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What Makes a Great Predator in Scary Movies?
by Crystal O'Gorman

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Remember him?

Remember him?
The antagonist might be the most hated character in a scary movie but without him or her it would be pointless. No matter the amount of gore or the number of victims, the predator has to follow certain guidelines to be successful. I will outline those guidelines and let you know who I believe is the ideal predator in scary movies.

1.The predator must be considered damaged goods.

The anger has to stem from somewhere and that somewhere is normally a broken relationship, childhood trauma, or bad parenting. Sometimes somewhere is more than one of the above at the same time. Whatever the case may be, there has to be a significant reason why the predator is the way he or she is. Even though he or she is hated, it gives him or her some sense of humanity which adds to the wholeness in his or her character's development. That makes the

predator's situation understandable and horrific at the same time because he or she had a hard life yet at the same time has known love or at least respect for another human being.

2.The predator must be consumed by hatred.

The predator has to know pain and be consumed by it so much that life can only be bearable by making someone else feel just as bad, if not worse than they do. The predator has so much pent up animosity and hatred that it can only be resolved by making some one pay for it.

3.The predator and the main character must be connected.

Whether the main character or protagonist is a part of the reason why the predator is considered "damaged goods" or just symbolizes an aspect that stems from the hate, there has to be a significant connection between the predator and the victim. Even in mass murders there are
Jigsaw is really twisted!

Jigsaw is really twisted!
connections, to make the scenario more realistic this is a must.

4.The predator must prove the intensity of his anger through his actions.

This could mean that the predator kills several people within the main character's circle just to scare him or her or the predator uses several tactics to haunt the main character. The best way to build momentum up to the final standoff between the predator and the main character is to have intense near standoff moments that cause severe emotional pain to the main character.

5.The predator must have a signature style.

The predator can chop of its victim's head and send it to the victim's mother. The predator can keep something as a memento such as a lock of hair from the victims. The predator can even have a certain power like mind control. Whatever the case may be, this characteristic
Freddy is my favorite predator of all.

Freddy is my favorite predator of all.
will help the predator stand out from all other evil minded individuals.

6.In the end, the predator can never win.

Yes, the predator has put up a good fight but to no avail. Evil can never win or how mucked up would our society really be? You may think if the predator wins it would be an interesting spin on an overplayed scenario, but it would leave the audience feeling empty and the story would not have balance. The predator has power over everyone for the majority of the story, but in the end he or she has to pay for that power with his or her life to complete the cycle of destruction. I mean, think about it like this, every fire goes out eventually.

My favorite scary movie predator is Freddy Krueger; not only because he befits all the criteria above but because he is always defeated by women! Who is yours? Please comment below.

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