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Well That Is Just Strange
by The Alpha Craig

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Hail the Master indeed.

Hail the Master indeed.
Greetings true believers. It's time for another riveting column concerning potential comic book movie adaptations. The subject of today's column is Dr. Stephen Strange, A.K.A. Doctor Strange. This isn't the first time the idea has been put on the table, but I feel now would be the time for a "reboot". Don't get this twisted around, I utterly detest "reboots". The reason I would call a Doctor Strange movie a reboot is due to the fact there have been movie appearances by the Sorcerer Supreme to date. Just to name a few:

In 1978 there was a made for TV movie based on Doctor Strange starring Peter Hooten as Dr. Stephen Strange (with a nasty mustache making the whole thing look like an over-budgeted 70s porno flick - Smart Ass Alpha), Clyde Kusatsu as Wong and Jessica Walter as Morgan Le Fay. This whole thing was meant to be a pilot for a live action TV series along the same lines as the popular Hulk series. The pilot aired opposing the popular dramatic series
Hooten? This just embarassing, The Hulk had Ferrigno and Bixby.

Hooten? This just embarassing, The Hulk had Ferrigno and Bixby.
Roots and tanked in the ratings because of it. Honestly, I can't blame the TV audience for wanting to see Levar Burton standing up for black rights, taking a serious lashing while refusing to give up his family given name, instead of watching some cheesy comic book movie starring one of the guys from the original Inglorious Bastards movie sporting a bugger-stache that could filter out 99% of all airborne bacteria.

In 1992 Full Moon Features attempted a live-action adaptation of Doctor Strange. Their option expired before production could begin so a script rewrite made several changes including original characters not directly adapted from the comic and even going as far as to change the Doctor Strange-like character, Doctor Mordrid, to a being from a Magic Dimension instead of being human. It made a few ripples and has gone on to have more cult hit success on its own merit away from the Doctor Strange connection. I have it on my Netflix queue right now.

In 2007 Marvel took its first step
It starred Jeffery Combs so you know it's good.

It starred Jeffery Combs so you know it's good.
into creating a line of high quality and entertaining animated movies. It started with ULTIMATE AVENGERS, and with its popularity moved on to a sequel as well as THE INVINCIBLE IRON MAN and DOCTOR STRANGE: THE SORCERER SUPREME. It told the origin fairly accurate to the comic book with a more contemporary twist. It did as well as to be expected for a direct to DVD release (I bout a copy, it was fun to watch - Comic Craig.) All around it proved that, while Marvel may not always put out stellar live-action movies, they can crank some great animated movies.

I won't hold Doctor Mordrid against the franchise as it is technically not associated with it, but you have a 50/50 shot at a new Doctor Strange movie being a hit. The 1978 movie was a debacle, but the 2007 animated feature was a hit so we can only hope they can take the good from both (if the 1978 one has anything good - Adherent Alpha) and turn out a movie on the level of IRON MAN and THE INCREDIBLE HULK. Cast
That's more like it.

That's more like it.
will be important and you need just the right people. I am thinking someone like Tim Robbins as Strange. He has the presence and delivery to pull off lines like "by the eye of Agammoto!" with credibility and style. His servant Wong would be best cast by, ironically B.D. Wong. He is best known for his role of Dr. George Huang on Law and Order: SVU. I am a minor bit of a fan and I can totally see him pulling this off perfectly. As for Morgan le Fay, the role should go to someone imposing yet feminine enough to be able to seduce even men with the strongest of will power. I think it is a tie between Catherine Zeta Jones and Monica Bellucci. They both have exotic looks and the sex appeal to make you almost forget that le Fay is evil incarnate. These are just my thoughts on the subject, someone is bound to independently come up with their own ideas and implement them into what will undoubtedly be either a summer blockbuster or just a bust. Thanks again for reading true believers, EXCELSIOR!

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Mike Thomas
Mar 2, 2010 1:09 AM
[X] delete
Only Morgan as an adversary? Being a touch chauvinistic, fighting a woman gives the woman a slightly unfair advantage, especially when you're presenting Dr. Strange to the unwashed masses. Some other suggestions might be Baron Mordo or even Dormammu? Boy, ILM would have a field day with him!
The Alpha Craig
Mar 2, 2010 1:15 AM
[X] delete
Good points. I feel as though le Fay should be involved on some level. I would lean more towards Dormammu, but realistically Mordo would have a better rivalry. Thanks for the comment, it's good to know someone out there is still reading my columns.

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