Day Holiday Weekend.

Also, March 4-6, Matt Damon's THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU owned second place with a satisfactory, but not well-adjusted, $20.9 million.

BEASTLY, the latest take on BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, was a distant third with a monstrous, and not a marvelous, $10.1 million.

January 2011 slipped a disastrous 28%
Where are Bella and Edward when the 2011 Box-Office needs them?

Where are Bella and Edward when the 2011 Box-Office needs them?
from January 2010, and February 2011, didn't fare much better. The second month slid a substantial 13% from the same month, last year. The first weekend of the third month was a full one-third lower than it was last year. Overall, as it concerns Box-Office 2011, the term "from bad to worse" applies.

What it will take to shake off the 2011 Box-Office Blues? I say, "You got to have heart!"
Gives us a flick that generates a strong, positive emotional response, and we'll shake the 2011 Box-Office Blues away. Match-Flicker are waiting for that "force of nature," compelling blockbuster that will change everything. It might be: a SPIDER MAN, a THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE, or even a TOY STORY 3. As of now, and Easter's five weeks away, nothing has even come close. Thus far, 2011 goes down as one of the box-office's least inspired, weakest years.

For now, if you want a movie that puts a lump in your throat, a tear in your eyes, or makes your heart beat the faster, see one of last year's Oscar winners, still playing at a theater near you.

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Mike Thomas
Mar 18, 2011 1:41 AM
[X] delete
The Asylum, those low-budget rascals that came out with SNAKES on a TRAIN and the third version of WAR of the WORLDS premiered BATTLE for LOS ANGELES on SyFy the day after the Big Budget Blockbuster.

You know what?

It was more entertaining and easier on the eyes - they spent money on a Steadi-Cam! Okay - it was actually a rip-off INDEPENDENCE DAY, but when they knew the other movie was coming out, they just couldn't resist.

Read the review: http://www.matchflick.com/movie-review/21381-15279

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Does advertising, public taste, or overindulged stars determine a movie's box office fate? Christoper Stone explores what's going on behind the box office.

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Christopher Stone
Christopher Stone is the author of the international best seller Re-Creating Your Self. With Mary Sheldon, he co-authored three highly successful hardcover books of guided meditations.

He is a member of the Writers Guild of America, West.

If you have a comment, question, or suggestion, you can send a message to Christopher Stone by clicking here.

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