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by Crystal O'Gorman

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Motherhood was written and directed by Katherine Dieckmann.

Motherhood was written and directed by Katherine Dieckmann.
Even though Motherhood, directed by Katherine Dieckmann, was rated as one of the worst performances of all times, I must say that I rather enjoyed it. I watched it for the first time during my pregnancy and again now that I am postpartum, and both times I found myself laughing and crying with Uma Thurman, who plays Eliza Welch the distraught and dysfunctional mother. Maybe it is because I can completely understand the frustration felt by the character of the mother and because I am a writer/blogger. Like Eliza, I have a "Mom" Blog and would love the opportunity to be paid for sharing my experiences. Since the contest is fiction and I will never experience this opportunity, I decided to use this platform to answer what motherhood means to me, and any other Moms who would like to share their thoughts please feel free! One of the most important things to a Mom
This is a still picture of a park scene from the movie.

This is a still picture of a park scene from the movie.
is to have an outlet, so here it goes.....

Every since I found out that I was pregnant, I decided to put 110 percent into this wonderful opportunity. I felt so fortunate to actually have the chance to give birth when so many others are not able to conceive, so I knew that I had to do everything humanly possible to prepare my life for the gift of his.

Through the nauseous and lightheadedness, I stormed forward reading every baby book I could get my hands on. I spent countless hours on the internet looking up information from labor to breastfeeding. My husband and I even attended an expensive and extensive child birthing series that prepared us to have a natural delivery. I also watched every episode of A Baby Story on TLC and Deliver Me on DHC and anything else that had to deal with pregnancy or becoming a Mom. I could recite to you every stage of labor with
This is a picture of me and my son only minutes after giving birth.

This is a picture of me and my son only minutes after giving birth.
the accommodating emotional sign posts. Needless to say, I felt enlightened to the point that I felt like I could deliver my baby by myself if I had to.

Let's fast forward to today, my newborn is now 3 weeks old, and I am still wearing my pajamas at 4pm; at least the bottom part, my son is a breastfeeding marathoner! My hair is constantly in a pony tail; I have spit up on everything that I own, including all the pillows and bed linens. I get peed on a few times a week, and sleep is out of the question. Not to mention, my son is colicky! Despite all the frustration due to the lack of control, I must say that I am completely in love. After all the crying on his part and mine, I hold him in my arms and he looks into my eyes and smiles, and then my heart melts. Being a mother is about all those moments. It is about learning to let go; nothing goes by the book, even
Here is my beautiful baby boy, Michael Ethan O'Gorman!

Here is my beautiful baby boy, Michael Ethan O'Gorman!
though the books do give you direction, be prepared to have an exceptional baby!

I know this is just the beginning for me, being my first baby, but I can already say I would do it all over again! Motherhood is an extraordinary journey full of challenges and milestones. I look forward to all the experiences good and bad, because I know that I am doing something spectacular; I am helping my son have a happy and healthy life. So to me, motherhood is about love; give enough love to get through the hard times and receive enough to last a lifetime. No matter how much research you do nothing can prepare you for the breathtaking experience you have the first time you hold that baby in your arms; its life changing and unforgettable. That memory is the beginning of many, and it symbolizes the meaning of motherhood: an intrinsic and infinite emotion called unconditional love!

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