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Movie Watcher: Take Four
by Crystal O'Gorman

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This is a scene from Die Hard 3: With Vengeance

This is a scene from Die Hard 3: With Vengeance
Movie Watcher
Have you ever heard the phrase "you are what you eat"? Well, the same applies to movies, you are what you watch. Whether you are reaching for the latest scary movie or action flick, it says a lot about your personality and maybe even reveals some things you did not want people to know. Over the next few weeks, I will highlight one type of movie and reveal a little about the people who watch them: the good, the bad, and the ugly!

Ready, Set, Action
The sound of guns firing vibrates in your ear drums, you heart is beating faster and faster, and the palms of your hands are saturated with sweat. From the description, you would think you were involved in some serious showdown; however, you are just an innocent bystander. And by bystander, I mean watcher, action movie watcher that is!

You can feel the adrenaline pulsing through your veins from just watching the trailer for an upcoming action-packed film. You are so loyal to the genre that you have seen every Die Hard sequel at least five times. The best movies of 2010 for you are The "A" Team and
Can you live without it?

Can you live without it?
Brooklyn's Finest. Knight and Day and Inception are also good crossover films that fit your flavor. You probably even own Avatar on 3D, but not for the philosophical perspective as much as the effects.

For sure, you are into everything that provides instant stimulation or gratification. You're hooked in, plugged in, keyed in, and tapped into every new electronic and technical device on the market. You can probably define the specifics, but maybe not the internal workings, unless you are a crossover Sci-Fi fan too. This up-to-date attitude will definitely help you in the office.

A skill like that, along with the initiative that carries it, states "Upper Level Management". Anything that gives you an edge leaves others intimidated and puts you on a pedestal. You were less likely to be affected by the economic decline, because you're go-getter attitude kept you above the par. And if you were a part of the unfortunate group, your bounce back time was minimal. Keep learning and taking the initiative to stand out, even if it is because you are just bored
Move in on up!

Move in on up!
with the routine. It will be your greatest gift.

Sit back and relax you burnt out, over-stimulated junkie you! Action leads to the need for more action in your case. Whether that leads to sky diving or defeating the next level of War Craft, you don't know how to pull on the reins and bring it down to a slow gait. Step away from the Red Bull before someone gets hurt! Did you know too much adrenaline can actually cause anxiety? Exercise and short sessions of stress and release are important, because they get the blood pumping and increase your metabolism; however, going over bored can leave you feeling burnt out or addicted. You really can become an adrenaline junkie; sure, there are worse things to be addicted to, but like Momma always said "everything in moderation". Hopefully, you have learned to leave the stunts for the professionals, and when you are not rapidly climbing the corporate ladder, you are sitting in your lazy boy with your feet propped up, and the AC on watching someone else scale the skyscraper.

Don't let your need for instant gratification affect your
Looks fun, but only from this view!

Looks fun, but only from this view!
relationships. As a friend, I must tell you it is truly annoying when we are at dinner and you are busy on Facebook with your IPhone. Remember to pay attention to what or in this case who is in front of you unless you want to go to that midnight showing of Jackie Chan's greatest films solo. Also, when it comes to love, try to give the person in front of you a chance before plotting out your next move. Action freaks like you get so caught up in the sexual energy of a room and forget to take it one step at a time. Focus on the person sitting across from you and stop side glancing at the bar and the front door, unless your wingman or woman is the person accompanying you. I believe that the overstimulated try to fix themselves and their need by more stimulation and miss out on many wonderful relationships.

As with anything, actionistas don't take for granted the opportunities that life presents to you. You're zealousness can be charming if given in the accurate dosage; otherwise, you might be skydiving or whatever else fits your fanatic fancy solely singular. Balance is the key to finding happiness.

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Mike Thomas
Aug 5, 2010 1:39 AM
[X] delete
Love that word - Actionistas!

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Crystal O'Gorman
I am a big dreamer from a small town searching for the meaning of life and using movies as a window of opportunity to understand the world around me. I remember working at the local, family-operated movie store as a teenager and being completely fascinated by the way movies bring the rest of the world to your finger tips.

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