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Wait Till They Get a Load of Me.
by The Alpha Craig

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Come to the Darkseid!

Come to the Darkseid!
Let's face it, without a really bad villain, you're hero is just going to look like idiot in tights with optional cape. Most good comic book movies that were well-received had enemies that were serious threats and seriously bad-ash. Well, in keeping with my Christmas/Kwanza/Chanukah/whatever wish list, I am going to present 4 bad guys I want to see on the silver screen. Since I am getting ready for a trip up north for the holidays, I am going to make this short and sweet.

So yeah, I am jumping into the deep end right from the start. So here is the skinny on this guy, he was a prince named Uxas and second heir to a throne of the planet Apocalypse. His brother Drax discovered a mythical energy force called The Omega Force. Out of jealousy, Uxas killed Drax and used the power to transform himself into a hard rock-like creature, re-naming himself Darkseid If that isn't reason enough, he has fought Superman to a standstill on several instances, has died and came back and sent Batman back in time causing him to jump forward in time building up Omega energy within him effectively turning him into a human bomb. He is also pretty scary looking. He also drained all of the energy out of Apocalypse
I looked death right in the eye.

I looked death right in the eye.
just so Galactus couldn't consume it (in Darkseid/Galactus: The Hunger that is - Crossover Craig) so give him a shot.

I couldn't really follow up Darkseid with anybody other than only other bad guy who comes closest to being him. Thanos is basically Marvel's answer to DC's Darkseid. To give you a little background, there is a race of god-like beings called Celestials. They were curious about evolution and development of mortal beings for the simple fact that they were immortal and found the notion of an end perplexing. As a result, they genetically manipulated the inhabitants of a planet called Titan. Those who benefitted from the alteration were called Eternals and those disfigured by it were called Deviants. Thanos happened to be a Eternal that was curse with the appearance of a Deviant. As a result he felt like an outsider became obsessed with gaining omnipotent power from an object called the Cosmic Cube in order to reshape the universe to his liking. After that his goal was to woo death, personified by a woman in a black robe, eventually winning its love. This guy literally flirted with death. He went up against all of the upper-tier heroes, including Thor,
Welcome to Warworld!

Welcome to Warworld!
Silver Surfer, Captain Marvel
and Nova just to name a few. He may have been a copy of DC's New Gods, but he became his own unique brand of villainy.

So this guys was basically created by Len Wein with one goal in mind, "specifically as a villain to physically challenge Superman. He was the ruler of his race, but was exiled to space during a revolution to overthrow his tyrannical rule. He discovered a doomsday machine called Warworld which is about exactly what you would imagine based on the name. In fact, after capturing Superman he forced him to participate in a fighting tournament for his very life. He also made use of the Black Mercy plant that put its victims, including Superman, in a trance-like state trapped in a fantasy while leaving them completely incapacitated. Over time they have changed the degree of power he holds, ranging from physically superior to Superman to on the same level, if not slightly lower. This guy would just make for a great fist-to-fist fighting bad guy in the movies. The kind of baddie that the hero has to re-double their efforts and go through the ubiquitous training montage in order to finally overcome.

No I am not talking about Darkseid's home
The First One.

The First One.
world, I mean the mutant En Sabah Nur. He was born 3,000 BC in ancient Egypt,during the first Dynasty, with an unfortunate complexion. The people of his village saw his gray skin and blue lips as a grotesque disfigurement and banished him. He was later found by a group of nomads called the Sandstormers who recognized his potential power, naming him En Sabah Nur or The First one and translates from Arabic to En = most, ultimate / Sabah = morning / Nur = divine lightEn = most, ultimate / Sabah = morning / Nur = divine light. He has since been heavily modified with Celestial technology as well as further mutations and centuries of experience. To sum it up, this guy has taken on the Avengers and Cable at the same time as well as taking out the X-Men, all of them, in a weakened state. Plus he takes heroes/villains that are pretty tough already, and makes them extremely hard core (got rid of Angel's feather and gave him metallic wings, blue skin, some serious muscle and called him Arch-Angel, need I say more? - Arch-Alpha.)

So if I could just get those things and real life super powers, I would have the best Christmas/Kwanza/Chanukah/whatever ever. Thanks in advance Santa believers, EXCESIOR!

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Mike Thomas
Dec 20, 2010 12:19 AM
[X] delete
I just have one word - Galactus

Technically, he's had no "face" time on the silver screen and I still feel he deserves his fifteen minutes.

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