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Zombies Will Eat Us
by Brian Yandle

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I love horror films and zombies as you can probably guess so we can't make it much of a secret, now can we?

Being a long-time horror fan means literally going totally bananas over the idea of indulging in great horror flicks whenever and wherever possible. Not surprisingly, a vast majority of those horror masterpieces are going to be living dead or zombie films. Fortunately, I've lived a pretty satisfying life when it comes to having seen quite a few of them and have even been blessed to catch some of the all-time greats on the big screen.

Sure, I could visit the local mom and pop stores only to find myself spending hours of precious time seeking out rare horror flicks or just films about zombies in general. I don't how productive that would be as the majority of my local vid shops cater to mainly the mainstream and it's become practically impossible to find the really "good" stuff which nobody seems to miss anymore.

Or I could just hop on board at Amazon.com where there is a plethora of great entertainment to be found and recommendations which cater to my sometimes unearthly taste in film. Admittedly, I've been hitting up good old ammie quite a bit these past few years and have found some worthy materials to satisfy the gore-hound inside me. I strongly suggest any true horror fan give this a try.

I could go on and on about the great selection of horror flicks (zombie flicks), which are fresh, inventive, and even quite colorful if I do say so myself. I could dedicate a few hundred words to each little zombie gem, which are tasty enough to induce cravings even in the most staunch moviegoers that preside on websites such as these. I could, if I so choose, give full paragraphs about their set pieces, cinematography, and their above-average plot structures. But I'm not going to as this may very well kill your desire to seek out hidden treasures on your own.

There are zombies for everyone and we might as well accept it as fact. No, really. There are zomedies, parodies, & even the traditional splatter-gore flicks which have somehow survived and deserve the greatest compliments that one could bestow on any amazing films. They deserve careful attention and decent DVD transfers most importantly. They need you and me. They need our brains!!!

We can hark-en back to the days of great black & white cinema such as White Zombie and Night of the Living Dead of course or tackle a more recent cult film like Shaun Of The Dead. Should we become a tad more adventurous, plop The Horde in your DVD player or visit a close friend of mine entitled Otto; Or Up With Dead People. There are millions more I could recommend or suggest but I'd have to know more about you to really tailor you're zombie needs. Right now, I can only speculate.

Over the course of the next two months, I will focus on zombie films from each era and various genres. Should you have questions or need advice, I encourage you to seek me out by means of email or you can leave me feedback on my columns and reviews naturally. I do encourage all feedback but let's keep it civil. We're not here to feud or argue. We're here to share and learn so let's be polite.

I'd also like to give a special thanks to Tim Malcolm whose encouragement is seemingly unending and his love of cinema has allowed a positive environment for moviegoers worldwide to congregate whenever. Thanks for all that you do and contribute to Matchflick. Make America proud and remain patriotic by watching more zombie films!!!

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Jan 15, 2011 12:43 AM
[X] delete
Thank you Brian...MatchFlick would not be possible without people like YOU.... Im just the guy that finds you!

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Brian Yandle
If Pan met Apollo down with the sin, I would be amongst the angels who descended to Earth with great mission to seek newfound meaning & to explore great sinema. Brian was born in 1974 ofcourse on the NC/VA border & has been watching movies for as far back as he can remember. One should never forget a great movie nor pass up the chance to spread the word on a bad one.

If you have a comment, question, or suggestion, you can send a message to Brian Yandle by clicking here.

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