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Talking about passing the Torch.
by The Alpha Craig

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Flame off, flag and patriotism on!

Flame off, flag and patriotism on!
Okay that was lame, even by my standards, but you get the point. Well if everybody hasn't heard by now Chris Evans has been cast as Captain America in the up-coming movie of the same name (and potentially any sequels to IRON MAN, THE INCREDIBLE HULK, THOR and THE AVENGERS as well - Continuity-Minded Craig.) The only real problem I see with this casting choice is that Evans has become associated with Johnny Storm/The Human Torch with good reason, he was awesome in that role. His cockiness and confident bravado shined through and made him the epitome of Johnny Storm. Not that any of that is a bad thing, but it is not quite the description I associate with Steve Rogers/Captain America. Here is a list a four movies that have pros and cons as to why Chris Evans is going to be a good or bad Captain America.

Johnny Storm in FANTASITC FOUR 1 & 2
This is an obvious choice, it is a comic book character for crying out loud. Transition should be easy (about as easy going
Can you hear me now? AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!

Can you hear me now? AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!
from Deadpool to Green Lantern, good luck with that one Reynolds
- Absurd Alpha,.)
Pros: He had to be in good shape in order to put on that costume and able to move around in it so there is that experience. Being muscular was part of that role as well as this one and he has that going for him. Being heroic was also a trait this character displayed, putting his needs aside for the greater good of the world.
Cons: His personality does match Steve Rogers at all. As much as he pulled it together to be the hero we knew he could be, most of the time he was careless, shallow, self-absorbed, greedy and kind of a jerk. If I met him on the street, I would have written him off as a douche-bag.

Ryan Ackerman in CELULAR
This another case in which he has played a character who was more concerned with the pursuits of the youth. He did man up and do the right thing, breaking a few rules in the process so it is another character that helps add to the hero repertoire.
Pros: He wants to do the right thing and allows his
I reject the very notion of guns, I'm Captain America.

I reject the very notion of guns, I'm Captain America.
personal life to suffer in order to save a life. He also puts his safety aside in order to assure the safety of another, all good qualities in a hero.
Cons: He, once again, played a young and inexperienced hero who is forced to grow up in order to save the day. He has very few ideas regarding how to help the captive woman on the other end of the phone. Good intentions will only get you so far.

Nick Gant in PUSH
Sure he was playing a superhero with superpowers (a telekinetic, like we didn't that before - Condescending Craig.) This actually may work for him because you had a character who was just trying to learn how to deal with his powers andSteve Rogers really had to learn his new abilities as well.
Pros: He had to protect an innocent girl and try to stop an evil villain who wanted to use super-powered individuals for their own evil purposes. He had to train himself to use his powers, hence earned the great responsibility behind the great power.
Cons: Well beyond him being a con, using his powers for the
This is my goal, if it weren't for the bum leg.

This is my goal, if it weren't for the bum leg.
wrong reasons, there was just a general theme of ignorance. He didn't seem like the brightest bulb in the lighting section. He seemed to struggle a bit too much with common sense as well as basic morality issues.

I am sure this one seems way out of left field, but hear me out on this. Wyler was the consummate "all-american" athlete. This guy was more american pie than Don McLean, the very idea of what a scrawny Steve Rogers wanted to be before he received the super soldier serum.
Pros: All-American who was in prime condition, stood for truth justice and the American way.
Cons: Thick as a brick and really kind of a jerk as well. He spent most of his time concerned about his outward appearance despite that fact that he openly pined after the social outcast turned beauty queen.

All in all I think there are enough reasons for and against him to make it a draw if it weren't for one fact, his competition was Channing Tatum nuff said. Thanks for reading true believers, EXCELSIOR!

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Mike Thomas
Mar 29, 2010 12:45 AM
[X] delete
You're right. They may be looking for a "face," but I have only two words for that - Klinton Spilsbury. He did one and only one movie, replacing Clayton Moore in The Legend of the Lone Ranger and we saw what happened there.

I also look at the bigger issue that with him as Captain America, any hopes for a Fantastic Four 3 is dead in the water. And a casting change? You saw what happened with Batman. It took 3 cast changes to get the right Batman. I doubt if the FF-challenged world out there would have that kind of patience.
The Alpha Craig
May 24, 2010 9:39 AM
[X] delete
The biggest problem with Hollywood right now is that it is on the whole re-imagining kick because it worked well a few times. I honestly have no trouble with Evens being both Cap and Torch, the two rarely cross paths in the comics anyway. Thanks for the comment.

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